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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | SELF

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | SELF
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August 6, 2008
Four of this month’s Sonicbids Artists to Watch have international connections and the other four are homegrown. But there is nothing roots about any of these artists. The majority of them are metal and alt-rock bands, with two lyricists in the mix.
International Connections: Torch Le Monde (“burn the world”) has created a fan frenzy in the band’s hometown of Sydney, Australia, and catapulted them onto the international scene. They will be appearing in New York and LA in October. Their blend of pop lyrics and blazing rock riffs that drift in and out of metal is a refreshing mix, and their irreverence on stage will win them many US fans

"A Future of Success"

Torch Le Monde are one of the most radio ready bands I have heard in this past year. I forsee big things for this band. - Inside Connection magazine

"EP Review"

March 14, 2009
CD Reviews: Double Think and Torch Le Monde
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Torch Le Monde
Eat the Words EP

Torch Le Monde offers something many bands tend to lack--variety. Eat the Words EP is not only highly listenable, but enjoyable due to this factor. With a great overall sound, and note-worthy vocals that cater to each song, Eat the Words EP is destined to become something big.

By: New York Guru
Categories: Music, Reviews

- Review To View

"EP Review" - All Access Magazine

"Tesla Show Sydney 19/10/07"

Wrapping up my babble, I just want to add that I rarely get into support bands when I go to a gig for someone I really want to see. I met the guys from Torch Le Monde before the gig. Great guys, who were honoured to be playing with Tesla. Tesla watched during the soundcheck, and voiced their approval at the end of War Pigs. The drummer in particular was blown away. I bought 5 copies of their ep, and will sned a few to whoever wants them. This band were very talented and an awesome feel and look to them I felt. The crowd loved them.
- Tesla Website

"Review Torch Le Monde"

Hailing from Sydney, Australia Torch Le Monde have spent the last 3 years with their noses planted firmly to the grindstone. Continual gigging and the release of a self-titled ep in 2007 has proven fruitful with Torch Le Monde now possessing one of the most devoted fan bases in and around their home city. Just as solid as their fan base is their brand of hard rock on this, their sophomore release, 'Eat The Words", which showcases five high-class tracks sure to appeal to fans of both classic and modern rock.
Opening with the solid anthem-driven "Let Go" , Torch Le Monde let their musicianship come to the forefront from the first note. They sound tight and polished, which is not surprising when you consider that brothers Joel and Jordan McDonald have been playing together since they were kids. The title track "Eat The Words" is equally as solid however tends to infuse a more dirty, gritty characteristic to their sound. If Heaven's Basement was to bend Velvet Revolver over a dumpster in a dark and dirty alley, the bastard child would sound something like this.

"Love Led You Astray" show that the guys are just as competent with more mellow, almost ballad-like, material. Classifying Torch Le Monde is near on impossible. They somehow manage to combine the huge production of modern melodic rock with the raw sound of sleaze infused dirty grunge. Can you image anyone ever sounding like Alice In Chains-meets-Nickleback? I thought not...

With less flash-and-bash, and more focus on quality melodies and song writing, Torch Le Monde are one serious rock band... which is rather ironic considering their recent US support slots with comic-book rockers Steel Panther. With over 20 US dates now under their belt and 2 EPs in the bag, this Sydney 4 piece have a really solid foundation on which to build a worldwide assault. As they say in the classics - watch this space!

by Lindsay Buloch

Visit the Torche Le Monde Website

"Gig Review - The Marquee"

