"The only limit you have in life is the one you put on yourself. It is not enough to just dream: live the dream, be the dream, work hard for the dream, and it will become reality.”


Hailing from South Carolina, she had always dreamt of being a performer, but her early childhood shyness forced her to keep her singing ability hidden. The day her family discovered she was talented, they encouraged Torica to overcome her fears and entered her in local talent shows and the church choir. It became clear that she was not just another singer, there was something very unique about her voice and she had natural stage presence. Unbeknownst to her, Torica was well on her way to achieving what she had secretly dreamt of doing.

Upon graduating from high school, Torica attended Howard University, where she studied marketing, putting her music dreams aside. It was not until her relocation to Atlanta in 2001, that her she redirected her attention back on music. Through some chance meetings and impromptu auditions, she found herself featured on a major label recording. Torica sang the melodic “Sick of Being Lonely” hook for DTP/Geffen artist, Field Mob. The critically acclaimed, Billboard #1 single dominated urban and Top 40 radio across the country. The phenomenal success of the single earned her an automatic membership into the elite club also known as the music business.

This early career achievement led to Torica appearing on BET, MTV, VH-1, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Soul Train, Apollo Theatre, and a host of other nationally and internationally-recognized media outlets. Meanwhile, her life transformed into a whirlwind of press, studio sessions, photo shoots, award shows, and tours. Torica was slowly establishing her musical identity, cultivating into the polished artist we see today.

Although her resume reads like that of a veteran, Torica feels like she’s only just begun. If you ask this humble, yet accomplished artist how she feels about her career thus far, she’ll reply, “ I am truly grateful and blessed for everything I’ve achieved, but this is only a tip of the iceberg.” She believes that songwriters are as good as their next creation and must challenge themselves to reinvent their sound to feed the insatiable appetite of consumers.

Torica is currently in the studio crafting hits with Bryan Michael Cox, The Stereotypes, Eric Hudson, and JR Rotem for Ciara, Brandy, Beyonce, Monica, and Megan Rochelle, just to name a few. Woodland Entertainment Group, the firm that manages her career, cites that part of the reason why Torica will have a successful, lasting career is attributed to her incredible work ethic; she is oftentimes the first to arrive at the studio and usually the last to leave, she has a great personality, and is a student of the craft.

Torica has contributed to over 1 million album sales without a record or publishing deal, therefore, she is living proof of her mantra, which she encourages anyone pursuing a dream with, “it is not enough to just dream, live it, breathe it, perfect it, work hard for it, it’s inevitable that it will become your reality. My dream has become my reality and yours can too.”


"Sick of Being Lonely" Field Mob feat. Torica (DTP/Geffen)

"My Life" Snoop Dogg feat Torica & Lloyd (Priority)

"All I Know is Me" Monica (J Records)

"You Wish" Krave (Upfront/Interscope)

"Fast Lane" A Girl Called Jane (Island Def Jam)

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