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“She’s like a pop-Netrebko – an incredibly strong voice and quality music, like Sonique meets Laurie Anderson. That’s a rare thing here in Russia. Don’t miss it raising up.” - Time Out Moscow

"Russians are coming!"

“...Tori’s beautiful and talented...That’s hard to come by. Would love the chance to see her performing live!” - Music Mag Russia

"The star was born!"

"Tori’s born in cold Siberian lands, but her songs are full of her heart’s warmth. Amazing vocals and astounding tunes make her a #1 Russia’s hope across the ocean." - TopPop

"Tori the great"

"...Best thing to come out of Russia since vodka!" - Sound Key

"A newcomer to stay forever"

“Maybe Dostoevsky won’t dig it, but Tori’s definitely worth listening to.” - LiveJournal


Speed Up - LP, Single, #1 at Kiss FM TOP-40



Tori is a former opera-singer, who has switched to the world of pop-music.
Born in cold Syberia, Russia, nowadays she spreads her time between London, Moscow and LA, while working on her debut album.
She started singing when merely 6 y.o. Nowadays she has a great experience behind her lovely shoulders: she has tried different kinds of music, starting with jazz, and going through years of professional opera- singing, and also involving herself in an interesting Drum’n’Bass project. Now she is working on professional “power” vocals music.
Some journalists call her “the magic trio” - like Christina Aguilera vocally, like Depeche Mode musically and like Nelly Furtado by looks.
Tori’s both a singer and a composer - all the songs are written by her.
Tori always says, when somebody asks her, why she sigs in English, but not in Russian, that she sings for everybody around the world, to all the races, ages and religions, but, at the same time, she never forgets, who she is and where she is from - sometimes it helps alot.