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Tomorrow Starts Tonight

Written By: Lance W Toohey

I can hear it in the way you talk ..things that you don't say
You're just going through the motions... livin' day to day
I can feel it in the way we share... our lives are not the same
We rarely give we rarely care yeah we are both to blame.

I can't go on livin' this life where no one cares
Babe we gotta get back to that time when love was there
Let's talk about tomorrow let's try and make it right
Let's start right here let's start right now tomorrow starts tonight.

Tomorrow starts tonight babe yeah tomorrow starts anew
But tonight we gotta see if we can find a new way through
Tomorrow's not a promise babe but tonight's the place to start
Let's try to find if we still live within each other's heart.

Don't hide behind that wall of doubt don't hide there anymore
Grab your coat and car keys let's head on out that door
Let's pretend that we've just met pretend its our first date
Let's start again start tonight and pray it's not too late


Yeah, grab your coat and car keys let's head on out that door
You mean too much to me to let you doubt me anymore

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