Toofless Sean Corkery is a guitarist, singer and songwriter representing the best of todays American folk hobo's. His songs are visual and imaginative landscapes steeped in the tradition of americana , country and blues. Those in the know call it Trainwreckin' Folk Blues!!!


Sean Corkery has been a traveling musician all his life. He was born in the lowlands of Illinois out by the oil refineries and the trainyards where country and blues was on the radio and that radio was turned up loud.The son of a professional rodeo cowboy, Sean naturally rejected all the spurrs and twang of country music and holed up in a local garage with 4 pals and some Slayer records and learned how to thrash. Before he knew it, he had an amp so big it took everyone in the band and one of their mom's minivans to move it.
These were good lean years, where he rarely visited with country music and learned to be a great metal rhythm guitarist. Never interested in noodling guitar solos, Sean's bands relied on big groove and Sean's playing was always a backbone.
Like all fast things, the heavy metal youth had to burn up somewhere... his chose the highway and by the time Sean hit the road for the west coast in 1996 he was traveling those white lines again, this time with John Lee Hooker and Big Joe Williams in his ears. He arrived in California with nothing but his acoustic guitar and his first real belly full of the blues. A couple of folk song duos and a country rock band later , sean set out solo. He kept writing songs on the guitar and listing to an odd amount of Tom Waits records while performing in coffee shops and bars in a small town on the coast. Sean recorded his first demo in a little room above a 24 hour laundr-o- mat and not long after , he recorded his first LP "Lefty"and released it in 2001. This release was followed by alot of traveling and performance that greatly sharpened Sean's skill not only as a songwriter but as a street performer that could draw a crowd and entertain,anywhere he went. He began to earn a steady income from busking in the day and playing bars at night from Chicago to Carolina... San Francisco to Saskatoon.
A live EP produced in 2002 , "Poor Drunk and Ugly", highlighted some strong performances that year and led to being included on several compilation CD's in the San Francisco bay area. since then Sean has toured far and wide , playing for audiences in New Zealand, Antarctica, Texas... you name it. His other project is
The Loyd Family Players , a drums and horns party band who sacrificially meld samba , funk, New Orleans second line, and hip hop that blows the doors off of places like High Sierra Music Festival and Burning Man every year with an ever evolving cast of players and performers sometimes sharing the stage with kinky and outrageous groups like the Yard Dog Road Show and Cirkus Plexus.
Sean makes a name for himself as solo performer not just as a poweful singer and a gritty left handed guitarist but as a student of all the styles of music that have come along in a lifetime of listening closely.
Swamp songs with screaming slide guitar or love songs sung to rearview mirrors... Sean has a style unique and rooted in all that good music is about ...
groove and heart.


LP : LEFTY- 2001 Ten songs of original acoustic folk blues released on Indelible Groove Records.

EP : POOR DRUNK & UGLY - 2001 Recorded live in the midwest released independantly. write for details

Released on Sore Throat Records

recorded live in Antarctica 2005

"City Sessions First Anniversary CD" - 2004
A popular songwriter showcase in San Francisco.
available on

SF Bay Area Compilation

Set List

His covers are usually obscure numbers by artists like Concrete Blonde , Tom Waits, and Guns n' Roses. They intertwine with his own material to make up an extensive repetoir that includes over 150 original and cover songs. He has been noted for his version of Dylan's Ballad of Hollis Brown and, played on the banjo, Nighttrain is a kick and stomp howling stepchild of the Guns n' Roses original that pulls the raw blues of those lyrics into the light.
others include Tom Waits: San Diego Serenade , Blind Love, Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis
Grateful Dead : New Speedway Boogie, Dark Hollow , Easy Wind
Michelle Shocked : Fog Town , L&N Dont Stop Here Anymore
Bob Dylan: Wille McTell , Visions of Johanna, Hollis Brown
these are just a few in addition to songs by Kokomo Arnold , Neil Young and Neutral Milk Hotel.
Every night on stage is different forcing artists like Sean to be flexible and able to go the distance at the drop of a hat. A solo night would have Sean play thr