Tosha Hill

Tosha Hill

 Florence, Alabama, USA

Southern soul with a twist of deep, down home country roots.


My name is Tosha Hill and Im nineteen years old. Im an Americana singer, songwriter, and musician born and raised in Florence, Alabama. My influences are widely diverse, ranging from Janis Joplin to Emmylou Harris. I am passionate about writing and singing songs that are real and that can conform to any one person, no matter their age or background. "This kid is like 17 years old, and she's the best young singer I've ever heard," said Fritts, who has heard more than a few. Nashville Scene DEC. 2010

I perform regularly at local and out of town venues and events. To name a few such as: Swampers with Special Guests Marie Tomlinson Lewey, Donnie Fritts, and more. FloBama, and McGraws Coffee House, Spring Park for Handy Fest and such. I also get together with my brothers Josh and Caleb, and write on weeknights. Im a member of the praise team at our home church, Christ Chapel, in Petersville, AL. We are currently writing and performing our original material which has been quite an exciting journey for us, to say the least.

My love for music began to grow when I was young. My parents Billy and Tina Hill, had cassette tapes around the house and my brothers and I would jam out to songs like, Tutti Frutti and Who Wrote The Book Of Love? When the working day was done at our family owned furniture manufacturing business, we would stay up late to sing while dad thumped on his old rhythm guitar. I attended Waterloo High School and I began songwriting in my fifth grade year. By sixth grade, I wanted to learn guitar, so my brother Josh showed me a couple of chords. My eighth grade year was a big step for me. I competed in my school talent show, sang Hold Me While I Cry, and won first place. My English teacher at the time encouraged me to compete in other competitions as well. One being Shoals Star II, which I took home first place. Then on to the North Alabama State Fair in 2007 and 2008 and was runner up. I then began to perform on local television stations in Russellville, Alabama, Booneville, Mississippi , Adamsville, Tennessee, and Red Bay, Alabama., and also several venues in the surrounding areas. In my Freshman year of high school, I was in Beta Club. I competed in the Special Talent, at the National Beta Convention held at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center, and received runner up. I also had the honor to be asked to perform for our Mayor of Florence Bobby Irons for his 2008 campaign. In 2009 I competed at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Talent Expo and won first place with local legendary songwriter Earl Peanut Montgomerys song, One of These Days. In my Sophomore year, I recorded my first album and began home schooling to pursue my passion for music and continue my education.

My band mainly consists of my two brothers and I. The eldest of the two is Josh Hill, 25. He is a songwriter, guitarist, and backup vocalist. Caleb, 23, is our drummer, songwriter, and backup vocalist. We have played at several various festivities, charitable events, private occasions, out-of-state-venues, and local venues. As for my solo acts, I have performed with Randy Owen, of the Country super group Alabama, for two consecutive years for Alabama Sheriffs Youth Ranch charity event. I have performed with local legendary singer, songwriter Donnie Fritts at various events. One of which I performed with Donnie and The Decoys at The Douglas Corner Caf in Nashville, featured in the Nashville Scene., Dec. 2010. Our group, Tosha Hill & Big Brothers, along with Special Guests Donnie Fritts and Scott Boyer, were featured on the Rockin at the Roxy Show for the Kerry Gilbert Band. I have also had the opportunity to perform with The House Band, alongside two of the Alabamas Reps. Phil Williams (guitar) and Mike Ball (fiddle), for Governor Robert Bentley, during the Legislative Orientation, in December of 2010 at the Bryant- Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Ive also performed at Pucketts Grocery in Leipers Fork, Tennessee, The Bluebird Caf, and Tootsies in Nashville. Recently, I have worked with Rick Hall at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Tommy Jackson with First Note Productions as a songwriter.
We enjoy writing, performing, and recording. It never gets old to hear fans and people that we meet say, Wow! You really wrote that? or That really touched me., with tears in their eyes. Thats what tells us were on the right track.

Tosha Hill, 19325 Co. Rd. 14, Florence, AL
P: (256) 766-6170 E: