Tornado Rider

Tornado Rider


Wild Western Neolithic Cello Banditry meets Thunder-Twinged Yodeling Elf Rock of the 4th Dimension!!! You could call it sneth metal. You could call it wild cello panther rock... Or you could just say it was somewhere in between Devo, Van Halen, Tchaikovsky, Buddy Holly, ACDC & appalachian music


Tornado Rider is a one-of-a-kind mystical experience driven by the mammoth power of an electric cello. They sing powerful anthems about falcons, whirlwinds, and mini-love, which will haunt your brain for weeks. Their delivery of this groundbreaking new style of music is filled with so much energy, it forces you to do a lightning dance! They are fronted by the most animated and original cellist known to man, who yells triumphant melodies as he leaps around the stage dazzling the crowd with his virtuosity. If you ever have the chance to witness Tornado Rider’s magically costumed theatrical parade of showmanship, musicality, athleticism, and humor, you will be transported to another dimension, and you WILL be entertained!!!

Frontman Rushad Eggleston (“the Cello Panther”) was nominated for a grammy, attended Berklee College of Music on full scholarship, invented bluegrass cello, started a worldwide folk cello revolution, cast sound-tornadoes all over the world, and is half goblin.

Rushad is the first and only person in the world, maybe the Universe, to so daringly do what he does with the cello: Not only has he transformed it into a super-heavy interplanetary blues-rocket of nairobi capable of expressing any emotion, but he straps it on, plays it through a Marshall stack, and wears a headset mic so he can jump off stages, do baseball slides on dance floors, and personally seduce the pretty ladies all while flying across the fingerboard!

Ambassador of Sneth, his mission is to shower the earth with melodies and spread the wild elfish GLEE of another dimension.

He is President of the Eternal Rabbit Society.

He's played all over the world.

AND, in fact, he has spontaneously invented- A New Style of Music.

Drummer Scott Manke (“Baron Skatorthius von Duduheimer III”) is a powerful American noise craftsman who whacks the drums with the fatal vengeance of a wind-weathered lightning captain, and is an expert in barnyard noises.

Electric bassist Graham Terry (“Grameecious the Black”) is a sneaky young man who infects the masses with his danceable impish bass lines while a mysteriously freaky energy exudes from his being.

Set List

Our sets are typically two 40 - 60 min sets or one 2 hour set. We are more than capable of playing a 4+ hour set.

All original songs.


I’m A Falcon
Mountain Jumper
Paranoidness & Pain
Bison Land
Golden Apple Dance
6th Grade
Western City
I just wanna put my Lips on Yours
Cactus Plant
17 yr old girl
Why did you have to leave before the show was over?
High Desert Plains
Harriet Zoboga
Spooky Music
Back In The Nork
Clover Show
Playhouse Of The Universe
Rucupunga-ish Tornado
Love’s Lassoo
Anne Thurrowogounfnees
Mini Love
In A Colorful Night
Beep Beep Beep
Me See A Twee
Hector Pena
Hailstorm In My Head
First Flimsy Flyer
Goat God
Materialistic Phase Of My Life
Frothy Rabies In Your Midnight Stew
Catfood Jackson
Two Jagers & A Whiskey
Loads of Toads
Boing Boing
Cavern of Oranch
I'm not stopping (even at the fence)