Torn Tomorrow

Torn Tomorrow


As most bands before them, Torn Tomorrow struggeled for their first few months coming up with a common sound that they all agreed on. Pop Punk is the best way to describe the sound they are going for, mixed with often jazz bass, female vocals and occasional screams and growls.


The stakes have never been higher for the Oklahoma City based band "Torn Tomorrow". One year and going strong, this band has quickly evolved from a small, "garage band", to experienced musicians performing regularly in the Oklahoma City/ Tulsa/ Edmond music scene. Torn Tomorrow is the result of 5 military members [Kandi- Vocals/Keys, Trey- Guitar, Casey- Guitar, Bryan- Bass/ BG Vox, Zach- Drums] who all met in Tinker AFB, who eventually left prior scenes, in hopes of beginning a completely different endeavor. Rising from a music scene that has brought you large local bands like "Flaming Lips" and Chainsaw Kittens" to national acts like "All American Rejects" and "Hinder", Torn Tomorrow has pretty big shoes to fill, but that has never held them back.

In the summer of 2008, Torn Tomorrow played their first show, and from there they hit the ground running. Torn Tomorrow hit the stages, pumping out show after show, and spending extensive time in the studio, constantly preparing fresh material to bring to their audience. The year 2008 shaped up to be a very productive year for the 5-piece, when the band decided it was time to venture to a local studio to record their most current EP "Our Future Battles". With the guidance of Audessey Studios, Torn Tomorrow was able to take their creativity to the next level, finishing up the EP in late October. In November, the band had a great month, releasing their EP and headlining for 4 shows. To include the Nevada-Based competition, "A Fight For Fame", and placing first in round one, where they played for audiences averaging 300-400 people at a time.

November, though a great month, was also full of hardships for the band when they found that their bassist, Bryan, would be deploying for four months. This put Torn Tomorrow in a stand still until they met guitarist/ vocalist, Casey, who agreed to play bass while Bryan was away and then make the transition to guitar when he returned. This new addition put Torn Tomorrow back on the map as they began to play in more cities, including Stillwater and Choctaw. Casey helped the band advance to the Semi Finals of A Fight For Fame giving Bryan the opportunity to play with the band in the later stages of the still ongoing competition. This competition was marked to be Torn Tomorrow's most successful live event to date. The band played a very confident set in front of a large audience, and sold hundreds of dollars in merchandise. The response from fans following the event exceeded every band member's expectations, and fueled Torn Tomorrow to continue to achieve their goals of playing in front of larger and larger crowds.

Torn Tomorrow has come quite a long way in such a short amount of time, but still continue to strive for every bit of improvement needed to become successful in this ever-changing music industry. 2009 is shaping up to be a very promising year for the 5-piece. Torn Tomorrow plans to start recording their follow up to "Our Future Battle's" in the early parts of the year. The band is also looking to be on the road full time in early 2010, upon their new album's completion. With over 11,000 avid fans scattered all over the world, Torn Tomorrow's future is looking very promising.


EP Release November 20, 2008
"Our Future Battles"
5 track EP

Set List


1. Blink Their Eyes
2. See Through Him
3.Wrong Direction
4. Fallin' Apart
5. He'll Never Tell Her
6. Inside


1. Guardian
2. That's The Way It Is
3. This Time
4. Our Rising Sun
5. Truly Happy
6. Mr. Perfect
8. Take Your Time