Top Rated

Top Rated

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Top Rated is a surprising young rap group eager to learn and do the things that it takes to be a superstar.


Top Rated are 2 teenagers:Tha Prince( Jessie Bernard Gregory 16 years old) & Tha King( Leotha King Jr.15 years old).Both are born and raised Milwaukee,wi.Tha Prince is on the honor role in school and loves to be active in sports.He likes to shop and go to the movies,write songs.Tha King is a 2.000 average high school student who loves to be active.He like the to shop and movies,write songs.Top Rated likes to make a varity of styles of music ranging from Urban & Rap/Pop-Rap/Jazz,Urban&Rap/Hip-hop & Rap.Our songs are about our lives from the past, present to the future.Our influcences are Snoop Dogg,Dr.Dre,Jay Z,Biggie Smalls,2-Pac,Master P,LiL Wayne,Cash Rated is aYoung Entergetic Rap Group that's versitile with a lot of soul behind it.We want to learn and do the things that it takes to be the next young rap group superstars.Give to the youth in America to expire them to be the best in acheiving their goals in life.We want to be able to act in films and write books about our journey in the entertainment world.


"i'll Do It" is track # 42 on the Indie Top 50 Vol. 84 Mixtapes on released in Feb.15,2012.1)I'll Do It" & 2)"Livin To The Fullest" & 3)"Across The Globe" are commercial to all media.Their songs are on radio(East coast) and internet radio international.Their songs were rated by"Across The Globe" is log into Iheartradiio.You can buy their singles at

Set List

We would like to be paid half before we travel to perform and the other half after the show.We would like to 2 mics and a dj booth set up on stage.We are looking to open for the main act.We would like a booth to sell our cd's.We are asking to open every show nothing under $1500.00/a show