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Ukiah, California, United States | INDIE

Ukiah, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Reggae


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"Top Shelf on MTV"

Here at Hollywood Crush we are (obviously) enthusiastic supporters of young, attractive actors. Even more so when they expand their horizons by channeling their talents into other ventures.

Case in point: "Red Riding Hood" actor and one-time Hump Day Hottie Shiloh Fernandez, who has stepped into the director's chair for the first time to make a music video for the angsty breakup song "We Still Burn," by Top Shelf.

Check out Shiloh's work below and what he had to say about his real-life inspiration for the video!

"I grew up with the members of the band," Shiloh said. "We're all from Northern California and really like that soft reggae music, and I think they've done a great job and this album [The Sound] is fantastic. They sent it to me and I thought maybe we could come up with something that is beautiful and also of the area that we grew up in, and represent the band in a different way that you might not normally see."

Shiloh also revealed that they shot the video on a budget of about $100 and that his brother and ex-girlfriend (who is also featured in the video) helped out in holding the camera when he had to be in the shots himself.

"Some of the inspiration for the video was, I had had a girlfriend in high school, from [the ages of] 14-19. I had this girlfriend, and we all knew each other, and we'd break up and get back together, and when I heard the song and how they described it to me, about their own relationships and the tumultuousness of young love and breaking up and getting back together, and how there is always that passion that always burns for one of your first loves, and actually use the girl from high school in the video, I connected with that." -

"Top Shelf on MTV"

Top Shelf, celebrating the release of their latest album The Sound have more to celebrate with their new music video for the song “We Still Burn” now being released and posted on! Check out what the group has to say about the video…

“What’s up Pier Massive! This is Carter Lane of Top Shelf here. I am very pleased to announce that our new music video is making its debut on right now! We have been working together for months with our high school friend and actor Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood, Skateland etc.) in creating an artistic music video for our song We Still Burn off of our latest album, The Sound.”

“The video stars Shiloh and was shot in our hometown of Ukiah in Northern Cali. We wanted to mix the beautiful videography of where we are from with the darkness of love which the song portrays and I’m very pleased on how it came out. It was really cool for Shiloh too because it was his first project where he directed the entire thing. It was really fun for all of us. We would stop in LA while on tour and have creative editing meetings about the video and then have to wait in excitement for the newest version!”
- Carter Lane, Top Shelf - The Pier

"Interview with Top Shelf"

Hailing from Ukiah, California Top Shelf is a quartet made up of members: Carter Lane (vox) , Korey Ross (guitar), Chad Goodin (bass), and Drew Nicoll (drums) known for high energy live performances and leaving fans with something special, Top Shelf lays it all on the table every time they play. Each show is a unique experience of crowd participation and one of a kind musical solos. Top Shelf has just released their 2nd full length studio album The Sound and front man Carter Lane, caught up w/The Pier to discuss their first album since the 2008 release of Time To Wake.

The Pier: Making a successful band takes a lot of dedication. Can you guys tell us how Top Shelf came together?
Top Shelf: (Carter) Drew and I started the band in Chico after being inspired by the countless reggae festivals and punk shows we had been attending for so many years. There was just something about the vibe of shows that made us want to get serious about playing music for people.

The Pier: How did you guys come up with the name Top Shelf
Top Shelf: Well basically it went like this. Drew and I lived in a huge house in Chico where we use to practice in the living room. One entire wall had bookshelves where we, like every other college party house, kept our empty alcohol bottles. So when jamming one day and trying to think of a name that represented the type of music we played we only had to look up to see our name right in front of us. That was then, today, after growing immensely, our name represents what we reach for musically and spiritually as apposed to the old party days of Chico.

The Pier: Since your album Time to Wake, released in 2008, how has the band evolved musically?
Top Shelf: First off I think that the last 3 years have be major personal growth years for Drew, Chad and I and any time that happens with artists or musicians the art or music is bound to evolve. We also picked up Korey a little over a year ago so we were fortunately in a position to really look at the music we were playing and creating and give some vision and direction to it. We really took our time writing the songs for The Sound, when with Time To Wake we kinda just wrote them, recorded them and released them with out all that much thought about what we wanted to sound like. So I think that musically the growth in maturity of the band is very apparent in The Sound.

The Pier: What is your song writing process like?
Top Shelf: With The Sound it was pretty crazy. Our original idea was to write as many songs as we could with out any reservation about what they sounded like or what style they were, our first goal was to just write tons of songs and eventually we would just pick the best 12 for the album. So we wrote first drafts of every song then recorded it at our home studio. Then re-worked each song and recorded again with the idea that we would cut the filler and end up with nothing but the killer. We ended up writing 25 full songs and narrowing it down to 17 for the album.

