Torus is not limited by genres; trying to make music sound more natural than it is normally considered to be by using organic, weird and different sounds while keeping everything in harmony. The music varies from deep ambient moody melodic tracks to hardhitting neckbreaking beats with heavy bass.


Joeri Woudstra, who hails from the Netherlands, released his debut, self-titled EP, on the Sonic Router imprint, on the 12th March 2012. 6 tracks long it’s a deft exploration of mood that sets a torrent of found samples, ambient swirls and little wayward riffs to post-Dilla drum patterns. It’s hazy, crackly hangover music. A collection of tracks that manage to sound archaic before they’ve even been mixed down, fusing Woudstra’s unique approach to production with a sense of isolation and introspection. Torus tries to blend in all possible influences all around him, not trying to be limited by certain expectations, creating moods and environments

Listen to a small indication of what torus' dj-set sounds like over here:


Torus - Goodbye - Self Released

Torus - Torus EP (SR001) - Released by Sonic Router
available for purchase on itunes, spotify, beatport & more.

Montgomery Clunk - Enter The Wardrobe (Torus Remix) - Error Broadcast

Soulja Boy - Turn My Swag On (Torus Bootleg) - Self Released

Cavemonsters Are Kind got airplay on BBC Radio 1

Forests got airplay on BBC Radio 6