Top Heavy Crush

Top Heavy Crush


Bad ass rock and roll band with sounds similar to the Stones and AC/DC


The Day brothers (Gift, Second Nature) and Jimmy Paulson (New American Shame, The Lemons) started writing songs in the fall of 2004. After trying out many different drummers, the boys hired an old friend Geoff Reading (New American Shame, Loaded). Justin McDonald (The Jet City Fix, Link Wray) was helping them out on bass and decided to join around the same time. After Velvet Revolver axed their front man and decided to take a break, Duff McKagan decided to fire up his side band, Loaded. Since Geoff is the drummer in Loaded, he was obviously going to be busy, so THC went back to finding a drummer. After trying out a handful of drummers, the boys decided to hire Greg Friesz.

THC has recorded twice in Seattle at Orbit Audio but as soon as the tracks were done, they wrote another song that “had to be on the album”! They got a break in 2007 when a friend of their’s was in Memphis, TN., and played some of their songs for the manager of a local band. The manager was a good friend of Pete Matthews (Evanescence) and called Pete to come down and hear these songs. Pete enjoyed the songs so much that he flew up to Seattle to see Top Heavy Crush play, and worked out a producer deal with them. The Boys and Pete recorded bass and drums at Seattle’s London Bridge studio and then flew to Memphis to record the rest of the record at Ardent Studios. The album has been finished recently and Pete is looking for a home for the record.

The boys have been “breaking in” their drummer and have started booking shows again both locally and regionally to gain more fans and get ready to promote their new record!!


Just finished their 14 track debut album with Producer Pete Matthews

Set List

Set lists vary from show to show depending on the crowd, headling band etc. Sets can be as short as 30min. and as long as and hour and a half.
Original songs-
I want it all
so terrified
every little bit
alright now
take me back
got it bad
wicked eyes
reckless nation
my my my
one step from beyond
the stand
why don't you stay
chances are

can you hear me knockin' (Stones)
it's all over now (Stones)
Drive my car (Beatles)