Tori Black

Tori Black

 Yuma, Arizona, USA

Tori Black is for fans of 80's, Electronic , And Alternative Genres. The Darker Side of Synth!


For Fans of 80's, Electronic, And Alternative Genres! Tori Black is a Solo Project by Victoria Islas. It was made to make you move,groove, and open your mind to a darker side of Synth Pop. “I always thought I was different but I realized I am and I make sure to add that in the music I stay up late at night making”. Writing all her music in a bright orange and yellow painted room with crumbled paper all over the floor. She is currently recording her 7 song EP called “Impermanent Human” in San Diego, California and it is to be launched out in February 2011. Catch her newest single “Dark Madonna” on almost all major online digital distributors, Out now!


Dark Madonna

Written By: Victoria Islas PKA Tori Black

Song Title: Dark Madonna
Song & Lyrics Written by: Victoria Islas PKA Tori Black

I want her black eyes
I want her black hair
I want her tattooed skin
Shes my Dark Madonna

Verse 1
She must be a vampire cause she sucked the blood out of my heart.
She said she loved you only once and you fell ,fell for it hard.
This type of girl only comes around one time and she fly's away like a bat.
and you'll never see her again don't expect a goodbye.

Shes dressed in black she'll steal your heart and never give it back.

oh, oh, oh,
She must be a vampire

Verse 2
This girl you'll find her late at night.
She wont look at you or give you any of her time.
Beware shes more poisonous than any rattle snake.
One bite the doctor says its just to late.
haha she trapped another one again.

Shes dressed in black, she'll steal your heart and never ever give it back

And everyday she'll make you feel as if your attending your own funeral


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