Gig Review
The Marquee Thurs 16th Nov 2006

Torch Le Monde is like no other hard-hitting local band you've ever seen before. A four-piece band made up of entirely of long haired perfectionist rockers, their sound is faultless and they have a live act to match.
It wasn't until Torch Le Monde's last gig at Candy's Apartment, Kings Cross, that I found myself standing front row, mouth open, realizing that I'd actually never been to a rock concert before. With their electrifying stage presence, it's impossible not to feel each beat and be in the moment. One thing is for sure though, these boys are being robbed. Just one show will have you questioning why the boys weren't selling out shows for $150 tickets. I'd prefer to see Jordan … and the rest … and listen to Simon, over most international rock acts. That's a promise and kept very well in proportion to how I feel about this band.
Torch Le Monde means business and they are here to stay – and I don't mean locally. Nothing can really do them justice on a written page. The stage presence can't be duplicated through photos or film and even their live sound would be hard to duplicate for even the most talented rock artists. And that's a challenge to all those out there that think they can keep up with slamming drum beats and electrifying guitar riffs that put chills down your spine. You literally have to be there to feel what … I feel when I'm there … it's indescribable. What you'll see on stage while Torch Le Monde is playing, is a lot of passion and sweat. Their well-written and articulate bio still doesn't do the band justice – and really, neither does this review. Inside information has it, that actually, the band is known amongst other local bands for going around and stealing the best players, joining forces and ultimately rising to the top – whether or not that is true, the point is, I can honestly say this would be the best band gigging around Sydney at the moment, and that's not an exaggeration.
I have to say, the "cocktail of charm, ability and conviction" had me laughing. Ability and conviction granted – those words definitely redeemed the more hilarious "charming" description. As one that's getting to know the band in small succinct steps, I have to say that only half the band has any sense of charm, but for what the other two lack in charm, they definitely make up for with gorgeous smiles and wit. Ultimately, the bio invites you into a more conservative look at how the band got together. So if you haven’t had the chance to catch a show as yet, check their web site for details – before they are discovered, signed and international.
Review By
Sarah Webb
Drum Media - Drum Media

"Torch Le Monde @ The Gaelic"

Gig review: A Sound Mind + Torch Le Monde @ Gaelic Club, 14th March 2008.
14 Mar 2008, 16:09
The second band to play that evening, and by far the most memorable, was Sydney's Torch Le Monde. Again, if you've never even heard the name of these guys, you'll be looking at something like Van Halen crossed with classic Thin Lizzy with some mild Steve Vai thrown in there. To put it blandly, these guys rocked! I was almost going to miss out on this band and grab a bite to eat before A Sound Mind started their set...but am I ever glad I decided to stick around for this.
The amount of energy and brilliance radiating from Torch Le Monde was almost breathtaking. My hat goes off to the McDonald brothers (Joel/guitars and Jordan/drums) for creating a blend of Aussie rock/metal that sets them apart from all other would-be "bands".
The most enthralling moment of the show was not Joel McDonald's amazing guitar solos but rather the epic guitar battle between McDonald and eccentric vocalist, Simon Hill. While one (Hill) played some snazzy, yet utterly bitchin', melodies and notes the other (McDonald) would proceed to pull off some "guitar wankery" to completely decimate his "competition". It wasn't until the near end of the battle where both axemen would combine together and end on a high.

There really isn't anything negative I can say about Torch Le Monde except WRITE MORE SONGS!!! Seriously, I need much, much, MUCH more Torch Le Monde other than the four songs off their amazing self titled EP. All four young men are very, very talented and dedicated musicians. If it's not the catchy basslines, it's the technical guitar solos. If not the blarring double kicks, it's the vocal range of Simon Hill. If you're a fan of pure Aussie metal and/or rock, keep your eyes peeled for their next live show and be sure to pick up a copy of their EP.
- LAST FM - The Social Music Revolution

"Bands To Watch"

Bands to watch in 2008 -


EP - Eat The Words ( 2008)
Single - Dear Mary Jane to be released Nov 09
Radio Play and streaming on Candian Music Rocks
WMIR 100.9 Indie Revolution New York, Cabo Wabo Radio
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Light up the world’, ‘Burn the world’, ‘Set the world on fire’, however you read into it, TORCH LE MONDE translates to brilliance.
2008 was a good year, this very vital and new band has become notorious for their blinding musicianship and amazingly chaotic live performances. After just a string of shows in hometown Sydney, reputation alone secured and sold out headline gigs interstate and generated an insatiable demand from newly recruited fans for the band’s charisma and indescribable energy.
The year also demanded they head to the United States to show off their skills. A 23 date tour across the East and West Coast proved to be a success achieving a fanatical and refreshingly diverse following. 2008 also meant it was time to search for a new member of the band, Pat Taylor is now part of the TLM family, replacing Rob (on Bass).
TORCH LE MONDE have crafted a highly unique yet widely identifiable brand of rock and roll. 2009 is shaping up to be a big year already. with another U.S tour in late April/May.
Torch Le Monde are focused on becoming an international success, and what sets this band apart from others in their field is that they are gifted songwriters, unbelievable players and consistent in the studio and onstage. They are also young, incredibly driven, and have a cohesive band image.
The band themselves emit a certain youthfulness, an urgency and talent which is both undeniable and utterly infectious.