TORI ensemble

TORI ensemble


Tori Ensemble is a world music project group, composed of four Korean traditional musicians. They have the creative sound through the oriental intuitive and improvisation. The meditative melody of the royal court music and the dynamic and rough rhythm of folk music will be reorganized into a new modern sound.


TORI , the World Music Project Ensemble, was founded in 2007 by three Korean Traditional Musicians and three American Musicians. 'Tori' is a Korean dialect which means an unique musical form of each province in Korea. The term also emphasizes that the great diversity of Korean regional musics and their original styles have existed even in a small-sized country, Korea. This diversity is reinterpreted by artists, some of whom specialized in traditional music and some in jazz, as composed and improvised creations. Making use of the term 'Tori', Korea's diverse traditional music, TORI ensemble is harmonizing Eastern with Western forms, pursuing new sounds.

TORI project had the world premiere of “Five Directions” at Asia Society (2008,New York) and Freer Gallery (2008, Smithonian Museum, Washington D.C). The Washington Post has acclaimed them; "a work that reinvents traditional music with such authenticity, power and originality is astounding" (Washington Post 2008. 11). This was followed by a series of successful performance at; Kay Art Hall (2008, New York), The Stone (2008, New York), Merkin Hall (World Music Institute present, 2009, New York), The Roulette (2009, New York), Crossroads Music (2009, Philadelphia), RASA centre for World Cultures(2011, Utrecht in Netherland), BIMHUIS(2011, Amsterdam in Netherland), Sendesaal-Bremen(2011, Bremen in Germany).

TORI ensemble, composed of four Korean traditional musicians was invited to the WOMEX 2010 opening concert(The Chaomos of Korean music). TORI had also extend its sphere to Europe in 2011 by visiting the Netherland, Germany, England and France. As the leader of the group, HEO Yoon-Jeong is a master of Geomungo and her album was the last Korean music which was introduced by Charlie Gillett in his BBC World of Music.