The Tori Trio is an Alpen-Balkan groove trio and headed by composer accordionist Jure Tori, a self styled punk accordionist from Slovenia. The trio plays acoustic original compositions in a variety of styles with the energy of a punk band!


Ours – mine and yours - music
As a teenager, accordionist Jure Tori was one of the co-founders of the band Orlek, which has been using folk, rock, polka and punk in a powerful way for the last 20 years. In addition to regularly composing songs for his main band, he also began publishing and performing works under his own name – well-known in Slovenia – relatively late in 2006, when he published an excellent album called Reflection of Memory. On it, together with double bass player Ewald Oberleitner, who in his native Austria is considered a jazz legend, Jure has proven himself a composer of sophisticated, melancholic songs with a singular musical charge underneath.
His second album starts out with this same energy. Not surprising, since on Our Day Tori and Oberleitner were joined by Indian drummer Ganesh Anandan. Anandan gave a boost to the more rhythmical songs, and smoothed out the calmer ones. Anandan comes from India but he has been living in Canada since 1977, where he learned western rhythms. That is why we don’t find typical south-Indian (Karnataka) rhythm patterns on the album, or the modern avant-garde music in which he is interested. Given the musical nature of Our Day that influence was unnecessary, because Anandan plays jazz, tango and rock ‘n’ roll beats as skillfully as if he comes from from Memphis or New Orleans.
The subtle, sensual playing of the trio leader Jure Tori is accompanied by the warm bass stylings of Ewald Oberleitner, whose sound blend with the warm sounds of the accordion. Oberleitner is rightly considered one of the more accomplished Austrian and European jazz musicians (he was chosen by the readers of Jazz-Life magazine as Austria’s best bass player in 1985). Born in 1937, he has performed with the best European and American jazz musicians, including Anthony Braxton, Chet Baker, Art Farmer, Albert Mangelsdorff and Sheila Jordan.
Nevertheless, the center of gravity (gravity alone means seriousness) of this felicitously named trio (Tori Trio) is accordionist Jure Tori, who has been blessed with an exceptional sense of dynamics, the ability to make beautiful sounds, and the skill to create thoughtful compositions, which combine a large range of genres and approaches. However, Tori never plays styles in their original form; he doesn’t play pompous tangos but renders them thoughtfully, sometimes even in a circuitous way. The listener might not feel like dancing, but his mind will be alert to the beautiful, moving, and sensually performed music. With this new album, Jure has proven that his debut was not merely a one-time burst of creative energy. I believe Our Day will not only establish him as a skillful, original, multi-genre musician, but also as a composer and performer of some of the best compositions for the accordion I have ever heard.


Reflection of Memory (2006)
Our day (2010)

Set List

Set list contains 15 mostly self composed songs (litle bit more than 1 hour one set), could be in 2 sets. Covers 2-3 songs.