Tori White

Tori White


Tori's unique voice displays an astonishing mix, blending Kelly Clarkson's power and Beyonce's delicacy.


Tori White is prepping her third single, 'Who If it's Not You', soon to be another gorgeous addition to the po-Diva's impression canon. Earlier in 2007, Tori White released two brilliant singles, 'Please Remember' and 'You Don't Scare Me At All', collaborated with The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and performed at the Royal Albert Hall in front of the Queen.

It is Tori's unique voice - displaying an astonishing mix blending Kelly Clarkson's power and Beyonce's delicacy - that first intrigued the ears of pop legend Jim Dooley. "I met Tori's father at a hotel, he mentioned his daughter was a singer and gave me her demo. I was blown away. I agreed to be her executive producer," Jim reveals. "I played her music to a few leading figures including Dan Saxon and Mark Jaimes, the producers behind Simply Red. They knew she is an amazing talent, so we began working on the debut. Now we are unleashing Britain's new pop sensation."

Tori is working on her debut full-length album, due out on Megabop Records in early 2008. Please sign the mailing list to keep up-to-date.

Tori has received acclaimed press in The Evening Standard,, Motorbar and She has also been featured on the BBC.


"Tori is an absolute knockout and has that elusive gift of star quality. The depth and strength of her voice is quite astounding and she will go far." -

"An artiste of exquisite quality" - Evening Standard

"Tori's impending release has created a massive stir, and with such anticipation from industry and public alike, she bares a weight of expectation and is keen to live up to the hype. With her a vibrant blend of soulful ballads, power-pop and R'n'B hooks she is sure to do just that." - Female First

"Blessed with a tuneful voice" - Fair Hearing


"You Don't Scare Me At All" - Single (2007)
"Please Remember" - Single (2007)

Set List

30 minutes of music with instrumental accompaniment