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Memphis, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop Pop




"Tori WhoDat: finding faith in sexuality and music"

“I don’t need any more dissonance in this sea of disapproval,” Tori WhoDat rapped in her 2012 song “Homecoming.”

Listening to the record in a rented burgundy Honda sedan parked outside a furniture store, the pint-sized rapper nods her head to the military-inspired snare drum cadence from which the beat derives. Even on this dark Memphis night, the bib of her black snapback cap bounces back and forth like a metronome in the glow of the store light. She grins from time to time. It’s hard to tell if her sudden smiles are due to the embarrassment of revisiting a less-polished version of her artistic efforts or an emotional response to the heartfelt lyricism of the particular recording. This song, much like the boxes that fill the seats of the car she’s sitting in, represents a transition in Tori’s life.

“It’s a letter to my parents that somehow just happened to rhyme once I got it all down,” she says of the track. When it first appeared near the end of her debut mixtape, “Tori Story,” the young rapper was going through a host of big changes. The Louisiana native, who spent most of her teenage years in Chicago, had just moved back to the South. Coming to Memphis meant turning her back on a career in the gospel rap that gave WhoDat, then known as Victorious, an opportunity to travel the nation with an Indiana-based label. The decision even halted WhoDat’s plans to attend seminary.

After two years outside the studio, Tori returned to the mic with a more candid approach.

“It was just a really confusing and scary time,” WhoDat said. “Even now, it’s still something I’m figuring out; finding out where my faith lies in regards to my sexuality.”

In the lines of songs like “Homecoming” and “Who Am I?” Tori expresses through rhyme her struggle to settle into an identity. On the latter, she emerges triumphant, with driving synths laid behind her vocals.

“I will stand tall,” WhoDat proclaims in the second verse. “Come and take a trip to where my heart is.”

Looking back, she reiterates, “It’s still something I’m figuring out.”

“I had been with two girls before I could even admit to myself I was gay,” WhoDat said. “When I finally was able to say, ‘Okay. I’m gay. This is what I am,’ I just cried.”

While Tori takes a break outside in her car just after sound check at Memphis’s Lounge 11, she’s also taking a break from moving into a new house. For the time being, her rental car, the boxes inside and her girlfriend, Erin, are Tori’s only semblance of home. In just a couple of hours she is going to open for Wave Chappelle, the token hipster of local superstar Yo Gotti’s CMG rap label.

During her impromptu listening session, a group of stand-out fans arrive. Aside from obvious physical attributes, such as skin tone and dress, many of the members of this small enclave appear to relate first hand to Tori’s message about sexual identity. Some of them approach the car, and Tori hops out to greet them with daps and hugs.

Tori nicknamed her fans “Dat Krewe,” a reference to the parade committees from her hometown, New Orleans. Their mantra of “Love, Positivity and Progression” fits neatly within the theme of Tori’s music and her supporters’ position in the venue, sprinkled throughout the crowd of hardcore rap aficionados.

“People get upset, you know, other artists on the bill,” WhoDat said, not because of the eclectic crowd she attracts, but just how loyal they are to her. “People would walk in for my set and then literally walk out right afterward. I think it’s more so of a testament to the fact that I can reach those people who normally wouldn’t come out to see shows like that.”

For audience members who aren’t well-acquainted with Tori’s content, another large draw is her penchant for initiating crowd participation and frequent bursts of energy and has little aversion to throwing herself off stage to crowd surf. In the opening for Rae Sremmurd last October at the Lyric Oxford, she rode the adoring arms of Mississippi rap fans before continuing her amped anthem “Krewedentials” once she was placed back on the ground.

“I get consumed by the song and connecting with the people in the audience,” she said. “I like to look people in the eyes. I’m not really worried about forgetting my lines.”

On this particular night, WhoDat is performing through a toe injury, only noticeable due to a slight limp in her step, as she moves about Lounge 11 in her signature white tennis shoes. Luckily, her swagger disguises her altered movement. She isn’t worried, either.

“When I start performing, I don’t feel any pain at all,” she says.

Tori attributes her on-stage demeanor to be simply a facet of her personality.

“I don’t like to do things unless I’m going to do it with all my heart,” she said.

She also has borrowed a sense of determination from her father, one of her biggest role models, who always told her, “You never know when an opportunity could be ‘the’ opportunity.”

