Top Dolla Raz

Top Dolla Raz

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With great energy and 6-piece band ensemble, Top $ Raz is a sure shot hit for any gig.


Defining his style as Ready to Die-meets-Midnight Marauders, this Far Rockaway Queens emcee evidently has the hunger and knack for detail as the beloved Biggie Smalls did, tied in with the elegance, finesse, and melody of A Tribe Called Quest. Top $ Raz has never held back in attempting to be amongst the best of the best, and he certainly raps about what is real and sincere to him; absolutely no gimmicks. Top $ Raz (real name Rasheem Johnson) has been interested in hip hop since grade 2, and has been rapping publicly since he was 16, even putting out his first album out at that young age. Prior to his interest in being an emcee, Raz has always been interested in street stories and uses the microphone as a vehicle to tell others, quite vividly, how he sees the game of life.

Maturing both inside and outside of the booth since his last release, The Narrative, Top $ Raz has appeared on stage with other NY underground heavy weights like Homeboy Sandman and FinaL OutlaW. With his latest project, Spilled Milk, Raz has taken the next step on his journey to being a supreme emcee. Receiving favorable criticism from,, and getting featured on respected websites like,,,,, and, Top $ Raz is already further embarking on his path towards success with his next release "The New Flesh".


Spilled Milk
The New Flesh