Positive, intriguing and inspiring . . . that is what you get when you see these guys perform. They perform with such an energy that is contagious, effective and encouraging.


“We want to rise up the generation who is going to race for God's glory with all they have. We want to show His light to this dark world.” These are the words expressed by Cameron Wood when asked what the band TopherMan is all about.
Teenage brothers from Florence, Mississippi, Cameron and Chandler Wood combined their musical talent, spiritual calling and middle names to create the acoustic duo TopherMan in 2005.
TopherMan released their first acoustic album in 2006 titled Different. Their debut album includes the first song they ever wrote, “Dancing With Me,” an emotional account of their grandmother teaching them to dance written after she passed away. The title song “Different” has a positive message for today’s youth who agonize over differences they could be celebrating.
Wanting to take the music up a notch, Chandler invited his best friend since third grade, Josh Westbrook, to join as the drummer for TopherMan. The trio hit it off instantly. Not only do the three guys sound great together, they share the same spiritual desires. “People feel a lot of pressure to fit in. We don’t mind being different. We keep it real for all the right reasons” chimes the band members, nearly in unison.
With TopherMan complete, Cameron Wood on vocals, keyboard and bass, Chandler Wood on guitar and vocals, and Josh Westbrook on drums, they set out to write and record their second album. Act of Movement, released in 2008, showcases instrumental music and lyrics that overflow with exactly what these young guys are about, a passion to offer hope to a generation in desperate need of an unfailing Savior to believe in. This passion is evident in “Kelsey’s Song” written for their friend who was lost to spinal meningitis at fifteen. “We may be some peoples’ only chance to see God. We want them to see Him in us and make a difference in someone’s life for God” says Cameron on stage during a TopherMan concert.
Feeling called to travel and share their positive message with others, the members of TopherMan each enrolled in online classes and began travelling around the country, speaking and playing at schools, festivals, coffee shops, youth groups and other events.
TopherMan attributes the David Crowder Band with being one of their main musical influences. Josh says “the way we feel about our Creator is how God is exalted in every song the David Crowder Band performs.” While creative and entertaining, TopherMan’s music always reflects an attitude of praise and adoration like that of the David Crowder Band.
TopherMan released Don’t Be Mute in July 2009. This EP is instrumentally and lyrically uplifting to the spirit. With a rock sound like that of Blink 182, the song “Close Your Eyes” reassures that no matter how bad things get, a new day can make all the difference. The message of the song “From Who I Was” depicts how our actions and decisions affect us and how miraculously we can be changed.
TopherMan is authentic, genuine, the real thing. Their mission is to influence the world with the love God has shared with them. To speak, sing, pray, praise, proclaim, share and not be mute!


Album "Different" released January, 2007:
All that I Need
You are the King
That's Why I Believe
Jesus Loves
Dancing with Me
Let Go and Let God
Support of a King
Way Out
Wonderfully Wonderful

Album - "Act of Movement" released May 1, 2008:
Kelsey's Song
Act of Movement
This Desire
No Denying

Album- "Don't Be Mute"
released July 21, 2009
1. Intro
2. All We Need
3. Act of Movement
4. Close Your Eyes
5. Broken
6. From Who I Was

The album "Don't Be Mute"
was sent out to 400 radio stations for college airplay. We are under Howard Rosen Promotions.

Set List

Set typically 1-2 hours. We play mainly our show set. This includes our music. However, we do play a few covers from time to time.


Always Love-Nada Surf
Never Let Go-David Crowder Band
True Love-Phil Wickham