It seemed as if “the” opportunity for Tori was right around the corner. For the second year in a row, Tori WhoDat was scheduled to appear at the 101.9 FM Kiss Concert on April 18 at the New Daisy in Memphis. Her most recent single, “Love the Way,” debuted on the station as they announced this year’s headliners for the event. Her family gathered around for the announcement, after which her mother offered the rapper, “You sound just like your father.”

“That made me smile,” she said.

Alongside Tori WhoDat, Flo-Rida, Wyclef Jean, SoMo and The Voice’s Melanie Martinez were headlining the event. However, due to a recent cancellation, Tori is headed back to the drawing board, to find a way to capitalize off her recent success.

“Now I’m in this new phase where there is so much that is brand new, and I’m excited to make feel-good music,” WhoDat said. “I just want to show people all sides of me.”

Jared Boyd - The Daily Mississippian

"Memphis Music Foundation Spotlight: The Tori WhoDat Journal"

South by Southwest

Each year Memphis artists head to South by Southwest Music Conference to showcase their talent, network with industry movers and shakers. The event is the largest music conference in North America and recent years they have expanded to include film and interactive. For music acts, the goal is to raise your profile and meet people who can help you move your career forward. With over 200,000 people attending the 10 day festival, it’s hard to make an impact. Over the years we have talked about SXSW but this year we wanted to offer an artist perspective of the Austin festival.

MRC member Tori Whodat, Zander and Wheat Robinson, a representative of her business management team. The three travelled with MMF staffer Pat Mitchell Worley to SXSW. Tori wrote down her experience in the form of a journal. It illustrates the quality and quantity of music industry influencers, exclusive activities available at the conference.



2:30 AM – Left Memphis

We just left Memphis. I got off work at Carrabbas tonight around 10PM, raced home to finish packing then scooped Zander (Hip-Hop Artist, Memphis) before heading to meet with Wheat Robinson (Street Savvy Unltd, RGA, No Love Get Money Clothing) and Pat Mitchell-Worley (Memphis Music Foundation). Long night at work and long trip ahead but “success don’t sleep and rest is for the weak!”

2:00 PM – Arrived in Austin

We pulled up to the Embassy Suites Downtown and checked in immediately – eager to hit the streets and get to work after being cooped up for 10+ hours in a car. We are going to spend some time just exploring and getting familiar so we can be efficient with our steps for the next few days!

3:00 – 6:00 PM – Exploration & Networking

Before we even switched outfits, we spent the afternoon visiting venues (Touche, The Nook Amphitheater, Feedback House, The Belmont and Dizzy Rooster to name a few) and making connections with members of management. We slapped some “Krewedentials” stickers anywhere we could get away with it and made sure to stop and interact with any artists, bloggers, and producers we came in contact with!

10:00 PM – Met with Fans

When I announced I had been given an opportunity to perform at an unofficial SXSW Showcase, the excitement was most certainly shared by my friends and fans. Two of them traveled from Atlanta to Austin to show their support and keep the team company!

10:30 PM – Lupe Fiasco

Just ran into Lupe Fiasco (Hip-Hop Artist, Atlantic Records) on Congress Avenue and East 5th Street – We got to chat for a moment and snap a pic. I have a feeling this trip will be special…



Today was remarkable! Where do I begin? It’s now 4 AM on FRIDAY morning and I am just now settled back into the hotel room!

Zander and I got up early to hit 6th street and take notes! We witnessed all out street performers, passed mainstream artist after legendary producer after esteemed blogger… it was all so overwhelming (in the best way, of course)!

I wanted to make a connection with G-Eazy (Hip-Hop Artist, Independent) so we went to the Spotify event. Well, we tried. No badges or wristbands so we couldn’t get in! I thought back to A3C in Atlanta and figured the place to be for me probably wasn’t in the crowd anyways… so we went around back! There I encountered Samir Hamid (F4mily Matters Apparel) who I first met at A3C… we chopped it up and exchanged phone numbers to discuss some future work! I then saw Cortez Bryant (Co-President of Young Money, manages Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj & many more) standing several feet away! I was blessed with the opportunity to talk with him for a few minutes and give him my card. Moments later G-Eazy emerged from the Spotify House to speak with Cortez and I was able to go directly into conversation with him. An old friend of G-Eazy is a close friend of mine now so I was able to make a connection with that and continue discussing music from there. Before walking away, I ran into DJ Baby Chino (10 year old DJ)! Needless to say, it was an eventful hour.

It doesn’t stop there!

Not even a half hour after, we were amidst Chevy Woods, Sledgren, Wiz Khalifa (and Amber Rose) and the rest of Taylor Gang. We were at the right place, at the right time and it made for an extremely special moment. Although we didn’t get to shake the hand of Wiz himself, we had significant time to talk to the other members of TGOD.

