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Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | INDIE

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | INDIE
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Stockholm, None, Sweden

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Torpedo - Waiting for the fall (mp3)

You will not recognize in this post the Torpedo I already mentionned several times in this blog. Waiting for the fall is an excerpt of their second album untitled We, that will be out this spring. The record is described by guitarist Pontus Levahn as "the soundtrack to the apocalypse”. The song (premiered today on Gimme indie radio and planned to be released for Valentine's day) shows a major evolution in their sound since their debut. For the best.

A lot 1980s and a little bit tribal (according to the new Lykke Li, tribal atmosphere seems to be the new shit in Sweden...), the tune is 100% addictive. I confess its three first seconds scared me: they made me think about that. But, eventually, I started to whistle the melody and realized it was probably their best song since their incredibly catchy From Russia with love.

Waiting for the fall manages to sound mainstream without being gross. If the rest of their next album is that good, it's gonna be a killer. Looking forward to the apocalypse then. - Absolut Noise

As I rose this morning, I received an email with this track attached to it. The track, ‘Waiting For The Fall’, is the new single from Swedish electro-pop outfit Torpedo. I haven’t previously listened to this band before, so I was excited to give it a listen. Thankfully, the tune is a golden piece of electro pop. ‘Waiting For The Fall’ is the first single from the band’s second studio-album, ‘We’, which is released on April 29th.

Now, the track. Well, it’s exactly what is great with electro pop. It can be dark, but it can also be full of heart. This is what Torpedo have accomplished here. Immediately, you can hear influences from Scandinavian counterparts Miike Snow and The Knife, but there’s also a glimmer of 80’s new romantics ABC in the vocal delivery. The dark sounding bass sounds like Depeche Mode, while the synths feel like they were taken from Kraftwerk’s back catalogue. Where it may not be as experimental as bands like The Knife, it definitely makes up for that with it’s emotional appeal and catchy chorus. For a band that I had no idea even existed until today, they’ve made a pretty great impression on me. Time for me to probably go have a listen to their first album.

Torpedo release ‘We’ on the 29th of April, whilst this single is officially released on the 14th of this month (Valentine’s Day present, maybe?). As for live shows, well there aren’t any in the UK just yet, but I will keep you posted when they are announced.

For more info on the band, visit: - This scene isn't dead

Torpedo consists of members from Tiger Lou, Firefox AK and Starmarket amongst others. They have a predilection for a rather odd mix of grinding kraut rock, melodic indie rock and gran arrangements. The result is grandiose as well as captivating, with big and limitless productions and a constant feeling of being on the way. Torpedo has thrown away the indie-rule-bock and written them selves a new one.
[AW] - Chilli Magazine

He may not be releasing a new album any time soon, but that doesn’t mean that Justin Timberlake isn’t still dabbling in music after the Sexyback singer was pictured (above) in the studio with Swedish indie rock band Torpedo.

Last year the band posted on their MySpace page that they were working on a new album and were looking for new collaborators, and as a relatively unknown indie band they must have felt like they had hit the jackpot when they scored JT, who’s sold over 70 million records worldwide.

Torpedo said that they flew to L.A. earlier this month to finish up some material with Justin, but perhaps there could be more to this than a simple collaboration. Justin has expressed many times that he’s enjoying working on his record label Tennman Records, so perhaps he could be planning to sign the band to a US deal?

Interesting indeed. You can listen to one of Torpedo’s songs below “Accelerate” if you like.

- the prophe tblog

I'm in a rush. Do not have much time. Let's just give you a hint then: Torpedo has a new website. And there is the song Accelerate - that they released December 2009 - for free download with it. Now, it is also in this blog. I already mentionned this band back in 2006. Basically: a rock band with terrific guitar lines, influenced by the eighties.

Their first record was good with one brilliant song called From Russia with love. Accelerate is probably not as brilliant, but it is a convincing teaser for the second album they are recording right now. Stay tuned.
- Absolute Noise Blog


WE - Album (2011)
Islands In Eternity - Single (2011)
Waiting For the Fall - Single (2011)
An Invention - Single (2010)
Accelerate - Single (2010)
In The Assembly Line - CD (2008)
From Russia With Love - CDs (2007)
Torpedo / Las Puertas - Split LP (2006)
Anticlockwise - CDEP (2006)



Torpedo are five Swedes collecting together to form one powerful machine, a band-as-locomotive which is now heading steadily out across the world with its motorik beat, enticing people to come on board with pop hooks. Describing themselves as “Kraftwerk with a heart”, the band also have a real philosophy behind the band – collectivity – and it’s one they wish to extend to the population of the planet, indeed they feel it’s their urgent duty to do so. For in their dark minds a catastrophe is coming...

