Too Slim and the Taildraggers

Too Slim and the Taildraggers


Take the modern Alt-Country Blues sound of Drive By Truckers, mix in the North Mississippi Allstars and the fun loving attitude and riff-blues-rock of ZZ Top – mix them all together and you get close to the vibe of Too Slim and the Taildraggers.


Too Slim and the Taildraggers

The 11 songs that appear on Free Your Mind, the 10th studio album from Seattle-based Too Slim and the Taildraggers, are the result of a touring hiatus in December 2007 and January 2008. “It was the first time I actually took time off specifically to write songs,” remembers band leader Tim Langford (AKA Too Slim), “and I’m very pleased with the results.”

The songs on Free Your Mind are a slice of American roots music, with blues, Americana and rock influences. “The songwriting process is something that I really enjoy, but it can also drive you a little crazy,” says the lead singer/guitarist. “I always try to write down ideas or phrases that I hear in everyday life that could be song titles. Some songs are inspired by personal experiences and some are just observations of life as I see it. For instance, the lyrics on the song ‘Last Train’ were inspired by reading stories from one day of the Seattle Times newspaper. I was actually laughing out loud - and was appalled at the same time - by the articles I was reading. The chorus just came out of me as I was running through a rough draft of the song: ‘Feel like I’m riding on the last train, with cracks in the wheels, headed for a big bang. Feel like I’m riding on the last train and Hunter S. Thompson is the engineer.’ It seemed to sum up the absurdity of the world events on that particular day. I like the variety of the music on Free Your Mind. There are songs of love, perseverance, faith, fiction, frustration and the craziness of everyday life,” adds Langford..

Tim Langford worked again with producer Todd Smallwood on the new album. Smallwood also co-produced the band’s last CD, The Fortune Teller. “I really enjoyed working in the studio with Todd,” says Tim. “He had great ideas, and has the recording process down to an art. He is an extremely talented producer and musician, and played Hammond organ and 12-string guitar on the recording, too.

Todd’s studio is in the middle of an avocado grove in the Santa Paula area of California. It’s a very nice setting and the sun was shining everyday, which was a wonderful environment in which to record. We recorded at three separate sessions starting in September 2008 through November 2008. I went in the studio with the band and we ran through all the songs live and got the rhythm tracks down at the first session. Then, I returned on my own the second time for guitar overdubs and vocals. At the third session, Todd and I put the finishing touches on the album. We then left Todd alone to finish the mixes and work his creative magic. We recorded all the guitars straight through a Peavey Classic 50 guitar amp and a Fender Deluxe Reverb in the back room of the studio with no effects. I received a Les Paul Supreme guitar last year on my birthday from my lovely wife and manager, Nancy. Most of the guitar parts are recorded with that guitar. It has a very special tone. I also used my Reverend guitars for all the slide work. I did use a Fender Stratocaster for the solo in ‘Last Train’. We also had the pleasure of working with wonderful singers like Lauren Evans and Paula and Pamela Mattioli.”

Tim “Too Slim” Langford, with his band the Taildraggers, have created an eclectic style of roots-rock, Americana and blues that has become a genre all its own. Too Slim's ever- evolving musical direction cannot be classified into any box or category. The eclectic nature of the band allows Too Slim and the Taildraggers to easily cross-over and appeal to audiences of various musical tastes.

Too Slim and the Taildraggers are headliners at theaters, festivals and concert stages. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Bo Diddley, Brian Setzer, The Doobie Brothers, Lucinda Williams, The Little River Band, Johnny Lang, .38 Special, Robert Cray, Otis Rush, Jeff Healey, Ted Nugent, Los Lobos, Lonnie Mack, Blue Oyster Cult, Heart, Travis Tritt, Junior Brown, Gatemouth Brown, Neil McCoy, Delbert McClinton, Blues Traveler, Steppenwolf, Johnny and Edgar Winter and Ronnie Milsap.

The band’s last CD The Fortune Teller, charted as high as #9 on the Billboard magazine Top Blues Album sales chart in 2007 and 2008. The Fortune Teller was also nominated for “Best Contemporary Blues Album” at the 2008 “Blues Blast Music Awards” in Chicago. This award-winning band has been voted “Best Regional Act” 11 times by the Cascade Blues Association, the largest organization of its kind in the USA. Too Slim and the Taildraggers have received multiple awards from various North West Reader’s polls and other North West blues societies for “Best Band” and “Best Album.” Founding member Langford has won multiple individual awards as “Best Guitarist,” “Best Slide Guitarist” and “Best Songwriter.” Too Slim and the Taildraggers are also in the Hall of Fame of three North West blues societies. Their devoted fan base has grown over the years into a national and international following.

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Cowboy Boot

Written By: Timothy L. Langford

Cowboy Boot
Author : Timothy Langford
All Rights Reserved 2005
Verse 1:
I was born to wander , I like bein’ alone ,sellin’ snake oil to fools is how I get along
I do what I want, never wore no suit, and I keep my money in my Cowboy Boot
Now I’m way past thirty and I’m getting’ tired, I got nothin’ to show for my ramblin’ life, but a bunch of grey hairs and an achin’ liver and a million promises I couldn’t deliver.
I got so much baggage if I put it in a sack and tried to carry it around it would break my back, and I don’t know a soul who gives a hoot, I got no more money in my Cowboy Boot