We walked around the block down Congress Ave and ran into Buffalo Stille of Nappy Roots. We chopped it up for a good 15 minutes and I told him all about the new Krewedentials project. He took my card as well and said he would check it out!

We stopped at the hotel just to grab a sweater as evening fell, get a quick dinner with Pat at Threadgills then shot back over the bridge to hit the Daily-FreshnessAmong showcase at Suite 101 featuring Gangsta Boo (Three Six Mafia NKA Da Mafia 6ix), Snootie Wild (CMG), K Camp (Artist, Interscope Records), Que (Artist, Atlantic Records), Speakerfoxx (Official DJ for Gangsta Boo & Ritz) & more! There, I linked up with Boo, Snootie, Wave Chapelle (CMG), Coldway, Janine Lee and the girls of Floss Gloss and Joey, Thomas and the owners of Live Mixtapes. It was an extremely fruitful event and everyone got a card. The networking continued…

Next stop was a Hype Machine’s Hype Hotel event. On the way we met DJ Clockwork (Mac Miller’s DJ) and exchanged info and music – he was passing out personalized mixtapes, super dope idea! At the event, we met with Adrian Santos (Sol Republic Headphones) and a few other representatives. We networked, got to know each other and took some pictures. I also linked up with Shay Maria (streetwear & fashion model/dancer/yoga instructor) and exchanged contact info.

We decided to call it a night at this point but on the walk back to the hotel ran into Al Kapone and Frayser Boy eating pizza on East 6th Street! Legends and good friends from Memphis… we hung out for a little while before parting ways, only for us to be stopped yet again by Turk Ermani (Hot Boys). Once he found out I was from New Orleans and working out of Memphis, he was very much interested and a short conversation ensued. He took my card and wanted a photo with us!


Today was much like yesterday… but even better! It is now 6:00 AM on Saturday and we are just getting back to the room from a CRAZY day!

We started the day early again and went to meet with Drumma Boy to sit in on his producer panel with Nick Huff (Hard Knock TV), Just Blaze, Remi (Sony Music) and Dan Nakamura. After hearing the thought processes and perspectives of successful and established producers during this panel, I feel significantly more confident and prepared for future studio sessions with producers who, prior to today, may have been intimidating to work with! After it concluded, Drumma walked us back stage to snap a few pictures in front of the official SXSW Film back drop and furthermore introduced us to Elliott Willson (RapRadar, renowned hip-hop journalist) and Lil Bibby. Ironically, when we first walked back, Cortez Bryant was standing there as well. He seemed surprised to see us again and it was a great look to have been seen more than once by him, especially in that setting next to Drumma. Cortez was present because Lil Wayne was in a room to the side, waiting to be interviewed by Elliott Wilson for his CRWN series. Awesome experience all around!

When we left, we ran into Niko (Hip-Hop Artist, Southern Smoke / The Prescription / NuSouth) and his team. I chopped it up with Thanks Joey (Producer, Southern Smoke / The Prescription / NuSouth) and exchanged cards! Shortly after that, we happened to stroll past Martin Atkins (Former drummer of Nine Inch Nails, author of “Welcome to the Music Business… You’re Fucked” amongst others, producer, speaker) and his students from the SAE Institute of Chicago. Martin gave me a voodoo doll that slightly resembled him so Wheat, Zander and I took pictures with it the rest of the day!

After that was the Red Bull Sound Select event and gifting suite. We were given several pairs of Sol Republic Headphones, Garrett Leight California Optical sunglasses, Bailey Hat Company of Hollywood fedoras and more. We are so grateful to Adrian Santos (Sol Republic Headphones) for the invitation and our good friends Collette Gangemi (Merchandising) and Michael Vaughn (Culture Event Marketing Manager) at Red Bull.

Food sounded great after a long morning and eventful afternoon so we found a Gus’s Chicken (Memphis CLASSIC) in downtown Austin and snagged some grub for ourselves and Adrian. The manager, Brad, gave us a complimentary fried pickle appetizer and some goodies to take with us when he found out we were from Memphis!

