Cleveland, Ohio, USA
BandHip Hop

Torrio is an Nationally Distributed Hip-Hop artist who has a street yet radio oriented sound.


Torrio, whose real name is Alan Dufner JR., was born and raised in Cleveland,
Ohio. During high school Torrio's love for music and expression would be evident
through his writing of over 50 songs. He would then rent 4-track recorders from a
local music store just so he could produce his own music. This prepared Torrio for
what was considered to be the beginning of his adventures in the music industry.

In the past Torrio worked for a national record label called Rival Records where
he helped promote records by Men At Large and Hip-Hop group SOSC.
Last year he released a cd titled "No More Mr. Nice Guy" which sold over 1,000
copies through major retailers such as and and
through digital downloads at websites Napster and ITunes in the United States as
well as the UK.

His New cd titled "The Big Picture" features some of the best in Cleveland Hip-Hop such
as Garbs Infinite, Ill Eagle, and King Dom. The self produced cd is filled
with non-stop music that is street yet upbeat so you could dance to it in a club.


No More Mr. Nice Guy