Top Shelf

Top Shelf

 Tampa, Florida, USA

Top Shelf has a unique sound that is refreshing yet familiar. The four-piece rock band, comprised of 4 USF students, focuses on making music that will keep their fans rocking without dumbing-down their technical knowledge of music. Top shelf is the definition of College rock.


Top Shelf is a 4-piece rock band out of Tampa Florida comprised completely of College students attending the University of South Florida. Vocalist Joe Sokolowski and guitarist Anthony Lombardo, who had never met before, were randomly paired as room mates in 2009, their freshman year of college. After realizing their shared passion and talent for music, they went on the hunt for other musicians. A few doors down the hall drummer Jared Huffman heard the music and came to offer his abilities. Greg Baker heard the buzz of a bassist needed and he was welcomed with opened arms. Joe's unique style of vocals, Anthony's technical and amazing prowess on guitar, Greg's funky bass grooves, and Jared's clean rhythm created a distinct combination of sounds that birthed the new band Top Shelf.

Each of the members of Top Shelf have a vastly different taste in music and what has influenced their styles. These differing styles have helped them shape a new sound that is refreshing but yet familiar.

We love to make music, and we love to put on an awesome show. If you're ever in the Tampa area, odds are you won't have too go far to catch a glimpse of Top Shelf.