We continued up and down 6th street and the neighboring streets for a while longer. Drumma met up with us and we stopped inside a small venue to support a DrumSquad DJ with Drumma Boy. There was a frenzy of fans following Drumma, trying to take pictures, wanting to speak with him for a moment. It was a learning experience watching him interact and seeing how he handled the fans. I heard a “Who dat!” and made eye contact with this guy at one point. I quickly realized it was Jelly Roll (Hip-Hop Artist, “No Filter”, “The Biggest Loser”) and I know my eyes probably lit up! He’s worked closely with Lil Wyte and mixes with Thomas “Stoner” Toner and they have both mentioned me. It was cool to finally meet him in person and super humbling that he knew my name. A collaboration is most certainly in the near future. Before night fell, we also had the opportunity to snap a picture and give the infamous OG Ron C (Producer, DJ, Radio Personality) a business card!

We went back to the hotel for a moment to freshen up and grab a sweater then headed to the Famous Stars and Straps SXSW Showcase at Scoot Inn after being invited by Gangsta Boo. By the time we arrived, the venue was at capacity and show was under way. At about the same time, Wheat got in touch with Askia Fountain (Timeless Music Management, Manager of Nate Walka, BAM, Young Yonny and PenUP Dolls – songwriters, producers and artists that have all worked with the biggest and most influential artists in the industry) so we decided to shoot over to meet up with him. On the way, a guy stopped at a stop sign next to the sidewalk we were walking on. He noticed my Southern Smoke (DJ Smallz brand) hoodie and then looked up at my face, smiled big and said “Hey, I seen you on Smallz website – who dat!” – such a cool moment! When we met up with Askia, he was with an entourage, leaving a show. We walked several blocks across town with him on his way to the tour bus. He got Zander and I’s business cards and talked with the three of us for a bit.

Knowing we had a performance to think about, we contemplated calling it a night after turning down an invitation to attend an after party with Askia but received a text from Boo Mitchell (Royal Studios) moments later insisting Wheat get me to the Illmore. We knew it was a chance at something most people would give anything to check off their bucket list. We skipped the sea of people waiting for a peak at a super star and walked around back to be greeted by Boo Mitchell and Joe Stallone (Sascha Stone Guttfreund – ScoreMore – attorney). They handed us silver bands and gave us VIP treatment – we spent the last few hours amongst some of the current greats: Mac Miller (Rostrum Records), ASAP Rocky (Polo Grounds Music, RCA Records, Sony Music Entertainment), Wiz Khalifa (Taylor Gang Records, Rostrum Records, Warner Bros Records, Atlantic Records), Taylor Gang, Schoolboy Q (Top Dawg Entertainment, Interscope Records), Skrillex (OWSLA, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Atlantic Records), Bun B, G-Eazy (LAB Records), Kyle, Nicky Diamonds, Buttaman and more! In one conversation, I was talking with Mac Miller and got to have a laugh about the fraudulent Mac Miller show that was booked in Memphis last year.

The whole situation happened so unexpectedly and will be one of the most memorable nights of my life.



7:30 AM – Game Day

A little over an hour of sleep but it’s time to get my mind right! Last night was a movie but this morning is what matters. I have to kill this show. I don’t know what the turn out will be – we didn’t have the time or money to prepare flyers and have been consumed by networking opportunities. Regardless, there’s nothing to complain about and I am performing for SpringBreak ATX!

3:00 PM – Game Time

We pushed back the performance times a bit and spent the time promoting up and down 6th Street instead. TRDON had prepared a mixtape with songs from all of those highlighted on our showcase so we passed those around and pulled a crowd into the venue. Zander KILLED his set. Now it’s my turn…


That was awesome! Small venue, great crowd, AMAZING energy! The homies from Brooklyn came through, Boogie V (Hip-Hop Artist, Twin Life) and his team. I talked with a lot of new fans and networked with a few artists after my performance but we had to leave soon thereafter to make it to the other Memphis showcase honoring the new film “Take Me To The River.”

MIDNIGHT – History

This evening was epic. We stood on stage next to legends! Historical collaborations, live performances from William Bell, Otis Clay, Syl Johnson, Booker T. Jones, Charles Musslewhite, Ben Cauley and the Royal Horns of Memphis, The North Mississippi All-Stars, Big Baby, Al Kapone, Frayser Boy and Snoop Dogg himself and moments I will never forget. We were invited by Boo Mitchell, escorted in by Al Kapone and received the VIP treatment from Frayser Boy, Miscellaneous and all of our friends and mentors from Memphis! To say it was a humbling experience would be an understatement… what an honor! To top it off, Childish Gambino was performing at the following event on the same stage so we got to shake up with him before heading back to the hotel. Time to get some sleep now – tomorrow we rock Touche again then dip out to the 901!


