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Top Notch

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Imagine if Jay-Z and Nas formed a group, with the soul of Anthony Hamilton and Lyfe Jennings, you got Top Notch.


Mix dirty south beats with an east coast style of flow and what do you get….
TOP NOTCH! This Nashville based rap duo consists of Rob Vick 24, and Samson 25. Both Rob Vick and Samson were born and raised in the south, and at an early age, both displayed a talent for putting words together. They finally meet up around 16 years of age and laid the foundation of their partnership. They honed their skills in Atlanta, Georgia while attending Morehouse College, which Samson is a graduate of. From that point on, they began getting better and better at their craft. With influences like Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, and Scarface, it’s easy to tell from their lyrics that they learned from the best. In a time where most rappers claim to be thugs and strive for street creditability, Top Notch is not afraid to be different. They represent the other half of African Americans who lead normal lifestyles, yet still with stories to tell. Throughout their music, they make many references to faith; they keep God first in everything they do. So be on the lookout for TOP NOTCH MIXTAPE: CATERGORY SEVEN VOLUME DONE, guaranteed to be one the hottest and most complete mixtapes to come out of the Ville, if not period. Soon after they plan on releasing their debut album entitled "The True Truth," destined to be a hip-hop classic. Also lookout for B.Vic, Rob Vick’s brother, coming out soon after. B.Vic is featured on eight out of the twenty songs on Volume Done, and he makes a couple appearences on the album "The True Truth."


My Mind

Written By: Rob Vick, Samson

Verse 1: Let me explain why I am a go getter, I see a tight girl I gotta go get her, one day I saw a cold sista, think to myself, "man I hope she not a gold digga, and I hope she don't prefer a swole n*gga, are you about to leave can I go with ya, I know if I can just take a stroll with ya, we can walk and talk while I get to knowin ya, whatever it takes for me to hit the hole quicka," Since I don't know her personally yet my actions right now are based on raw sexual attraction, I told her I was thinkin on ways that I can greet ya, how you have a really nice smile and nice feet too, shook hands exchanged names, nice to meet ya, I wonder if there's a number where I can try and reach you, maybe I can set up a time to come and beat it, if she knew my real intentions she would be heated but...

Hook: Sex ain't the only thing on my mind, its just the first thing that comes to mind, I can't help that, so please just allow it some time to see if, at one point you can change my mind, you know,,
Repeat chorus

Verse 2: The first thing catch my eye is ya face, a beautiful work of art in the human state, apple bottoms complement your coke bottle figure and shape, I eventually I'll find out if we can relate, intimate conversations from the man in me, with the woman in you its like a fantasy, I already see you straddlin me, call the calvary, I'm sending shots to dat ass I see, I don't have a gun though, or a basketball, still I cock back, shot, and shatter you wall down, repeatedly attacking ya wall down, she can't walk no more, she gotta crawl now, I know it seems like my aim and my agenda, is coressing ya g spot and getting physical, I'm only trying to keep it real, I must have a woman with some sex appeal you know, yea
Repeat chorus

Raise Your Fist

Written By: Rob Vick, Samson

Verse 1: Lot of n*ggas don't feel that concious sh*t, cause they mind can't comprehend, motivation is money and p*ssy no long term incentive, just short term satisfaction, and this happens to be what the youth see, parents too lazy to raise them so, they stick them in front of the tv, like sponges they pick up so easy, not learnin how to count, not learnin their ABC's, so their chances of passin is unlikely, can't spell it but they sayin, oh I think they like me, what sad is you makin them act up, they get more respect from gettin kicked out then graduatin, I ain't judgin nobody I'm just statin the facts, bein a thug is not what it takes to be black, we still tryin to get our 40 acres in the mule and still tryin to get the judge to give us a proper ruling, they'll through the book at us any chance they get, but the sh*t that we do don't demand respect, nigga get a lil change and he go and get his wrist lit, I thought only women was materialistic, in the video you never see a n*gga makin a business transaction, you see him in the mall buying fashion, if you feel like me and you ready for a change, cause you tired of seein the same thangs

Hook: Would all my real n*ggas, raise they fist, if you goin against the grain raise your fist, would all my real n*ggas raise your fist, if you growin tired of the pain raise your fist, would all my real n*ggas raise your fist, if you ever had to bang your fist, raise your fist, would all my real n*ggas raise your fist, if you glad God gave us fist, raise your fist

Verse 2: I see why Cosby would be disappointed and see the current state of blacks and not enjoy, I can see why it can be annoying all the gun talk and drug talk is getting boring, I can see why we need to aviod it, we speak poison to the young boys and the girls grow up to get dissed by the boys and the girls grow up to strip for coins, I can see the danger comin in, the strange is comin in, the pain is comin it, I can see bad days are comin in, the flames are comin in, they say it ain't sin, I can see music's affect on the public, n*ggas is ironic, and they lack substance, brothas wanna build, n*ggas so destructive, which makes a high price to pay like Publics, n*ggas spit that trash they spit rubish, and I be like "stop it ain't doin nothin for us," but they keep talkin about they rims and sh*t like I give a f*ck, I'm tryin to pay my rent and sh*t and stay up, I choose to flow different, cause everybodys the same, everybody sold cocaine, I see what you see and I'm ready for a change, I'm tired of seein the same thangs

Repeat chorus

Somebody Loves You

Written By: Rob Vick, Samson

Hook: Somebody loves you, through the thick and the then, through the sin if you needin a friend just know
Somebody loves you, when your patience is gone you bout to break you can't take it no more just know,
Somebody loves you, when you all alone and you feel like you can't go on just know
Somebody loves you, so just look to the skies, there's the Lord and he's hearin ya cries

Verse 1: Like vogue I strike a pose in adversity's face, like Emily Rose, bringin out the worse on this case, of a rose that, grew up out the surface to stay, let blessings rain on you don't curse them away, don't be like Bad Boy and straight lose ya faith, be encouraged man chose ya fate, open ya eyes to everything god done gave you, he done blessed you homie, and all your problems ain't nothin but a testimony, and you can help others out with the stuff that you done been through, and how he pulled you out of odds stacked up against you, everybody got a purpose, look at price that Jesus paid for you to be here, how could you be worthless, this was placed on my heart since I gotta voice to let yall know, to an extent, depression is a choice, your brain ain't that heavy that you can't keep your head up, you ain't takin it no more, let the devil know you fed up and

Repeat chorus

Verse 2: Yea, I never felt more like Jesus, than when I felt I was abandoned and mistreated, when the people spoke behind my back and I was the source of they gossip, I never felt closer to the prophets, I never knew more that somebody love me, than when my girlfriend refused to touch me, when I had legal drama and things got ugly, I knew I was loved when people rushed to judge me, then I heard God say he wouldn't let them crush me, I had protection from someone above me, it wasn't just anybody but somebody bigger, my trials don't fit the canvas, I see bigger pictures, now I'm drawin a new sketch, quotin know scriptures, where it use to be dry a new river now, and we gon sit down beside that, somebody loves you, Top Notch can testify to that come on

Repeat chorus


Single- "My Mind" getting airplay on 88.3, a student run radio station on the campus of MTSU.

Set List

The set list varies depending on where the performance is, since Top Notch is so versitle, they can perform anywhere urban music is excepted. Sets usually last 10-30 minutes.