Top Dead Centre

Top Dead Centre

 Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

Top Dead Centre ignites classic power rock with colour and shade , creating a unique molten genre of their own...


Creating a buzz with their first album, having to rebuild their studio after a major flood and replace musicians in the midst of recording, it only seemed fitting that Dundas, Ontario’s Top Dead Centre name their sophomore record Take Another Breath.

After receiving positive reviews of their first disc Far From Nowhere, which garnered them a nomination for “Best Loud/Metal Recording of the Year” at the 2009 Hamilton Music Awards and saw them share stages with acts such as Finger Eleven, David Wilcox and Kim Mitchell, along with heavy rotation on internet radio station playlists, Take Another Breath picks up where the band left off.

Heavy gigging in support of their debut album enabled the band to develop a loyal and dedicated fan base across Southern Ontario, meanwhile garnering a new legion of fans south of the boarder via the internet.

Regarding Far From Nowhere “They come out painted in an Ozzy/Motley Crue/Aerosmith/Rush rainbow BUT – - not in a retro way. In more like a I’m not afraid to let the past show its presence in the future way.” reviews Sal Serio- Maximum Ink Music Magazine, January 2010.

The creatively intense song writing partnership between Jim McLean and Dave Russ continues to deliver quality riffs and hooks with groove heavy power and solid lyrics.

“This (Take Another Breath) is a considerably harder driving album sonically and song wise” says Jim.

After a broken water main flooded out their studio in 2010, the rebuild was on. The departure of band members and the search for replacements in 2010/ 2011, did not deter the forward progress. With the addition of Rob Kemp on guitars and a slamming rhythm section of Elvis Behm and Branch Guenther, they give the band a renewed sense of power and dynamic.

“I’ve always seen the parallel between a great band likened to a champion high powered performance engine,” muses McLean on the band. “It all starts with everything being aligned and tuned from top dead centre. If not, the motor’s power will be worthless. So in a nutshell, Top Dead Centre is where it all begins.”


"Far From Nowhere" - Top Dead Centre (2008)
"Take Another Breath" - Top Dead Centre (2012)

Set List

Sets consist of all original music, enough for up to 120 minutes

The Bottle Drops
Slow Down
Hell Of A Time
Better Days
When The Blind See
Ant Farm
Lights Off
Up To Me
End Of Times
From The Sky
Hell Can Wait
Say Goodbye
Late Night Toy
She Knows
All In
Cherry Hill
Tu Ride
On A Train
The Heat
Can't Touch You