Torrential Downpour

Torrential Downpour

 Clifton, New Jersey, USA

Torrential Downpour is mixture of extreme, technical metal fused with electronics and samples,combined with a tendency to create improvised soundscapes ranging from lush and melodic, to harsh and noisy. We have truly created an original and unique sound fueled by our passion for music.


Torrential Downpour, an entity unto itself, dreams and reshapes its own existence to live vicariously through the musicians it harnesses. Structured by the imagery of Man, Torrential creates its arms, legs and body through the percussive force of Peter Costa. Using guitar and piano, Jason Volpe transforms his energy of pure love into a massive sonic force, manifesting the heart and stomach of this holographic being. The lungs and throat, sustained only by vocal manipulator Prkr, naturally regulates breathing and filters unwanted toxins and energy resonance. All of this falling apart without the apt sense and control of bass player Matt Cece as the brain and eyes. Together, using a battery of harsh and hauntingly beautiful soundscapes, a voice and language are given to Torrential Downpour. A voice that struggles for its place in the collective unconscious. But through all of this, the soul always remains the same. A beauty that is unthinkable and unstoppable. A version of love you have yet to discover. Torrential is everything you've heard or haven't. Everything that is or isn't. Torrential Downpour is a reflection of you...because in truth, you are everything.


Torrential Downpour (April 2009)
Songs from this release can be streamed from our myspace page

Connected Through (TBA 2011)
Songs from the upcoming album are available to stream from our myspace page.