The Pier: Did you guys encounter any obstacles while making The Sound?
Top Shelf:We are fully self supporting through our own contributions so money was an obstacle we had to overcome. But thats nothing new. Other than that, the experience was amazing and so unique to anything else we have ever done. It made us really value the process. It was also hard to cut the songs down to the right number. Cutting songs that you are somewhat attached to was difficult

The Pier: One of my most favorite songs in the new album is “Under Arrest”, such a fun track! what are some of your favs?
Top Shelf: Stoked that you like Under Arrest, that one was on the chopping block for a while. I love the way Rather Than A Billion and We Still Burn came out. Super genuine tracks with such great feeling. I think that my voice on We Still Burn is the best on the album. Jim left it completely dry with out any effects and you can really just hear me. And Rather Than A Billion is one of the last songs we w - The Pier

"The Sound Review"

Top Shelf – The Sound
1.) Moonlights
2.) Under Arrest
3.) The Sound
4.) Live In Your Dream
5.) Waiting
6.) Fire and Ice
7.) More Than A Feeling
8.) Finding Out
9.) We The People
10.) Grace Awakes
11.) We Still Burn
12.) No Money In My Dreams
13.) Lift Up
14.) No More
15.) No More (RMX)
16.) Rather Than A Billion

The Pier Album Rating: 3.5 Stars

Record Label: Highest Vibration Music
Release Date: May 24th, 2011

Group Background:
Hailing from Ukiah, California Top Shelf is a quartet made up of members: Carter Lane (vox) , Korey Ross (guitar), Chad Goodin (bass), and Drew Nicoll (drums) known for high energy live performances and leaving fans with something special, Top Shelf lays it all on the table every time they play. Each show is a unique experience of crowd participation and one of a kind musical solos.

Album Review:
When roots reggae meets heavy rock, Top Shelf’s The Sound is born. The guys did an awesome job at making the perfect blend of reggae rock when making this album which stands as a great musical showcase of this young band’s talent. The album is filled with compelling guitar solos, reggae inspired melodies, and a relentless groove. And did I mention a bad ass hidden track?

Moonlights, the first single off the album, is lively, catchy and a perfect way to start your listening experience. The entire album is charged with high frequency guitar solos, sprinkled with evocative lyrics and accentuated with airy-lighthearted tracks like Finding Out which also features coot of Mystic Roots Band gracing the track with his trademark beat-boxing and dope lyrics; a definite highlight. Diversity in subject matter makes an album more interesting and Top Shelf ‘s consciousness in their lyrics add depth to this album.

We The People is a perfect example of their political consciousness and strong opinions about what is going on in the world around us. The album finds an ideal balance between conscious, fun and romantic lyrics. We Still Burn is a lovely ballad that features a female vocalist, Gina Marie Lo Monaco, a perfect supplement to the already heartfelt lyrics. Another track with a poignant message is No Money In My Dreams. It’s introspective and simply encourages the listener to follow your dreams; simple yet cunning.

Lift Up is my favorite as it does just what the title says, it’s upbeat, empowering and the epitome of what reggae is all about; good vibes with a positive message. As the album progresses with consistency in each song it hits a bump in the road when it comes upon a remixed track of No More turned dubstep, and although the remix is fairly well executed, I feel it slightly interrupts the album’s fluidity. The addition of horns to a few of the tracks was a great detail and added to the album’s complexity and diversity of musical elements.

The Sound is a very well constructed album, I feel that the addition of Korey Ross to the already talented band line up, was like a match made in heaven. His laudable guitar skills put the “rock” in Top Shelf”s reggae rock style.The band has developed a very distinct sound and demonstrate their blossoming talent and ability to execute a solid opus for reggae and rock fans alike. The Sound is definitely a nice album to have in your music collection.

Written & Reviewed by: Mariana Norcalchika Rojas
~Let The Music Take You Higher~ - The Pier

"There's A Place Review"

Top Shelf – There’s A Place EP
Track Listing:
1.) There’s A Place (Feat Stevie Culture)
2.) Earthquake
3.) Stereo
4.) Save Me
5.) 3am (Feat. Jay of Paua)
6.) As She Sings

The Pier Album Rating: 3 Stars

Release Date: May 29th, 2012
Official Website: Top Shelf’s Website

Group Background:
Top Shelf’s last album, The Sound, debuted at #9 on iTunes Reggae Chart and #15 on Billboard’s Reggae Chart. The band is currently on the road as part of a 12-date romp across Asia with The Mystic Roots. Incorporating more electronic elements that have brought a futuristic vibe to their productions, their new EP, There’s A Place, sounds like it was brought back from the future to the masses in 2012.

