Progressive music. Powerful one moment, subtly nuanced the next, a range of colours and textures molding into one unit. With Matthew Carson's powerful vocals, alongside the tapestry of rhythm and melody from the quartet behind him, Torsion takes you on a journey.


Torsion was formed in Basements and Garages in Newcastle & Orono, Ontario in the early months of 2002. Three founding members Russell Hawley, Chris Lyttle & Jon Lewis formed a core group. After experimenting with several other local musicians, the trio finally found a dynamic that fit. However, to make the group complete it was collectively felt that they needed a vocalist front man. So, in October 2002, The trio met Matt Carson through mutual acquiantances and he instantly 'clicked' with the band. Very little debate was needed, and Torsion was formed. After working constantly on a debut release since 2004, and adding Matt Lewis on percussion duties, the group is about ready to let their sounds be heard. Throughout that time period, despite having an inconsistent recording schedule, the band continued to write and evolve as a band. "We need to get the older songs out there, to let the listeners know where we're coming from, and with our new material I feel it's much more mature and I think the E.P. will show listeners the developing process behind it." - Jon Lewis. Torsion hope to follow-up their debut E.P. with a much more focused recording effort. Hard work, and perseverance is starting to pay off for Torsion, and time will tell how the band will evolve next.


Demos 2003-2005

As of May 2006 Torsion currently has no radio exposure. Streaming tracks can be found at

Set List

Systemic Shock
Ocular Gel
Soul Wreck
Need Not, Ask Not
The Cause
The Esoteric Analysis of a Confectionary Relationship
Wet Paint
Blacklight Waterbottle
Forest Oblivion

We can play set anywhere from 30 minutes to infinity, we have a vast array of original and cover material to choose from.

Silverchair - Slave, One Way Mule, Tomorrow
Nirvana - Milk It, Very Ape, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Tool - Crawl Away, Sober
Foo Fighters - Floaty
Led Zeppelin - The Ocean
Incubus - Deep Inside, Summer Romance
The Mars Volta - Drunkship of Lanterns, Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt