Tori Rae

Tori Rae


Acoustic rock, pop, folk, country, blues and soul. Passionate, beautiful lyrics with a sultry, smooth voice. Poppy hits that won't get out of your head. Catchy hooks that you can't help but sing along to.


I'm a 19 year old college student. I've been performing and writing for years. I love everything from the Beatles to Garth Brooks, from Metallica to Frank Sinatra. My favorite artists include: George Harrison, Jack's Mannequin/Something Corporate, Midwest Kings, Ludo, Anna Nalick, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, The Get Up Kids, Head Automatica, Norah Jones, Patty Griffin, Nickel Creek. I write lyrics that are beautiful and soulful, but can also be fun and catchy. I'm a performer at heart and I feel more at home on a stage than anywhere else in the world. I love interacting with an audience and they enjoy interacting with me.


I have recorded a demo, but as of yet, nothing has been released.

Set List

Party Monster
My Sheets
Foreign Boy
Leave Me Behind
Head Over It
The Doctor
The Wall

Covers include the bands mentioned in my influences and usually include soft, soulful numbers such as Walking By by Something Corporate or Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen with a mix of upbeat, energetic songs like That Thing You Do! by The Wonders.

A typical set would be anywhere from 30 minutes (mainly originals) to more than an hour (originals and covers).