8:00 AM – The Final Day

“We outchea!” – that’s been my line this whole trip. It’s the truth! We have been all over this city. Today is the last day before we head out though… I have to really leave my mark!

2:30 PM – Last Performance

Zander killed his set again today. I was happy Pat had the opportunity to see him perform as well. Now I have to rock it too! Crowd is not as deep today since most of the major SXSW festivities have culminated but I’m still going to treat it like a sold out show. Here I go…

3:30 PM – Leaving Austin

We just hopped in the car to head out of Austin. My performance went well, the crowd was super involved and the response after was encouraging! I was approached by Miles with The Austin Socialite and asked to do a video interview. She had already done one with Zander after his performance and caught my set after. I rapped a 16 bar verse for her and discussed my music, where I’m from and what I have going on at the moment. She said it would be online within the next month or so!

5:30 AM – Memphis Arrival / Final Thoughts

After enduring some brutal traffic outside of Austin and a long car ride home, we are finally in Memphis! The most encouraging and exciting aspect of this entire trip is not who we met, where we went or what we were a part of, but how we did it with what little we had to work with. We made connections, were resourceful and capitalized on every opportunity we earned. Through hard work, persistence and the knowledge of those involved, we made great progress and left an impression on everyone we encountered, a mark everywhere we went and solidified ourselves in history! Priceless trip… See you next year, SXSW! - JustMyMemphis


Thanks in advance for answering our questions, so Tori how did you come up with the name?

TWD: “My real name is Victoria and I’m from New Orleans hence the WhoDat! Most people either call me Tori or WhoDat so it made sense to bring them together. Originally I just wanted to go by Tori but before I even picked up the mic in Memphis I would go to the local hip hop shows and I was always known as “WhoDat” so it just kind of stuck!”

Where are you from and how long have you been making music?

TWD: I was born in Kenner, Louisiana and grew up in Memphis, TN. I spent some time in Baltimore and also attended high school in Chicago but New Orleans is my heart and Memphis is my home! I started rapping when I was at basketball practice as a freshmen in high school but I’ve been making music as Tori WhoDat for 3 years now.

What’s the hardest part of being a part of a male dominated industry?

TWD: “I always speak passionately and move assertively and I think that intimidates some men. I get respect but sometimes it takes a lot for them to see me clearly. They have plenty of opinions about what type of music I should make or the content I should speak on based on stereotypes or what they assume I’m about. As a woman, I should let my hair down, perk up my breasts and appeal to men. I’ve been told to ‘soften’ up my music or tone down my image but what they fail to understand is I’m just telling my story and being me. Everything’s authentic. There’s this box they try to put us all in but I won’t ever fit.”

Dead or alive who would be your dream collabo?

TWD: “Drake. You don’t always love every song an artist that you like releases but he’s one of maybe a handful of artists that is guaranteed to move me in some way each time he drops new music. I’m inspired by him and nobody can touch what he’s doing right now.”

Do you have any upcoming releases?

TWD: “I just recently dropped a single called “Love The Way” featuring Patrick the Third (produced by Alexander Odell) – it was a Valentine’s Day treat for my fans and I had plans to follow up with a Mardi Gras Day release that Tuesday as well. However, the feedback for “Love The Way” was so strong and so many opportunities are coming up because of it that we have decided to really invest in and push this song for now. I have a lot of music with full campaigns on deck but we are capitalizing on the current situation before we release the next one. “Love The Way” is in rotation on K97.1 FM and 101.9 Kiss FM and the EP is in the works. A lot of good music and dope visuals on the horizon.”

Where do you see your career 5 years from now?

TWD: “Global tours with my team of course! No limits. We’re building an empire right now.”

Do you have any shout outs, is there anything you would like to add?

TWD: “Go listen to “Love The Way” on my Soundcloud ( then go grab it on iTunes, AmazonMp3 or GooglePlay. Request it on any Kiss station! Connect with me on Twitter and Instagram – @toriwhodat – and on Facebook ( There are several big shows booked over the next few months and a lot of exciting things brewing – stay tuned!!” Shout out to my team at Street Savvy Unlimited, my Dat Krewe and TRDON fam and the dopest DJ in Memphis – DJ Spaceage! Love to everyone supporting the movement… Krewe heavy! - Boon615

"Artist Spotlight: Tori WhoDat"

How did you get your start rapping? Why rapping and not another genre?

I don’t come from a musical background. My family is from New Orleans and they all work with food. I’ve always been a writer of sorts though and found my niche in Hip-Hop. I just started rapping about things that were real to me and relevant to my life and story and people responded. I initially rapped instead of singing because I didn’t think I had the voice for singing, but knew I had the soul and story for Hip-Hop.

