To Reinvent

To Reinvent


Four folks from the Midwest, making real rock and roll music.


To Reinvent began as an idea between two friends and has ultimately become a functioning rock and roll unit. The band has traveled around the country in a Saturn, mini-van, and large red death trap named Clifford to play for the people. Most often times it would be safe to say that the people and the band have enjoyed these encounters. This December will mark the release of their debut LP "Pink & Bleak" on the upstart label Sophomore Records. The 10 song LP was recorded during two different sessions at Flowers Studios in Minneapolis, MN and was produced by local super-producer Ed Ackerson and badass rocker Justin Pierre. It will be released on vinyl and digital formats. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for these fellows in To Reinvent, they've got the stuff I tell ya....they've got it.


Fall 2008 Tour EP

Pink & Bleak LP - to be released in December of 2008

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Set List

We usually perform 30 minute sets consisting of 6 to 8 songs. We rotate and change songs in the set frequently.