Fallow is a young, talented, attractive female rock band that is custom made for Festivals, Arenas and special event Concerts. The girls have performed for 18,000+ people with international bands. Check them out for yourself!! www.jadedrocks.com


If you can imagine a Hot Female Motley Crue mixed with Van Halen you would have "Jaded." The girls show is exciting and action packed with onstage antics that haven't been seen since the 80's Mega Bands ruled the music scene. Catch them while you can.... these rockers are bound for the Top!!


Debut CD: "Cause and Effect"

Set List

A typical set is 45 min to one Hour long, depending on if Jaded is the headline or opening. They do songs from the debut CD, a few from the upcoming disk and a cover or two from Ozzy, Kiss or Judas Priest.
Tragic, Don't Stop, Get Up, We'll Be Strong, Talk too Much, Fever, Youth Gone Wild, Ring of Fire, One on One, Rock and Roll All Night.