What are some words you would use to describe your sound?

It’s heartfelt, raw, soulful and refreshing.

You’re not the typical image of a rapper. Talk about your differences and how they have helped or hindered your rap career.

I think the Hip-Hop scene is crowded right now, but there’s really no one out there like me so I stand out. Hip-Hop to me is about being raw and honest and there aren’t a lot of artists out here really representing the culture in that regard or doing so in an authentic way. I’m genuinely being me and making no apologies. With that being said, not everyone understands my delivery and some people are unable to see beyond the surface. They assume they know my story or expect me to be a gimmick, so when they realize the opposite, some are intrigued and some remain close-minded. It has favored me in some circumstances, but it’s also been a hurdle in others, especially when I first started. It took some time, but I’ve been tested and earned my respect.

Your bio mentions you being a social outcast from a blue collar, Christian home. Is this because of your sexual orientation? Have things gotten easier over the years, or do you still struggle with being accepted?

I come from a traditional Christian household with 3 boys and 3 girls. Hip-Hop wasn’t welcomed in my home and being gay was equivalent to eternal damnation. I was active in ministry in my high school years and actually began rapping as a Christian Hip-Hop artist. By presenting Hip-Hop to my family with a content they could appreciate, I was able to make them fans of artists like Lecrae, Trip Lee and NF and subsequently disprove their assumptions about the genre. However, when I took time off from making music and then transitioned to being the artist I am today, they expressed their disapproval and have struggled with supporting me since. Outside of my family, I believe the general mindset of society has shifted and we are truly moving forward and beyond the stigmas and stereotypes associated with being a part of the LGBT community.

What’s the music scene like in Memphis and how are you involved?

People who aren’t actively pursuing a career in music will tell you it’s dead, but right now there is a fresh wave of artists that are making soulful and timeless music. Memphis is rich with music history and full of legends, but the ‘crabs-in-a-bucket’ mentality has always hindered new artists from truly gaining ground. It’s all show and prove out here though. There’s plenty of talent, but the artists who really work are the ones shining. We’re heavy at A3C and SXSW and you’re going to see a lot more of us popping up on a major level over the next couple of years. I’m just trying to inspire and enable other artists on my journey and I feel like with the collective I’ve created and the connections I’ve made that I’m actively doing that.

Have you gotten the chance to work with any Memphis music veterans yet?

Yes! I’ve collaborated with Lil Wyte, Frayser Boy, Al Kapone, Boo Mitchell, Drumma Boy, Nate Walka, etc. I’ve done shows with Three 6 Mafia, Gangsta Boo, Lil Wyte, Otis Clay, William Bell, Ben Cauley, Al Kapone, Boo Mitchell, Frayser Boy, Skinny Pimp and more. I’d consider Wes Phillips of Select-O-Hits, Zach Meyers of Shinedown, Snootie Wild and Wave Chappelle of CMG, Lord T & Eloise, Big Sue of WHRK-FM/K97 and a number of other Memphis music vets friends of mine. I understood early that your survival and success in this industry is largely dependent on your relationships and network. I’ve made it a point to develop and maintain these friendships and I know how important it is to have those cosigns coming from my city.

Tell us about your past projects. How many tapes have you released and what are the big singles off of each one?

My first project was a mixtape titled “Tori Story” and the song that got a lot of people excited about my potential was “Rhythm”. We shot a visual for it with my friends and it’s currently my most viewed video on my YouTube channel. Once I learned a little more about the process and realized that the quality of my mixtape wasn’t the best, I sat down with engineer Leo Goff (Yo Gotti, Lord T & Eloise, Gorilla Zoe, 8Ball, etc.) and remixed and mastered the project and a couple of months later I re-released the mixtape as “Tori Story Point Oh.” Favorites from it were “Who Am I”, “Mobbin’” featuring MindSpin, “Homecoming”, “Headed Home” featuring Mara Daniele and “Let Go” featuring Tori Tollison. Radio Memphis featured “Let Go” which marked my first song played on a radio station. “Headed Home” was featured on the Musicians for Le Bonheur compilation with all proceeds go to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

My next release was “Dat Krewe: The Mixtape” and it was a compilation of refixes to popular songs. The song that really made a splash was “That Bitch,” a refix of Mac Miller and Juicy J’s “Lucky Ass Bitch.” After this I dropped a few songs and refixes but focused most of my time doing shows, networking and pushing my brand in the city.

