Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder


Tired of pretentious art rock, or pathetic pop...? Then Torn Asunder is the answer to your prayers. The underlying philosophy is the age old formula. Pounding guitars, screaming solos, funky bass lines, intricate drumming and powerful vocals. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!


Torn Asunder is a group with truly international experience, spanning several decades and styles. Consisting of the brothers Marcus and Spencer on guitars and drums respectively, these two have been playing in bands together since their teenage years. Joe, on guitar, has played in several Essex based bands before Torn Asunder. Steve has played bass in bands both in the UK and the US and has gigged with international acts such as Great White, Dokken and Blue Oyster Cult. Loran graduated from the Vocal Institute in London and has been gigging both with bands and solo. Having four accomplished vocalists within one band has enabled Torn Asunder to create a melodic, four part harmonies which is something that has been lacking in rock for many a year. Torn Asunder's goal is a simple one. To combine really powerful vocals with an old school heavy rock sound. The time is right for a really kick-ass, female fronted rock act to take the world by storm. Whether your 8 or 80, prepare for the EVOLUTION OF ROCK!!!!


Self Titled Debut EP - Released 2008

Set List

Typical Set List (35-45 mins)

Crank it Up
Can't Fight
Find Direction
Ended Here
Going Down

Whisky in the Jar
Gimme Some Loving