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Tornado Lovely


Tornado Lovely are an alt rock act from the Irish Midlands. They combine loud guitars and punchy bass with quirky beats and often eccentric lyrics, creating weird and wonderful pop songs that while retaining many familiar rock dynamics, are completely individual and altogether a sound of their own.


Tornado Lovely are a four piece alternative rock band from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. Hailed as "local heroes" by the Westmeath Examiner, Tornado Lovely have both headlined shows and supported such noted Irish talents as Hybrazil, The Fewer The Better, We Should Be Dead, The Beat Poets and Oppenheimer in The Stables, Mullingar. With regular trips to Dublin, the lads have cut their teeth in some of the city's best live music venues headlining gigs in Eamon Doran's, The Voodoo Lounge and Radio City. In July 2007 the lads entered Redlab studios in Dublin to record their debut EP, Rum. The Rum EP later gave the guys their first radio airplay when barely a week after mixing, it was chosen as demo of the week on ICON, a new Irish music program on Phantom 105.2. Their second EP, I Was Not Expecting This, gained them their second feature on ICON in April 2008 and led to a hugely successful EP launch night in Eamon Doran's on 7th April 2008. The band have recently been selected from a list of dozens of acts for the Mullingar leg of the 2fm 2morrow 2our, opening for The Caronas, Boss Valenti, and Juno Falls in the Stables, Mullingar on the 25th April 2008. Plans are afoot to re-enter the studio in the very near future, with a view to recording a mass of new material and hitting the road for a series of dates around the country. In the meantime they're to be found smoking, sweating, breaking and beating it out at their rehearsal space in Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath.



Written By: Gerard Wayne Doyle

Adrift in an uplifting kind of wind
Sailing no more sink or swim
Surfaced on a whim
I thank you kindly for jumping in

You saved me from myself
It couldn't have been anyone else
All that yester-me on a shelf
It couldn't have been anyone else

Merrilly I row
Tell this happy ship where to go
I got no map
But do I care where I end up? Hell no

Who needs land, we're floating
Take my hand, hold it
Understanding, knowing
A good wind's always blowing

Next Stop Life

Written By: Gerard Wayne Doyle

It's time to clear my desk out
To pack my things and leave
I wonder if this time around
I will feel the need to return

This is a giant leap
And we're so young
This seems so easy
I hope it will be

Solemn, reflecting - at ease in dreams
At home in the silence - relieved

At one with this giant leap
We're so young
This seems so easy
I hope it will be

I've weathered it down
And figured it out
There was never a doubt in my mind

Next stop life...

Won Tons Are The Devil

Written By: Gerard Wayne Doyle

The choi cabbage in my won ton soup looked sad today
Made me feel guilty as I slurp, slurp, slurped my sorrows away
And I remember what it felt like to be so lonely
The cabbage cried as the won tons looked the other way


Well don't feel bad, Baby
It's only soup
You'll be lost in me
And I'll be lost in you
I'll tell you a secret, Baby
Here's the truth
Those big-old, bad-old won tons
Will soon be eaten too

I turned the T.V. on to throw some time away
But nothing interests me - I flick, flick, flick the night away
My belly's aching - I think I am hungry
But there's nothing here to eat so I order take away


This boredom it kills me
I need some company
I'm getting my car keys
I've had it I'm leaving


Written By: Gerard Wayne Doyle

I'm back again, withdrawn again,
And turning to my oldest friend
But things are somehow different
I strap myself in for another week
Of being tormented
When will this Summer ever end?

I promise the sun will shine for you
I promise the stars will know who you [we] are
And you say "Whatever, keep believing, keep on dreaming..."
Because someday, maybe, who knows?

And I will still be here in one way or another
And you will still know me just like you do today
But things will change - maybe I'll cut my hair or maybe you'll cut yours
But who cares? What does it really matter?

And would you wait for me because I'd wait you until the cows came home and died?
And then I'd live on beef
And would you wait for me because I'd wait for you until time has shrivelled up my eyes?
And yes, that is a question

Here With The Light On

Written By: Gerard Wayne Doyle

Just give me a pen cause I need to write
Don't know yet what I'm saying but soon I just might
It's late the morning - It may be still night
And I should be sleeping but I'm here with the light on

This blue that surrounds me - so empty and cold
It feels like a memory or maybe I'm just older
If this is the remedy then give me the sickness
Wish you were with me so we could enjoy this

This is not my home, not without you

This room feels so different
And I feel so ignorant
Of the past - the times that I've spent here
So young, so naieve - it was myself that I decieved
I swore, I could have believed it

But I grew up
And I grew out
And what were once
Merely doubts
Now hold true
But I never knew
That I'd return here someday with you

Here with the light on

Miles away

But I can't stay

Unless you say

You'll come back with me

Empty Is The Tiredness (But Why So Darn Heavy?)

Written By: Gerard Wayne Doyle

Empty is the tiredness but why so darn heavy?
I cannot forgive you this until I'm good and ready.
Saliva soaks my pillow in the morning,
And it smells like ice cream.

Oh, aniseed.
You promised me pain relief.
But why so brief?

Glucose of the underarm is getting very sticky,
So I don't wear no underpants - I'm ready for a quickie.
If envy is your maladie,
Then hit me with some psychotherapy.

Oh, aniseed.
You promised me pain relief.

My friend,
You will betray me to the end.
When all is said and done and said again,
When the ink has dried up in this pen,
You'll always be then, now,
My friend.


Rum EP, Limited self published release. Title track "Rum" available to hear at

"Rum" has recieved airplay on Phantom 105.2, Dublin's premier rock radio station. In July 2007 it was named as Demo of the Week on their new Irish music show, "ICON".

"Rum" is currently streaming at

25/01/08 "Rum" reaches number 1 on the Newsceneradio chart.

I Was Not Expecting This EP (April 2008)
Self-financed release. Available from the band directly at gigs, and by request via email (

01/04/08 - "Next Stop Life" from I Was Not Expecting This aired on ICON on Phantom 105.2 followed by "Here With The Light On", the following week.

Set List

Typically a Tornado Lovely set ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on whether or not the band is headlining.

A set list at present would look something like:
Sleeping in the Trees,
If I,
Deeper Into You,
Learned My Lesson / Buttercup Sundae,
Empty Is The Tiredness But Why So Darn Heavy?,
Wan Tons Are The Devil,
Next Stop Life,
You're All I'm Looking For,
Here With The Light On,
Sonic Fuck.

This set can be easily extended to over 1 hour with the addition of such songs as I Had A Eye Affection, The Flavour Of Letting Go, Far Away, Empty The Bottle, Drown, For A Day, Rebirth, Sale Of Your Savings, Bitter Finger or One More Time.