I followed up with “Krewedentials: The Mixtape” hosted by DJ Smallz and DJ Crumbz on Mardi Gras Day 2014. The title track “Krewedentials” made a lot of noise in the city and quickly became the anthem to my movement. The song was played on WHRK-FM/K97, KWNW-FM/101.9 KISS FM, WHBQ-FM/Q107.5 and a few other radio stations and continues to be a crowd favorite. The official music video was directed by Sean Babas and premiered via My refix to “Same Love” moved so organically and is probably my favorite visual to date. I featured Lil Wyte on the DJ Charlie White produced “Smoke Sum”. Other producers from the project include Hot Rod on the Track, Rickey G, Coldway, Bukoh RoccHeadz and my guy Chris Sanders.

After dropping that project, I focused my energy and efforts on improving myself as an artist, zoning in on my sound and truly building a collective of creatives to grow with. I now have a completed mixtape that I’m currently planning a campaign for. I’m also well under way with work on my debut album and have been collaborating with a number of artists to challenge myself, learn and really get the music moving outside of the Memphis and Mid-South area. The first song I recorded with my in-house engineer and producer Andrew Saino was “Love the Way.” I released the song on Valentine’s Day 2015 and it’s been making waves every since. Fatman Scoop and Nate Walka have both shouted me out via Instagram in praise of the song. It has been played on a number of radio stations receiving a lot of attention and is the single I’m currently pushing.

You just put out the video for “Love the Way.” What’s this song about?

This song is about what women really want. A woman of worth doesn’t need you to sit at her feet or spit a bunch of game. She wants to simply be alright with you – to be acknowledged and appreciated. So when I say “scoot a little closer to my soul,” I’m not just asking for her physical touch but more so a connection with who she is. The visual perfectly depicts the sentiment of the song – sensual and intimate.

What is the plan for releasing the new tape?

The mixtape is complete and we are strategizing on its release now. We have several singles we feel strongly about, but definitely want to capitalize off each song. As I’ve learned more, I’ve practiced patience. I also have my first album in the works. The people I have in my corner right now are challenging me to make the best music I can make and I’m so excited for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on.

Any upcoming shows?

I’m heading to Jackson, MS on November 27th “Black Friday” to perform at a new venue called WonderLust. Then I’ll be performing with Ruby Rose at the New Daisy Theatre in Memphis, TN on December 5th. We have several other shows in the works after that but we aren’t ready to announce them just yet.

With 2015 wrapping up soon, what would you say have been your biggest accomplishments this year?

I brought in 2015 performing with Memphis Hip-Hop legend Al Kapone at the New Daisy Theatre and I knew then it would be a year for a lot of growth and change for me. Early in the year, I was invited by the legendary Royal Studios’ Boo Mitchell to join the “Take Me To The River” tour and performed at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, Brooklyn Bowl and the world famous Apollo Theatre. Those were some of the most special moments of my life and affirmed a confidence in me that really set the tone for the rest of the year. I released “Love the Way” around that time and it just added to the momentum.

During the rest of 2015, I performed at SXSW and A3C for the 3rd year in a row, opened up for SoMo and Dizzy Wright and was given the opportunity to rock the 101.9 KISS FM’s KISS Concert 2015 with Flo Rida, Wyclef Jean and Melanie Martinez of NBC’s “The Voice”! Being apart of the LGBT community as well as a Hip-Hop artist, one of my goals for 2015 was to make the connections that would allow me to perform on the Pride circuit as well doing mainstream shows. This past year I rocked Pensacola Pride for more than 3,000 people, headlined Mid-South Pride, had the honor of performing at a Gay wedding officiated by Intern John of The KANE Show, closed out the Mid-South Pride weekend festivities with Whitney Mixter and Sada Bettencourt of Showtime’s The Real L Word at Club Spectrum for more than 2,500 people and performed for another 2,000 plus at Opera Nightclub in Atlanta, GA for the official women’s event at Atlanta Pride.

I’ve also had articles about me featured in The Daily Mississippian, Memphis Flyer, Memphis Magazine, Focus Magazine and a number of other blogs and online publications. Most recently, I had the privilege of attending the Memphis Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony with Memphis music greats like Justin Timberlake, Sam Moore, DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia and more!

