Torin Dinh

Torin Dinh

 Chandler, Arizona, USA

All demographics love my music. I strive to be honest in the songs and words I sing. I don't compromise my music for anything and I've been told that my music reminds people of John Mayer, Howie Day, Paul McCartney and many other artists. I'm also original and stay fresh with my music and myself.


Torin Dinh is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Chandler, Arizona. He is an artist who dives deep into his own heart to reveal personal emotions, thoughts and events in the form of melodies, rhymes and rhythm. He picked up his first electric guitar when he was 15 and then soon after received his first acoustic guitar. He then shared his talents and hard work to listeners at coffee shops after months of barricading himself in his bedroom and just learning cover song after cover song. When he entered high school and was exposed to heartbreak by girls, the original songs began outweighing the cover songs, as the heartaches were fuel for his early writings. After playing various shows with locally and nationally known artists for a few years, he soon got into contact with locally and nationally renowned producer Matt Grabe (The Maine, A Rocket To The Moon, The Summer Set) and set out to record a 5-track EP in January of 2010. By word of mouth, everyone was soon getting the hint that Torin Dinh was one artist to keep their eyes and ears on before even releasing the EP. Only a few months later would he release his debut EP 'Serenity', with many positive reviews and feedback. His CD would then be known to separate itself from many other CDs in the local scene, as it appealed to people, from ages 8 to 80. Whether it's the upbeat pop and synth heavy introduction song 'How Should I Feel' or the emotional and string accompanied finale 'Serenity', of which the EP is titled after, anyone can find a song they love on there. Dinh can be seen as a modest man, whose emotions have a need to be transcribed into songs, "I don't regard myself as the best at what I do but my hope is that what I'm doing is natural and honest". He goes onto say that " music reveals what's on the inside and these songs and words are reminders of where I stood in life and where I stand today, it's just me being me".


Serenity (EP)

Set List

Full Band Set List:

How Should I Feel
On Fire
I Could Lose The Night

(5 songs = Approx. 20 min)

(Optional: (1) Cover Song, (1-3) Acoustic Songs)