Tooth and the Enamels

Tooth and the Enamels


We are a fast paced skate-punk band that sings songs about horror movies, dental hygene, skateboarding, and funny social observations. Our stage show is something to watch with props and costumes. The Greatest Show on Earth!


First there was food, Then there was Rock. Within the Rock there became a fungus growing unto its' own: Tooth and the Enamels. A most speedy and intense rush of naturally produced endorphines one's cerebral complex can attain. Their blistering sound and stage performances have sharpened over 3 years of shows across the East Coast, all booked and promoted DIY, destroying all conventions of what rock n' rollin is all about with Fierce Guitars Provided by Sammy Saliva, Booming Bass Lines Expelled by Jeff Bad Breath, Thundering Machine Gun Drums by Rob "Chuck" Cavity, and Snot Snarling Vocals by Tooth of Manchild (Thrasher, Juice Magazine). With the prowess of tigers and props such as Dildos they have cut along the flesh eating line of the pop song underworld playing with numerous bands (such as The Misfits, Gang Green, the Queers, the Worst, Monotonix, Melt Banana, Jucifer, Lucky Stiffs, Witch Hunt, Whole Wheat Bread, Harbour 81, Ben Prestage and more) to crowds of yelling drunken maniacs ready to take it to the next logical progression. If you wanna drink, get fucked up and Rock your Face to Fucking Punk Rock - call us! Tooth and The Enamels. "Taste our Paste" and "Oral Decline" out now on our drummer's own Cancer Claw Records! Tooth and the Enamels vs. The Army of Darkness out for free download! new album coming soon


-'Taste Our Paste'- released 2006
-'Oral Decline'- released Sept. 2007
-"Closet Whore" released on the Florida's Dying Records 'Another Boat has Landed' compilation
-"I Wanna Skate" released on the Feeder Fish Records 'Fish Stix' compilation
-'Tooth and the Enamels vs. The Army of Darkness'- released Dec. 2008

Set List

Brush Your Teeth
Evil Dead
Army of Darkness
I hate guys with girl hair
I wanna Skate
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Lookout for Leatherface
Last Laugh
Are you getting prettier or am i just lowering my standards?
Dawn of the Dead
Night of the Creeps
4 foot 3
I hate girls that don't put out
Tools R Us
Zombies on Motorcycles have Tooth Decay Because they don't Brush their Teeth
Dead Alive
The Fly

Our set time runs between 30 and 45 minutes long.