Toriano brings the gospel message to the streets. Hip hop beats and soul saving lyrics help to make Toriano one of the best in rhythm and gospel.


Toriano grew up in the city of Shreveport, Louisiana. He began singing in the church choir at the tender age of 3. He attended Woodlawn High School where he excelled in football and played the position of quarterback. Although he was a natural athlete and football was his passion, he held close to his musical roots that always kept him grounded by using his soulful voice in the school and church choir. It was while in high school he received his calling into the ministry at the age of 16. He graduated shortly thereafter and received an athletic scholarship to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He remained there through his sophomore year and then transferred to Northwestern State University in Louisiana where he played football through his senior year. He was blessed with the opportunity to play arena football with the Memphis Pharaohs and married his first wife. Unfortunately, he played for the Pharaohs’ a short period of time before injuring himself. It was during this time Toriano was faced with the realization that his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL was no more. Finding this disconcerting truth hard to deal with, he began to make life altering decisions.
These turn of events in Toriano’s life began to dishearten him, even though he tried desperately to come to terms with the loss of his dream. The stress took its toll on the relationship and he and his wife separated and eventually divorced. Although their marriage dissolved through those trying times, they have managed to maintain a strong friendship. However, all was not lost as God saw fit to give him a second chance. In early 2006 Toriano met his fiancé, Moira Ortiz. They fell in love almost instantaneously and knew that it was not by happenstance that they had found one another. They are now due to be married in 2008 and share 8 wonderful children who are between the ages of 2 and 14 years-old, 5 boys and 3 girls. Life’s experience has taught him that everyday is a gift, as are each of his children. As most of us in our Christian walk he has seen much and overcome more. The experience of going through a divorce and other personal obstacles drew him closer to God. It is due to his experiences that he can relate to the challenges that most of our youth face in today’s society.
It is because of this that Toriano has always felt a commitment to helping young men and women achieve success. Over the years he has participated in coaching disadvantaged youth in several areas. He has coached little league as well as volunteered his time to schools helping young men in sports and various summer youth camps.
Toriano believes that people can do better when they know better. People can be lifted higher if those around them are not afraid to lift others as they themselves climb. This principle has inspired him to put together the “Save the Future” tour. Music has always played a vital part in Toriano’s life. Music is the universal language that the world uses to convey emotion, tell the story of our struggles and also lift up the name of Jesus. This tour uses that universal language to help encourage and enlighten those who are unaware that Jesus cares and loves them. Charity and music are the gifts God has blessed Toriano with and his mission is to spread the word that charity begins at home.


This is the first album I have released.

Set List

My set consist of old school gospel and some of today's gospel contemporary hits along with my own original music.