Torch aka Moka Only

Torch aka Moka Only

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Torch (aka Moka Only) is a westcoast hiphop artist. His career accomplishments have included three Juno Awards and seven Much Music Video Awards. He has released over a dozen solo LPs as well as numerous group and compilation projects.


Torch (a.k.a. Moka Only) was born Daniel Denton on November 14, 1973, and raised on Vancouver Island in a small town called Langford. Freestyling at house parties, he started to make a name for himself as an MC, which led to him pursuing a career as a solo hip hop artist in 1994. Torch is best known for his work as Moka Only, A founding member of the multi-platinum selling Canadian rap group Swollen Members, who are also Canada's highest selling rap group to date. He has released over a dozen solo full-length albums, as well as numerous compilation and group projects, and has sold in excess of 400,000 records independently. The winner of three Juno awards and seven Much Music video awards, Torch continues to pursue his solo career, making a name for himself as a highly creditable hip hop artist and producer.


Psychodelic (2008) LP
Carrots and Eggs (2008) LP
Vermilion (2007) LP
Station Agent (2006) LP
The Desired Effect (2005) LP
Martian Xmas (2004) LP
Lowdown Suite (2003) LP
Flood (2002) LP
Lime Green (2001) LP
Moka Only is... Ron Contour (2001) LP