Manchester based four piece rock band influenced by the greats of rock and roll.


Toreador are an rock four-piece based in Manchester, ready to take the local music scene by storm. The four members; Sam Gunn, Sam Vaughan, Will Kingham and Simon Heathcoate met at University in 2009, combining their musical talents from their previous bands to form Toreador, a band uniting the best from new and old rock and roll music.
The band work constantly to write and produce their own new material, and are preparing to hit a venue near you! And boy, can they put on a show…

"The headliners Toreador were everything I expected as headliners, proficient, and good instrumentalists. I enjoyed their performance and the strong grimy energy of the electric guitars, particularly in their song Halo, which synchronized fast rhythmic strumming alongside the lead singers rugged-rocky voice. I found them compelling and entertaining, engaging the audience with their powerful sound and extreme high energy which got the crowd moving, so a thumbs up!"–, January 2010.