Tortilla Army

Tortilla Army


British rock act Tortilla Army is a quartet of talented, exuberant and engaging performers. Put the guys in front of any audience and they will blow them away. With a keen ear for melody and a ton of unforgettable songs, this is an exciting, powerful and unmissable band, both live and in the studio.


Main stays Jim Noble (guitar/vocals) Sy Morton (bass/vocals) continue with their vision of a band that defies genre and relies on good song writing, good vocals and good musicianship to carry them through.
The original three piece honed their sound with hours of practise, adding the unique (at the time) element of live percussion to their line up in the shape of Colin Lovatt.
Drummers come and drummers go, and that’s exactly what happened in 2003. Out went founder member Chris Jones in came Mik Gaffney.
Mik immediately put his stamp on the band’s sound (in fact one of their first song writing sessions yielded fan’s favourite ‘Broken’!).
The new four-piece continued to develop their sound until Colin decided to quit the band to continue his life Down Under.
So Tortilla Army reverted to a trio format, and soon became very comfortable with it.

Tortilla Army has come a very long way from the initial steps in the backroom of the East Kent (spiritual home) to where they are now, and things continue to move forward, with a fourth album in the works, an ever increasing presence on My Space, dates with U.S. bands Moth & Fizzgig and upcoming tours in 2007 being put together as we speak.
The Army keeps marching on…


"It's Got A Ring To It" EP, released in November 1999

"A New Journey" Tortilla Army's debut album was recorded and released in June 2002 featuring a distinct Latin flavour courtesy of the band's former percussionist Colin Lovatt.

Second album "Broken" was recorded and released in June 2004 Far and away the bands best loved and most enthusiastically received album, out selling the others three fold. First album with new drummer Mik Gaffney (ex Lever/Torque).

May 2005, "Archive" a mixture of old demos and live recordings was released as a 'Thank You' for the band's die hard fans.

The band are about to go back into the studio to record their new album, tentatively entitled '3'. Probably the most eagerly anticipated album yet. The new material features the band's most diverse, modern and exciting songs to date. The band will be tracking 20 new songs which will be painstakingly whittled down to 12 for the final album.

Set List

Tortilla Army tend not to stick to a formated set list, and favour a list of songs to choose from.
The band prefers to play all original material, however, covers are often requested. So the band try and sway away from the norm. Their mixture of Blur's "song 2", and Electric 6's "Gay Bar", is a massive crowd pleaser. Kelis's "Milkshake" gets the Army treatment, and is played the way it should be, with attitude
As well as a number of other favorites, "video killed the radio star" is played with a twist of lime too.
The band have a vast repertoire, with the ability to play in excess of over three hours of songs, both original and covered.