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Modern Day Idols

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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"Review of One Time, This Time from The Noise"

One Time, This Time
9-song CD
This is the third release for pop-rockers Top Heavy. The disc moves along well—the songs are well-written and performed with conviction. Standouts include “Bangin’ Camaro” and “Outta My Head.” Both have great hooks that stay in your head for days like a good dream. Chris Wagner heads up this trio on guitar and vocals—he sings and plays with sincerity. His vocal style is often compared to John Rzeznik and the similarities are clearly there. Elements of Rick Springfield are evident as well. Yet somehow there is no cheesiness. Mike Martino bangs out the straight ahead solid drumming and Corey Buckingham holds the low end with confident solidity. My only real complaint is with the production by Chris Rival. The band’s live energy doesn’t come across on this disc. I would love to see what these guys could do with a bigger budget. Despite the lack of production punch the songs are strong and they carry the record, as they should. If good old straight up rock is your thing, then these songs won’t disappoint. (Shady/The Noise) - Shady@The Noise

"Review of Love Drunk cd"



Reckless, hard driving rock and roll via Mike Martino’s crashing drums, Corey Buckingham’s thumping bass lines and Rod Eymael’s & Chris Wagner’s cranking guitars come blaring out of my speakers like a freight train out of control. Punching up the proceedings are Wagner’s fiery vocals that set fire to these 10 well-penned tunes . No one rocks out anymore. Everything has got to make a statement, or worse, some pussy boy band has to tell you about the girl he digs at the coffee shop, while R&B chicks are rapping about giving away some booty if the karats are big enough. I say screw all of that! Give Topheavy the stage and let them throw some gasoline on a few songs... that’ll heat the place up! Rock and roll never sounded better.

- Boston Metronome

"Review of Bite Size EP"

The first thing I noticed about TOPHEAVY was the crystal clear recording sound. It just sparkles with clarity...a perfect match to the band's mainstream pop sound. I suppose pop-rock is exactly what they are...clean, catchy, college-friendly pop melodies blend with a rockier guitar, resulting in four very likeable songs. In addition, I caught some cool rhythmic twists that add diversity to the tunes....I like them, I like the energy...which they strongly get across in this CD. -Debbie Catalano - Soundcheck Magazine

"Review of Bite Size EP"

"Bite Size"
4-song CD

*Julie Says
*Kinda Wonderful

Pumped up pop sporting muscular guitar work and a driving rhythm section, best describes this well-produced sampler from newcomers, TOPHEAVY. Singer-guitarist Chris Wagner exhibits an energized, up-tempo songwriting flair, as his bandmates Rod Eymael on guitar, Mike Martino on drums, and bassist Corey Buckingham lend their considerable chops to rounding out this rocking effort. Wagner's voice is also strong and gritty as he leads his band TOPHEAVY into the upper-echelon of Boston rock & roll bands. This may well be one of the year's best sounding outfits! Good Stuff! -Doug Sloan - Boston Metronome Magazine

"Topheavy's LoveDrunk Review 7/2007"

'Love Drunk'

Genre: 'Rock' - Re-Release Date: '2007'

Our Rating: "8 out of 10 stars"

There is no denying that Topheavy (, at least to these ears, sounds like early Goo Goo Dolls. You know, before that band became staples of Adult Contemporary radio stations with their unit-shifting ballads. While I hold no resentment towards alternative acts who finally cross over into the mainstream, it's fairly sickening to see once potent rock groups suddenly drown themselves in syrup - or would that be Goo? Topheavy thankfully remind me of the Goo Goo Dolls when they were still Good Good Good.

The Goo Goo Dolls were never a punk or hard-rock band although they did incorporate elements of both. Fans of the Replacements and Cheap Trick, the Goo Goo Dolls combined the metallic punch of their idols with a sweeter power-pop sensibility - and sensitivity. Topheavy seems to be following a similar path. "Down" and "Julie Says" are energetic college-rock tunes with crunchy guitars and pounding drums. The soaring vocal harmonies on "Julie Says" and "Happy Song" are something you don't hear on alternative radio anymore, and that gives Topheavy a fresh spin that is certainly most welcome.

Many of these tracks, perhaps all, deal with girl troubles. Topheavy are not a satisfied lot, issuing plenty of angst on "Irritate" and "Words." "Happy Song" is actually not happy at all as Wagner laments, "When will you make me happy?"

Despite the broken hearts, Topheavy are never depressing and always revved up unlike their soulmates Goo Goo Dolls who are gradually descending into James Taylor territory. May you continue to rock on, lads.

Author: Adam Harrington
- Whisperin and Adam Harrington

"LoveDrunk review 8/2007"

Topheavy - “Love Drunk”
Posted August 21st, 2007 by Kyrby Raine
Categories: Kyrby Raine, The Kiosk (Pop/General Music), Music

Topheavy seems to be a band that is on the verge of being discovered. There’s a confidence and professionalism in the group’s songs that signal a Next Big Thing pulse. Topheavy’s music is commercial alternative rock a la the Foo Fighters, Everclear, and the Goo Goo Dolls, guitars cranked up enough for the boys but with an emotional fragility to snag the girls. It’s a combination that has always worked in jumping on sales charts, but that’ll be dependent on how much support this band is given.

The ten tracks on Love Drunk are all good. These are blue-collar rockers which do speak honestly from the heart. Somebody must have a bitter break-up because the lyrics are not in a positive frame of mind. Lead singer and guitarist Chris Wagner slams a former love on “Words” for “the s**t you put me through,” and that pretty much sums up the disgruntled emotions on the CD. “Kinda Wonderful” continues Wagner’s post-Valentine blues as the guitars get louder although still remaining melodic throughout.

Overall, Topheavy aren’t breaking new ground but they will please you with crisp guitar work, clean production, and memorable and rocking songs.

- Kyrby Raine

"One Time, This Time review from Boston Metronome"

Topheavy delivers a satisfying pop-rock gem with their new album, One Time, this Time. Lead singer-guitarist, Chris Wagner heads up the power trio's catchy melodies with his fine vocals and supercharged guitar work. The excellent rhythm section of bandmates Corey Buckingham on bass and Mike Martino on drums are just the icing on the cake.

When listening to Topheavy, acts like Gin Blossoms, The Sighs, Greg Kihn Band, and The Romantics come to mind. Those were bands that focused on the pure essence of the song, rather than an individual talent's wanking prowess.

Topheavy is surely one of those bands that puts all their energy and focus into the quality of the song, and it shows up in aces on One Time, This Time. Radio-ready tracks that are sure to induct a legion of rock & roll fans include the albums title track, "One Time, This Time," "Bangin' Camaro," "Down," and "Outta My Head." Make sure you check out Topheavy, it's godd stuff, for sure!

-Doug Sloan - Boston Metronome 8/08


Still working on that hot first release.



Modern Day Idols (MDI) are an indie pop-rock trio formed in Boston in May 2011. Featuring veteran Boston musicians Chris Wagner on vocals and guitar, Mike Martino on drums, and Justin Day on bass, MDI was born of the trio's mutual love for honest, memorable, melodic, and energetic rock and the collective desire to spread that love to all within earshot! Since May 2011, MDI have been crafting and rehearsing a diverse array of live material, and made their live debut in October 2011. MDI will be following up a series of live dates this Winter/Spring with plans to release a debut EP in the late Spring of 2012! Keep checking back frequently for info on upcoming shows, recorded music, and MDI news!