Phenix City, Alabama, USA
BandHip Hop



Rapper TBS-Toolie Boy Shadow aka Londell Jordan was born in chicago,IL.He grew up in phenix city,AL where he started living the street life.He began to freestyle at school around peolple,but he took it seroius when his friends encourage him to rap.So he started writing songs back to back doing videos of him rapping.TBS started battling in chicago to show off his skills.He never lost a battle as an mc at all.He hope to tell his story about how he been in trouble a lot like getting shot at,selling drugs,gangbanging.Did I mention that he writes r&b songs and pop songs to.What an talented young artist.TBS is a hardcore/street/punchline/straight rawness kind of rapper.He like to speak how he feel on his songs.He loves to write songs and songs for other artist.He hope someday to get signed as a major artist.Hes 19 in the game with a talent thats outstanding.Artist Contact info: 706-393-8803


I be going live
Im not getting airplay