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Too Far Gone

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Concert Review - June 1st, 2005"

You could feel the tranquility in the room as a local radio DJ announced Too Far Gone, not like your typical rock show; but then again, here were over 300 people in a room seeing a band that no one had ever heard of. The smoke started to fill the stage as the intro music played. The band emerged from backstage and everyone still in his or her state of cautious excitement cheered. Then with a simple drumbeat, the band began to play.
For the next hour, they kicked everyone in the Headliners Music Hall’s ass. Four guys, only three instruments that sound like 5, Too Far Gone was exceptional. They sounded like had been touring for years! Professional as any national act, they used sound effects and bumps, the songs transitioned smoothly, and the stage presents was right on the money! By the end of the show, the crowd was screaming and dancing and becoming fans.
This band is for real, I am certain I will see them again and again, and in bigger and bigger venues. Too Far Gone is a kick ass rock band, their live show would rival any other band in the world!

- Ace Weekly Magazine

"CD Review July 05"

"Amanita Muscaria," Too Far Gone

Grunge may be dead, but somewhere between that forgotten musical genre and a worthwhile metal effort is where you might find Louisville's Too Far Gone.

"Amanita Muscaria" opens with a haunting 40-second piano piece that sounds like something from a late-night horror flick. But as soon as your curiosity is piqued, the band quickly shifts gears to its intended purpose.

"Reason" and "Never Clever" are moody, hard-hitting romps with an occasional wail from singer Brad Hargove. The band also shows solid songwriting on "Ungrip," its ode to the unplugged mystique. It moves from quiet acoustics into an anthemic production without losing steam.

For the title track, Too Far Gone taps into the Maynard James Keenan school of thought, and it may be its best overall contribution. Unlike other songs, the band sounds relaxed here, achieving a crisper mix of soft and loud guitars.

Despite the CD's name, which comes from a noteworthy psychedelic 'shroom, Too Far Gone's mix of heavy-hitting guitars and acoustic chords is adequate enough without the hallucinogenic trip.

— Chris Quay

- Velocity Magazine


Amanita Muscaria - Released June 1st, 2005
Right now the single "Reason" is getting radio consideration at over 1,500 modern rock stations in the US!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Too Far Gone much like this great country, is a melting pot. Four guys from four very different backgrounds, both musically and cuturally, have come together to create one of the greatest rock bands in the country! The music is in your face and you can't help but to be drawn into a TFG live show! Four guys who started out not even as friends, but are now like brothers and anyone who enjoys their music immediatly becomes part of the family.