Toro y Moi

Toro y Moi


Sounds like an Animal Collective/Modest Mouse Split EP with speacial guests, Broken Social Scene and David Bazaan.


Started in late 2003 with a 4-track and loop pedal. Main influences are bss, modest mouse, spencer krug, david bazaan, kevin drews, dilla, daft punk, and animal collective. i different because i'm so diverese. i have country/folk and i've got electro/hip hop beats. i can't stop.


Wash Dead Dogs (2003)
Sophmore 4-Track (2003)
My Manners (2004)
Slow Escape (2004)
A Thread on a String (2005)
Speechless Ways of Looking at Things (2005)
The Reasons of Our Attitudes (2006)
Theory of Everything (2006)
You're Looking Awfully Nice (2007)
Woodlands (2008)

Set List

My set usually about 30-40 mins long. It usually me and guitar. No cover songs.