Verse 2:
My Papa died when I was 16, had to grow up fast, I got a little mean
My Mama ran off with here drug dealer, it’s been ten years since I even seen her
Chorus: Repeat
Now my body’s broke down like an old junk car and the juice I got left wouldn’t fill up a jar
If I wanted to I couldn’t buy no suit, I got no more money in my cowboy boot
Verse 3 :
I’ve lived my life with no regrets, now all I can do is second guess
Not a single one of my dreams came true ,they all slipped through the hole in my Cowboy Boot
Chorus: Repeat 2 times

Fortune Teller

Written By: Timothy Langford

The Fortune Teller
Author: Timothy Langford
All rights reserved 2005
Verse 1:
I was lost inside a daydream, when a stranger strolled my way
He said you look like a good man, can I tell your fortune today
He told me things about my past and all of it was true
He said now let me tell you what the future holds for you

The fortune teller told me ,they’ll steal your luck away
The fortune teller told me I’ll change your life today
Change your life today

Verse 2:
He said that there are two paths, be careful what you chose
One will bring you fortune the other you will lose
He said that red means good luck ,black means run away
Be careful who you trust ,be careful what you say

Chorus : Repeat

Verse 3:
He told me things about my life he surely could not know
And if I wanted happiness, the way that I should go
The people that you let inside must be a chosen few
Stay away from people, who try to steal your luck from you

Chorus: Repeat 2 times

Mississippi Moon

Written By: Timothy L Langford

Verse 1
Well I had a dream and I woke up in a cold, cold, sweat and I could see my life passing by me like a scene from a movie set, and my blood ran cold, and I just can’t forget, that dream and the cold, cold, feeling that it left me with. There was hellhounds runnin’, hot after my tail, on a moonlit night on the swamp with the snakes and the alligators.

I hear the hellhounds howlin’ at the Mississippi moon, I never had such a feelin’ of doom, hear the hellhounds howlin’ at the Mississippi moon.

Verse 2
Well I dreamed I was runnin’, I stopped to catch my breath, and I could feel those demons behind me, breathin’ down my neck. Then I turned around, and a chill ran thru my spine, and the devil looked me straight in the eye and said I’m gonna get you yet.

Repeat chorus

Verse 3,
Then I saw a light, and I felt real calm, and I could hear God tellin’ Satan you leave that boy alone. Cause I got my own plan, and I need this Man, so get back from whence you came before I cut you down. That’s when I woke up and I felt so glad, that I had what I had and it was only a dream and I could live in a land where a man could be free.

Been Thru Hell

Written By: Timothy Langford

Verse 1:
Well I sure feel like I’ve had my share, of the things in life that don’t seem fair
But it ain’t no good to bitch and wine, cause’ everything gonna work out fine
Life’s a winding road, you got to read the signs, then you’ll end up where ,you want to go

Well I been thru hell ,to get a little heaven, I had nine lives, I been thru seven
What’s it gonna take, to break this spell, to get a little heaven you gotta make it thru hell

Verse 2:
Don’t you think life owes you one, that don’t fly where I come from
You don’t keep what, you don’t earn, if you think like that your gonna get burned
Life’s a winding road, you got to read the signs, then you’ll end up where you want to go


When You Love Somebody

Written By: Timothy Langford

Ain’t life sweet when you’re all in love, you walk on air, with your head in the clouds
When you are all in love nothing else matters, cept’ makin’ love and maybe getting fatter

When you love somebody when you love somebody and someone’s lovin’ you
When you love somebody when you love somebody and someone’s lovin’ you

When you love somebody you stand right by their side, You pick em’ up when their feelin down
If you got true love, you got no one to blame, Good Times Bad Times it’s all the same

When you love somebody when you love somebody and someone’s lovin’ you
When you love somebody when you love somebody and someone’s lovin’ you

When your all in love people want what you got , but don’t let nobody steal your luck
Keep your love, close to your heart, and don’t let the takers tear it apart

Last Train

Written By: Timothy Langford

I wake up in the Morning and I drink a cup of Joe, I read the Paper and it makes me wanna blow
Reality is so much better than fiction, Those writers down in Hollywood need get them a subscription
How Long How long ,is this ride gonna last before this train jumps the track

Chorus: Feel Like I’m riding on the Last Train, with cracks in the wheels headed for a big bang
Feel like I’m riding on the Last Train and Hunter S. Thompson is the Engineer

The Chinese they don’t like the Dali Lama ,Those people in France really like our guy Obama
They say that the runoff from the oil in the streets is just as bad as the spill up in Valdez
How Long How long How ,is this ride gonna last before this train jumps the track

Kids are getting beat just for riding on the Bus , Sperm Donors got to pay their child support
The Sudanese they wanna kill that Teacher ,The Catholic church wants to remove that preacher
How Long How long,is this ride gonna last before this train jumps the track

Feel Like I’m riding on the Last Train, with cracks in the wheels headed for a big bang
Feel like I’m riding on the Last Train and Hunter S. Thompson is the Engineer


2009 - Free Your Mind
2007 - The Fortune Teller
2005 – Lucky 13 (compilation CD)
2005 – Beer and Barbeque Chips ("Live" CD")
2003 – Tales of Sin and Redemption
2002 – Goin’ Public (Live Solo Public Radio performance)
2001 – Bootleg Volume 1("Live CD")
2000 – Kingsize Troublemaker’s
1999 – Pint Store Blues (Solo Acoustic)
1997 – Blues for EB
1995 – Swamp Opera
1994 – Wanted “Live”
1992 – El’ Rauncho Grundge’
1990 – Rock em’ Dead
1988 – Swingin’ in the Underworld

Set List

"all original" / also selected covers of bands choice
Too Slim and the Taildraggers are capable of playing up to 4 plus hours of music. They are also capable of playing in an "unplugged" (acoustic) format.