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

I have a strong and focused collective of creatives that I’m growing with right now that have really taught me the importance of having a team of like-minded individuals that get it surrounding you. My main focus is progression and I know with time, the right people will realize the potential of what we have brewing. Much love to my Street Savvy Unlimited team and everybody who continues to believe in and support the music! -

"Memphis Means Music"

“Tori Who Dat has been bringing her message of LGBT equality to the Memphis rap scene, and tastemakers outside of the city have been paying attention” - Memphis Magazine

"High Notes: A Tour of the Local Music Scene"

"Tori WhoDat is another name to look out for in the local rap realm..." - Memphis Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Tori WhoDat has rightfully earned the spotlight of the Memphis music scene and is destined to be a household name. This young creative was once classified as a Hip-Hop artist but has transformed into an artist that can successfully transcend genres.


Tori is truly paving her own lane. She began writing reflective lyrics before the age of fifteen that eventually deemed her the outcast of a blue collar, devout Christian home. These real accounts of her experiences and associated emotions have been shared and appreciated by the LGBTQ community as well as given a different perspective to others. Having moved from New Orleans to Memphis and later Chicago and Baltimore, the heart of this female lyricist is filled with stories of skeletons in the closet, struggles with society and the rollercoaster ride that comes along with grinding and sacrificing for your dreams.


The first mixtape, “Tori Story”, was released in May of 2012. The beginning of the initial hype came from the opening track entitled “Rhythm” which has consistently remained a crowd favorite. Before moving on to showcasing new material, Tori returned to the studio to “re-mix” her first project with Leo Goff, long-time Yo Gotti engineer. “Tori Story Point Oh” dropped in November of that same year, which proved to be a more polished piece of work. After this, Tori put together a collection of remixes (referred to as “refixes”) and released it as “Dat Krewe: The Mixtape”. The song, “That B*tch”, a refix of “Lucky A** B*tch” by Mac Miller & Juicy J, became popular after a memorable Thanksgiving performance at SENSES The Nightclub in Memphis, TN. After this, Tori WhoDat put out a few songs and refixes before the much anticipated drop of “Krewedentials: The Mixtape”, hosted by DJ Smallz and DJ Crumbz, with the Southern Smoke stamp of approval on Mardi Gras day 2014. The title track “Krewedentials” quickly became the anthem for the Dat Krewe movement and was played on WHRK-FM/K97, KWNW-FM/101.9 KISS FM, WHBQ-FM/Q107.5 in Memphis, TN along with a few other radio stations worldwide. Tori WhoDat’s “Same Love (Refix)” made a lot of noise as well with a visual that grew organically and was even acknowledged by Rosie Mendez, a New York City Councilwoman.


Since the release of “Krewedentials: The Mixtape”, Tori has been focused on improving her craft. On Valentine’s Day 2015, Tori released the single “Love The Way” (featuring Patrick The Third aka Rose Gold Jones) to the world and revealed new facets of her talent. It quickly made waves in Memphis, TN and garnered recognition from the legendary Fatman Scoop. The official music video premiered through TrillHD and soared to over 10,000 views. A digital radio push followed and “Love The Way” peaked at #128 on the DRT National Airplay Top 200 Chart, #3 on the DRT National Airplay Top 80 Independent Chart and #10 on the DRT National Airplay Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Chart.


After the success of “Love The Way”, Tori released the single “Free” produced by friend and long-time collaborator Chris3000. Brodee Scott of Memphis’ KWNW-FM/101.9 KISS FM and Kobi Kearney of Louisville’s WNRW-FM/989 Radio Now both premiered the song and streaming numbers continue to rise. Tori is now gearing up to release a cohesive collection of music that will highlight the massive growth within Tori as an artist and individual. From a local rapper to being respected as a well-rounded regional artist with worldwide potential, the possibilities for Tori’s reach are truly limitless.


On top of being an incredibly talented recording studio artist, Tori’s stage presence has gained much attention and captivated the hearts of many fans and spectators. She began gigging professionally in 2012, with notable performances at A3C Festival, SXSW, Mid-South Pride, Atlanta Pride, Chicago Pride, Capital Pride, Pensacola Pride, Sundance Film Festival, Brooklyn Bowl, 101.9 KISS FM’s KISS Concert and the world famous Apollo Theatre along with opening sets for Juicy J, Machine Gun Kelly, B.o.B., SoMo, Rae Sremmurd, Flo Rida, Ruby Rose, Charlie Puth, Meghan Trainor, Riff Raff, Mike Stud, Al Kapone, Lil Wyte, Da Mafix 6ix, Gangsta Boo, Big Freedia, Dizzy Wright and many more. Tori WhoDat’s electric energy fills the room and will be an experience you will not forget.

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