Album Review:
The first thing you hear on the opening title track, There’s A Place, is lead singer Carter Lane’s voice ringing out loud and clear. For the rest of the song his voice is almost hushed, like he’s letting us in on a secret, “There’s a place, So far away from here, There’s a place, Listen and you can hear…” My favorite song on the album, it showcases their unique laid-back sound and easy to follow lyrics that will appeal to the masses.

3am features Jay from Australian reggae band, Paua, and is a more sensual track with some pretty steamy lyrics, “Roll the windows down turn the radio up slide by my side and lets get corrupt…” However, the smooth guitar solos and reverbed drums conjure up feelings that no lyrics ever could.

Overall, the album has a laid-back Pepper style vibe, but with an electronic twist. Heavy synthesized keys are the star on tracks like Earthquake, and As She Sings. It’s an unexpected twist that adds to the layers of complex sounds present in each song and highlights the band’s ability to blend elements from numerous genres in a way that is both coherent and cohesive.

The six-track EP is full of ringing dub effects, grunge rock guitar solos, and smooth lyrics. Each song sticks to the same mellow mood and seems well within the bands comfort levels. Even thought I would have liked to see a more upbeat track thrown in somewhere, the band stays true to their sound and does it well. The album flows well together, and while the lyrical content might seem a little forced at times, the band sounds tight and has impeccable timing. Top Shelf continues to build a solid foundation for themselves that is sure to be noticed and appreciated by true fans.

Written & Reviewed By: Ashley Allred - The Pier

"Cali's Still Got It"

Ukiah’s own Top Shelf  puts on a high energy show that ranges from light beachy riffs to some harder beats. The lead singer has a rich voice and maneuvers some fast, tongue-twisting lyrics. The whole band has a cool rock star presence. - NBC Bay Area Mornings

"Time To Wake Album Review"

With the sea of Reggae Rock bands emerging from the scene these days it would be easy to get lost in the wave. While Time to Wake, the debut album from Northern Cali’s Top Shelf, doesn’t scream originality it does feature some exceptionally good songs and the four-piece certainly lays it all out on the line.
Take the album’s opening three band best tracks. Down in the City and Time to Wake are epic reggae rockers, let off the leash with blistering guitar driven finales and emotionally charged choruses from vocalist Carter Lane. Next up, Let the Music Play while a formulaic breezy reggae rock tune, is so damn catchy and sincere you will be well truly hooked by the song’s end.
The band expands on its sound with some very cheesy funk rock on Comin’ From Cali, the wonderfully dubbed out 3rd Street Dub, complete with some excellent guitar work again courtesy of Sean Erickson, before a suprisingly beautiful and haunting outro. And again not to shy away from letting the music take Top Shelf on an epic journey, the rocking Headphones has an amazing over the top finish.
Yet it also has more restrained mellow momendt featured here, like Rise and Shine and the album closer Day Dreaming that flow almost hypnotically and truly capture Carter’s calming vocal delivery.
For and independent release the production on Time to Wake is top notch and so is the overall professional packaging of the album. Good move. For a debut full-length release it is more than an impressive and solid step forward, even for a band with six year’s experience. I just get the feeling Top Shelf’s next album is going to be even closer to being right on the money. - The Pier

"Top Shelf Show Review"

Top Shelf’s music is for the masses and a great way to wrap up the festivals entertainmant. - Benbow Summer Arts and Music Festival

"Top Shelf Rocks Reggae"

To say that all of my expectations about a Reggae band were blown away would be an understatement. The guys in Top Shelf could not have been more down to earth, peaceful and nice if they tried and it was a very special night for me on top of this awesome music!
Not ever really listening to Reggae, I didn’t quite know what I was in for in going to a Top Shelf show. I did know that most young people knew who Top Shelf was.
They couldn’t be a more down to earth, nice bunch of guys. And their music is just incredible!
I had the pleasure of seeing Top Shelf at Ukiah Music Center the previous week.. and they invited us to broadcast their performance from Ukiah Brewing Company the following weekend. Two different venues and two totally different shows.....
Carter Lane (singer, guitarist and manager of Top Shelf) contacted me regarding their performance at Ukiah Music Center's Acoustic Cafe the week before and as we were talking, we realized that it would be awesome to do a broadcast from Ukiah Brewing Company the following weekend. Arrangements were made and I was in for a real treat.. two very different venues with their own brand of music!
I met up with Carter, Chad, Sean and Drew once again and found out that I was in for a totally different experience.
Tickets were selling like mad and the place was sold out by the time Top Shelf took the stage.. and they rocked the place!
It was my pleasure to share these young men's music with the world and we will continue to play their sounds on Twin Cities Radio and promote them in any way we can!
Our listeners loved their shows and are still talking about this awesome sound coming out of Mendocino County, California. - Twin Cities Radio

