It sounds as if Ghent is on the crossroads between Berlin and Memphis- De Standaard

Ihr album klingt nicht gewollt plakativ, sondern angenehm glamourös, kantig und dreckig- Glitterhouse

When they enter the stage, the room turns into an aural battlefield- C-heads Vienna (show-case-festival)


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'Where the echoes die' (GAS: Popup Records/Cargo/Amadis; Be-Lux: LCMusic/Nl: ForTheRoad/Coast to coast)

TOO TANGLED are an indie-electro-rock duo hailing from Ghent, Belgium. Roeland Vandemoortele (Vox, Guitar, Drumbeats) and Eva Buytaert (Vox, Violin, Keys) formed Too Tangled four years ago, and have since released their debut album ‘The Magic Got Killed’ (2010) to very encouraging reviews (a.o. Nr 1 in ‘Underground Top 5’ OOr Magazine)
Where they made their first album in a relational hurricane, their new album is driven on the highs and lows of a reunion, about the pains and the gains of living with or without eachother.
Their 2nd album, sustained by an interesting mix of a ‘jam and bread diet’ and Roeland participating in medical trial experiments for cash to fund the recordings, was produced by Ian Davenport (whose credits include Radiohead, Band of Skulls & Supergrass).
TOO TANGLED recorded the album in a big old building which used to be a boxing club in Ghent, where they captured echoes. With these recordings they traveled to Ian’s studio, a small village just outside Oxford, UK, where they did overdubs & mixing. “Working together with Ian was a great journey, he added a great deal to our sound. We worked late hours and ended the night session with some nostalgic 60’s records.”
In September 2012 they released the record in Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland via Popup Records (distributed by Cargo). They did some intensive touring there since September. They also passed by the Vienna Waves Showcase Festival and here’s what the press wrote of their passage:
'When Belgian duo Too Tangled enters the stage, the room turns into an aural battlefield. There is a tension between Roeland Vandemoortele and Eva Buytaert that transforms their music into a turmoil of sex and lust and hate and love and anger and every other great feeling.’ C-heads Magazine (live review Vienna)
‘Belgian duo Too Tangled are one of our new discoveries. The male-female pairing drop a catchy fashion indie show’ Art Rocker (live Vienna)

Their singles have been picked up by many Campus-radio’s aswell as the major public stations. As such they’ve been invited on radio Eins in Berlin; Klaus Fiehe, ‘the German John Peel’, picked up the album in his exclusive leading radio- show on Einslive; it also got airplay on FluxFM, DRS Virus, Radio Fritz, Deutschlandfunk, Bayern 2.... Their music is described as sexy, catchy and subtile agressive. Parallels get drawn with bands such as The Velvet Underground, Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club, John Spencer Blues Explosion, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Kills, Nancy Sinatra; but above all they get praised for their own 'fresh sound’.

The album got released in Benelux in april (2013). About their release show @ Ancienne Belgique:
'Too Tangled was able to evoke the first 'goosebumb-moment' of the evening. With a very impressive version of Wrecking Ball, they were able to silence the whole AB Club, and during the intimate part of the song you couldn’t hear a sigh. The rest of the show they kept on going in that vibe' (Concert review - Fuzz Mag)

‘Where the echoes die’ is hosted by GreenLFant/LC Music Be-Lux and For The Road/Coast to Coast NL.
The reviews and reactions in Benelux show that TT is one of the promising bands of today. Among others ‘De Standaard’ (Belgian National newspaper) headlined: ‘Raw love doesn’t rust’. Also the Dutch legendary rock’n roll-journalist/radio-maker Mr Jan Douwe Kroeske is giving the album the attention it needs.

In between tours, they are working on a new album …
Estimated release spring 2014
To Be continued

First BENELUX Press:

Written in music
'En na iets meer dan 35 minuten staar je een beetje voor je uit en begrijp je niet dat deze band meer aandacht krijgt in ons kikkerlandje.'

Interview De Standaard "raw love doesn't rust"
'…in an old cellar in Ghent, Too Tangled melted the echoes with it's adoration of Sixtiespsychadelica and Charles Bukowski. ‘We can be really hard on each other, but we can't do without eachother. That's what you can find on this album.' They're called Roel Vandemoortele and Eva Buytaert, but their music calls out to more mythical names, such as ‘Barrelhouse Chuck' and ‘Poison Ivy'. ‘When I see you come running. I got these crazy shivers/ Come on, get on, come on. Ready or not' , chants Vandemoortele übergeil in ‘Shuffle baby'. It sounds as if Ghent is on the crossroads between Berlin and Memphis.'

Cd-review Indiestyle
'..Their voices blend toghether as one, and ‘Where The Echoes Die’ delivers a number of memorable tracks that proof that the duo knows damn good what they're doing. This Ghent-ish indie-electro-rockduo has got an international sound, and so it's not very surprising that they do very well across the borders also.'

Cd-review Rifraf
'The successor of 'the magic got killed' is finally available in the shops. Eva and Roeland have been going through rough times as a couple, and that reflects


"The Magic got killed" 2010 (Green L.F.ant/ On the moon)

"Where the echoes die" 2013 (Popup Records/ Green L.F.ant/LC music)