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"Torment The Vein Wins SAMMY Award"

Torment The Vein wins SAMMY Award for "Best Alternative/New Rock or Metal CD". - Post Standard

"Torment the Vein, Caleb Micah featured at the Redhouse in Syracuse"

This month's installment of Aux Records' Artists as Artists series will feature Torment the Vein as headliner and Caleb Micah as opener.

The doors open at 8 Friday night at the Redhouse, 201 S. West St., Syracuse.

Artwork from TTV singer A.J. Cole will be on exhibit. Then comes the acoustic, all-ages show.

The cover charge is $6.

Here's is Torment the Vein live from the Jefferson County fairgrounds in Watertown.
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"Torment The Vein is Awesome."

Alright gang. I just went and listened to this group. They are VERY good. If you like a fresh, new sound with kinda traditional instrumentals, solid driving beat and some elements of metal shredding -- you'll like these guys. As Dr. Jones says, have a listen. And if I can get them to post a few songs on publishmymusic, I can get a producer in the UK who is looking for new acts to give them as listen as well... Good find! - Publish My Music Dot Com

"T.T.V & Their New Album"

These five guys from Central NY known as Torment The Vein have a presence like no other. The band was formed in 2004 by singer AJ Cole, guitarists Brad Baker and Chris Nalle, along with bass player Josh Sherman and drummer Fred Akasha. Over the years, they have developed a band that is becoming increasingly popular in the Rochester and Syracuse areas. Many say that Torment The Vein's music is reminiscent of bands such as "Staind" and "Breaking Benjamin". However, with a mind-blowing new concoction of todays heavy metal and the tattered remains of early alternative rock, a dark, melodic, yet feel good sound is created. It gets you pumped up and ready to roll, no matter what mood you're in. All that plus an elaborate live performance that needs to be experienced, you quickly realize that they have what it takes to stand up against the toughest rock acts in the industry.

If for some reason you can't get around to seeing them live, at least know you can enjoy their unique style on their debut album, Faded Life. You won't be able to stop listening to the subtle and calming characteristic tones, that create a vibe that's beyond satiating. Then when they step it up a notch, their raw dynamical talent becomes a part of you, leaving you with no choice but to keep on listening, and take the journey that is Torment The Vein. - Jonathan RD./ Scarred Productions

"Torment The Vein nominated for L.A. Music Award"

Torment The Vein nominated for "ARTIST OF THE YEAR" in the "Hard Rock" catagory.

-2006 L.A. Music Awards - L.A. Music Awards 2006

"K-Rock Inaugural Ball brings Framing Hanley, Innerpartysystem, Torment the Vein to Westcott Theater"

Central New York rock fans can vote with their feet on Jan. 20, by marching over to the Westcott Theater in Syracuse to attend the K-Rock Inaugural Ball.

The Syracuse radio station K-Rock will host two national outfits, Framing Hanley and Innerpartysystem. Syracuse hard rockers Torment the Vein will open.

Share Tickets are $5, available at the Westcott Theater, 524 Westcott St., or at


"Puddle of Mudd in Watertown"

Amp Entertainment will be hosting the rock band Puddle of Mudd Wednesday night at the Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds Arena starting at 7 p.m.

The concert will headline with Puddle of Mudd with national acts Adelitas Way and Shaman's Harvest and regional band Torment the Vein. - News 50 Now

"Nominations are in for June 6 Syracuse Area Music Awards, Torment the Vein nominated."

Best Alternative/New Rock -- Crankdaddy, Cry to the Blind, Perpetual Burn, Torment the Vein, Gregg Yeti and the Best Lights. -

"Torment the Vein on cover of May/June '10 Edition of Tool & Die Magazine"

May/June '10 edition of Tool & Die Magazine features TTV on the cover and an exclusive interview with the band, as well as a drum artical featuring Fred Akasha of TTV. - Tool and Die Magazine


It's Over Single
Silent EP
Faded Life LP
July 2008 Metal Edge Magazine compilation
UnTormented LP (Unreleased)
GODIY NY compilation
Desperate Times EP



The few years since Torment The Vein formed have been merciless. It's a cruel world for musicians and crueler still for an original rock band from Central NY. Undaunted, TTV tore their way onto the scene with music that cuts across the genres: modern rock with a metal edge.

In 2007, they released their debut album, 'Faded Life', (2008 Sammy Award winner: Best New Rock/Metal CD), which cracks open the afflicted minds of Torment The Vein to expose the raw emotion and disturbing struggles within. If you truly wish to experience the Torment, you will find it there. Doug Rice (bass) and Fred Akasha (drums) drive the pulse with emphatic beats and hypnotic cadences. With haunting melodies from Brad Baker (guitar, backup vocals) and Pete Bingle (guitar/vox), Torment The Vein's songs plague the lips and consume the mind.

At TTV's live performances, fans feed off of a unique energy that compels some to dance, others to mosh and all to break free from their numbness and experience the thrill of mortality. Rocking the stage with the likes of Drowning Pool, Puddle of Mudd, Candlebox, Adelitas Way, The Exies, Framing Hanley, Red, Trust Company, Sharmen's Harvest, Powerman 5000 and many other great national and local bands, Torment The Vein has left countless audiences hungry for more. Their dedication to quality musicianship has inspired fierce support from fans and music industry representatives on the local and national levels. As a result, Torment The Vein has been featured on special events, compilation discs and radio shows, as well as in print and online publications, and they receive regular radio play in the U.S. and Canada.