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"Topp Crime Hits The Stage"

The founding members of rock group Topp Crime actually came up with their highly original name long before they ever started playing music together.
“Me, Derek and John made up the name years ago,” explains drummer Kevin Marshall.
“We ripped apart a Crimestoppers sticker and came up with Topp Crime,” adds vocalist Derek Champoux.
They came together officially as a band in March 2006 and have been playing all over since then. Venues have included Milton Canada Day celebrations, opening the festivities at Halton Palooza, Thompson Arena, Milton SkatePark, Hot Rods Bar and Grill and Friends Sports Bar and Grill in Brampton to name a few.
“One guy talked to us after the show in Brampton,” says bassist John Challinor. “He said your songs sound amazing.”
“Then he asked if we had a guitarist,” grouses lead guitarist Scott Campbell. “I was so pissed.”
“We have a strong fan base of 16 to 20 year olds,” says Kevin. “And of all Scott’s family,” jokes John, referring to a gig the group played at Scott’s cottage this summer.
“We play everything – rock, pop, blues, acoustic, folk,” says Scott, explaining the band’s appeal. “It’s random.”
Recently the band has brought keyboardist Carl Steinhauser on board as well. “Not many bands have an organist,” says Kevin, referring to Carl’s ability to draw organ sounds amongst others from his keyboard. “It makes us stand out.”
Ironically, bass player John began his career on organ before making the switch years ago. Derek only took the role as vocalist when it became clear that no one else would. And drummer Kevin started out on bass as did guitarist Scott. “People think we’re crazy probably,” shrugs Scott, only to be reassured by John that “we’re from Iowa, it’s okay.”
Iowa aspirations aside ( the band members are all actually from Milton) fans can be grateful that each musician finally decided on the instruments they are currently playing because the music of Topp Crime just wouldn’t be the same without them. And make no mistake, this band is making music that has you sitting up and taking notice.
If you like music that’s original, driving and just plain rocks, head on over to As well, the band’s first demo cd will be available shortly and they will be taking part in an all ages show on October 6 at Hot Rods Bar and Grill in Milton. All proceeds from the show will benefit Halton Women’s Place and will also feature the Good Times, Kover, Keepin’6, Sydney and Ill Scarlett.
If you go to the show, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some unplanned humour, as Topp Crime jokes that something seems to go wrong at every show. On Canada Day, John’s bass string broke, which rarely happens. At the Thompson arena, the power went off halfway through their set, there were PA problems at the SkatePark and Derek was suffering the effects of a bad taco at the Brampton show. Oh and he tripped over a monitor that night too.
Seriously though, go to the show, but not because the unexpected might happen. Go to the show because these guys are awesome to listen to and put on a great show. And in the end, that’s what really matters. Especially if you’re from Iowa. - The Halton Compass (Donna Danielli)


MonsterLove EP- 5 songs (Live off of the floor- Through The Trees, Last Night Stand, Gonna Sail Away, This Little Girl, Fallen For Before).

We have radio play in Barrie on college radio, and we are working with a local bar that hosts 97.7 Hits FM every Saturday night.



Topp crime became a band during March 2006, when four friends Kevin, Derek, John and Scott, got together and wanted to create something very original that would stand out from the other bands in the music scene. They clicked right away, and knew they had something special due to that fact that they all meshed so well. The song writing started after the band finished getting 'loose' by doing a few covers to get the juices flowing, and they have not stopped writing since. After playing several shows for large amounts of people, topp crime thought that they had a missing link; something that would better them, but they just did not know what it was. An old acquaintance of the band had just recently ended his current project, and was looking for something that fit his keyboarding style a little more. With that in mind, the guys in the band met up with Carl Steinhauser and threw out the idea of him coming to jam with them. He was really into it. Carl also fit in well with the band so well, that within the first jam session, everyone knew this is how it was supposed to be. Within weeks of having Carl in the band, things have really picked up, including a show with the very popular illScarlett, in which topp crime brought out close to 500 people at a local show.

topp crime's music cannot be compared to many other bands, but if had to be, you could say that they sound like a mix of Led Zeppelin, Audioslave, and the acoustic styling of the Foo Fighters. The influences of the band range from classic rock (Boston, Led Zeppelin), rap (Dr. Dre, DangerDoom), house (MSTRKRFT, Justice, Parker Frisby), blues (Robert Johnson, Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, SRV), and classical (Stravinsky,Strauss, Brahms). What sets topp crime apart from other bands, would be the fact that they want this so much, and will do anything to make it in the music industry. Their style is a rare commodity, that involves a lot of musical talent and is looked upon as a breath of fresh air for many people. This is probably because there are hundreds of bands out there that try to be like someone else, while topp crime try and be completely original. They are not claiming that they are one of kind, they are just making music that they love to play.