Very high energy performing band, that is a very hard working band wiling to do whatever it may take. The music that we play has a very interesting sound, I believe it definently has it's metal sound but with a unique twist.


TORNE we are a metal band based out of Cleveland Ohio. We have shared the stage with many national acts, also we have just gained the privilege to headline some upcoming shows. Our performances are considered to very high energy and very solid sound. We are always pushing each other to become stronger physically and mentally.
We believe as a band that by pushing these skills we will become better musican and will continue to stay stronger than ever. We are a very hard working band that will do whatever if may take, we just got out of the studios with producer Mike Brown from Lava Room Recording Studios. We feel that we need to take this music and EP to the next level.


We are currently getting ready to release our EP we have had radio air play & have had some interviews. Th song that got air play was "ALIVE AGAIN".

Set List

Falling Back
Alive Again
Left for Dead
Stark Hollow
Take off the Blindfold
Love & Hate
Slipping Away
Thing Iam Crazy
Never the Same

Our sets run about an hour to a hour and a half depends on the event.