A tribute to TOOL

A tribute to TOOL

 Flint, Michigan, USA
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The best Tool tribute in the USA would sum it up. Tool has a huge following but only tours about once every other year and they play in Stadiums. Toolology's performances, both musically and visually are extraordinary as they pay their respects to one of the great bands of our time.


The members of Toolology are music journeymen. Performing in over 10,000 shows collectively with some of top artists in the world. Their influences in this case is obviously Tool and A Perfect Circle but they keep the spirit of Tool while putting their own feels in as well. The thing that separates Toolology from other bands is the attention to detail on the visual side as well as the music side. The proof is in the pudding and Toolology is most definitely ready to prove it to you.

Set List

Most Tool song from albums:
10,000 Days... and,
A Perfect Circle
Mer De Noms
13th Steps