"Epic Concert Boasts Local Roots"

With Nor Cal-influenced ideas about having a great laid-back time, Top Shelf pulled a mingling crowd from outside and the bar to the floor The band proved themselves to be quite versatile, switching back and fourth between punk and reggae. Top Shelf has a unique style, reminiscent of Sublime and Pennywise. They left the stage with fans wanting more, literally, since they were the only band from which the audience loudly and insistently demanded and encore! - The Synthesis

"Top Shelf Live"

Top Shelf opened with a high-energy performance. Lead vocalist Carter Lane demanded that the crowd ‘make some noise,’ which they did. The band easily switched back and fourth from hard rock with punk flair to bouncy dub. By the end everyone came to the front and rushed the dance floor. I feel that their music spoke to everyone. - The Buzz

"Mystic Theatre Show Fan Thanks"

Your music is so wonderfully upbeat! No negatives in it, just powerful messages of positive! Keep rockin it guys! You are awesome! - Marcy Baker

"Reggae Artist on the Rise"

Top Shelf is the premier rock reggae group of Northern California. With 6 years experience as a band and a freshly dropped full length album, they are exploding all over the California music sceene. From SF to SD you'll find nothing but heart-felt music and positive vibrations from Top Shelf. - Reggae Festival E-Guide


Top Shelf - Self Titled EP - 2003
Top Shelf - Live - 2006
Top Shelf - Time To Wake - 2008
Top Shelf - The Sound - 2011
Top Shelf - There's A Place EP - 2012

Rotation "Under Arrest" KPVS, HILO/KONA, HI.
Rotation "Under Arrest" KJMD, MAUI, HI.
Rotation “Let The Music Play” KUCD ALT MUSIC HONOLULU, HI
Rotation “Let The Music Play” KPVS, HILO/KONA, HI.
Rotation “Let The Music Play” KJMD, MAUI, HI.
Rotation “Let The Music Play” KDNN, HONOLULU, HI
Rotation “Let The Music Play” KONG, KAUAII, HI.
Rotation “Let The Music Play” KSRF, KAUAII, HI.
Specialty Spins “Let The Music Play” The Fox 101.7 FM, Santa Rosa Ca.
Specialty Spins “Let The Music Play” KWINE 94.5 FM, Mendocino Co. Ca.
Specialty Spins “Let The Music Play” KZYX&Z 90.7 FM, Mendocino Co. Ca.
Specialty Spins “Let The Music Play” KMEC 105.1 FM, Ukiah Ca.
Specialty Spins “Let The Music Play” KZFR 90.1 FM, Chico, Ca.



A year after releasing their most successful album yet, The Sound, Ukiah, California’s own Top Shelf continues to push their form of rock/reggae to new dimensions, reaching new and old fans alike. Keeping in mind that Top Shelf’s mission is to bring inspiration to the listless and positivity to the forgotten, they embark on this pursuit with the four members acting as one unit. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts and that message flows through the band’s members who have been honing their craft for more than a decade. The diverse elements that make this unstoppable musical force include Lead Vocalist Carter Lane, Bass Guitarist Chad Goodin, Drummer Drew Nicoll and Lead Guitarist Korey Ross, all of whom are focused on letting the world know just what makes Top Shelf tick one track at a time.
And the music is where Top Shelf truly channels all that positivity into an infectious form of Rock/Reggae that bends genres, buckles knees, stirs up emotions and leaves crowds in awe of what just happened. Always making sure they bring a new experience to each and every live show, you can find Top Shelf on tour up and down the West Coast, and even expanding further west with dozens of shows scattered across Asia with longtime friends, The Mystic Roots. The members of Top Shelf have always known this was their destiny, and following an amazing 2011 and an even more impressive 2012, saying the sky’s the limit is an understatement. Whether you’re a new fan or old, Top Shelf just wants you to surrender to the flow and they’ll do the rest, trust.