“We’re trying to write the soundtrack to the apocalypse,” says Pontus Levahn, guitarist chirpily, “We see us as a tight group preparing for the apocalypse we’re writing about...we need to stick together, and who knows, maybe the end of the world is healthy, what we need is to break down and then rebuild.”

He’s referring to the band’s forthcoming second album, and really, if it is the soundtrack to the apocalypse then someone press that big red ‘Nuke’ button now. Entitled ‘We’ – after the famed dystopian novel by Yevgeny Zamyatin, and as Pontus puts it “the power of the collective and the loneliness of the individual” – it’s a dark, gloomy concept album which is actually huge fun too. The band bill it as ‘Kraut-pop’, and its mix of the cosmic drone of Neu! and the big choruses of Echo and the Bunnymen make for a heady, addictive music that’s impossible not to be carried along with.

Where have this lot been hiding? Well, Sweden and German squats, it seems. The band or “unit” formed in Stockholm in 2005, and consist of guitarist Pontus Levahn, singer Andreas Hogby, keyboardist Love Martinsen, bassist Erik Welén, and drummer Martin Karlsson.

“I guess we were five struggling, confused individuals searching for some purpose,” remembers Andreas, “We found each other and that was Torpedo, and we were united in creativity and the building of our own little world.”

Pontus says from the start they had a shared philosophy for how the band would work, one which reflected the Scandinavian mentality of helping each other. “We’re a team and we write songs together, carry gear together, live and die together. That’s central for us as a band. My Dad will be pleased when I say we’re probably inspired by the Swedish history of social democracy.”
With a vision for the band quickly in place the band toured Europe, sleeping on concrete floors, playing chaotic shows on the squatter scene in Germany, and solidifying their unity. The released their explosive debut album ‘In The Assembly Line’ in 2007, but it’s ‘We’ that’s set to break them big in the UK and beyond.

It was recorded at the famous Svenska Grammafon Studion in Gothenburg (home to those other beardy purveyors of Scandinavian rock The Soundtrack Of Our Lives) with Christoffer Berg (The Knife, Fever Ray), using the mixing board which was used to record David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, with the band hoping to make use the ghosts of the Thin White Duke’s Berlin-era work. Pontus says, “We were in a small windowless room and just recorded from early morning to late at night for three weeks, not seeing or doing anything else. We wrote a lot of songs, and went pretty crazy.”

“It wasn’t easy,” says Andreas, “It was the first time we’d worked with a producer, so this was a new experience for us, having someone else’s opinions and ideas thrown at us. But he really pulled the best out of us eventually.”
The results include The Cure-meets-The Doors of ‘Corridors’, which is about the experiences of Martin working in his day job at a hospital, ‘Waiting for the Fall’ which sounds like Depeche Mode hooked on Talking Heads, as well as heavier, epic fare like ‘Dystopia’ and ‘Islands in Eternity’ which surround you in dark cosmic visions.

All the songs swirl around that central theme of impending doom. Andreas’ take on the apocalypse theme is that, “it’s something most people think about. There will be an end, and when you think about it, it drives you mad. It’s not a unique thought but no-one speaks about it. So we did this album with the awareness of our fragile world.”

Torpedo are all about death, disaster, and hellish darkness. So how in the hell did they recently end up collaborating with Justin Timberlake?

Yes, the Justin Timberlake. Eh?

“It was really weird, a bearded kraut-pop band with a super-entertainer, “ says Pontus. “Basically, a guy responsible for an Audi ad campaign about ‘the future of music’ was a fan of ours, and offered to send us to Los Angeles to record a song with Justin Timberlake. We thought it was hilarious, we thought it was a joke.” It wasn’t, and despite their reservations they decided only good would come out of their “great adventure” and before they knew it, they were in Disney’s recording studios. “We’re used to the wintry Sweden, so going to the capital of fake with all the palm trees and smiling people was a long way from home. But we had an amazing time. It was a totally natural collaboration with Justin, he was really down to ea