Toshiba, is a southern girl with moxie known for her sultry voice, provocative lyrics and electrifying performances - one listen and this rhythm & blues songstress will have you wanting more!!


Toshiba is a rhythm & blues singer/songwriter from Sherwood, Arkansas who displayed her love for music at a very early age. She often performed in the mirror with her “hairbrush” microphone in hand; full of stage charisma, a trait she still possesses today. Toshiba recalls her very first performance, a school talent show, when much to her amazement, she received a standing ovation that she was unable to witness because she became so overwhelmed with butterflies that she quickly exited the stage. Some may have allowed the “butterfly experience” to discourage them, yet Toshiba embraced it and met the challenge head on. To know her is to love her - her infectious smile lures you in and her music makes you want to stay. “My fans have been there for me every step of the way."

Many years of writing, on napkins while dining at her favorite fast food joints to composing in the shower, have led her here. “I write songs from the heart, drawing inspiration from all of my experiences in life - the good, the bad, the past and the present. As an artist I am inviting you to come in, sit on my sofa and get to know me.” Honing her craft on the “open mic” circuit helped Toshiba develop a loyal fan base. Toshiba’s ability to captivate and relate to her audience is just one of the things that set this artist apart from the rest. Her debut album, “Afterwords" navigates the events that shape ones life before and after love and relationships.

Toshiba wrote or co-wrote all of her material for this project. The result is a collection of female anthems, club joints and emotionally vulnerable love songs. The lyrics are strong, honest, and uplifting; they pull you in with the seductive allure of her voice and keep you listening to a story that unfolds from beginning to end. This artist can convert an audience into immediate FANS!!!

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Back With U

Written By: Toshiba

I wanna go back
I wanna get it back
When me & u were like that
When u were there for me
And I was there for u
I wanna get back with u

Verse 1:
Don’t walk away let me talk to u?
For a minute (for a minute)
Let me try to explain
Why I did it (why I did it)
Things were not the same
Boy, we lost our way (lost our way)
Now I realize where we went wrong
Boy, I want u to come back home


Verse 2:
Can u stay awhile?
So we can talk about it (let’s talk about it)
See we took a vow, boy
For better or worse
Till death do us part?
And I always knew right from the start
That u would always be the one for me


I’ve gotta be strong
Let you find your own way
And maybe you’ll be mine again someday
I try to let go - but it’s not easy
Cuz baby you’re a part of me


Take Me

Written By: Reginald M. Browning and Toshiba

Verse 1:
Now that I’ve got you here
And your motives loud & clear
It’s about time for me to show
Just how deep this could go
I know you want it
Baby I got it
So let me ease your mind as you enjoy the ride

Take Me….
To ecstasy….
Make me feel the passion oh so deep
You know I want you (echo)
I know you want it too (echo)
Make it last forever - just me and you together

Verse 2:
You came in the knick of time
Got lovin on my mind
And when we get together
It don’t matter whatever
You want - I got
You need - I’m gonna give it to you boy
So let me ease your mind as you enjoy the ride

Take Me….
To ecstasy….
Make me feel the passion oh so deep
You know I want you (echo)
I know you want it too (echo)
Make it last forever - just me and you together

My body - you want it
Oh boy, I want you too
My body - you want it
Oh boy, I want you
I like the way that you work it
Oh boy, please don’t hurt it
I like the way that you work it
Oh boy, please don’t hurt it

Outro Chorus

No Good 4 Me

Written By: Toshiba

Verse 1:
I gotta go - can’t stay another minute
The answers no
No I don’t want to hear it
Your lies no more
It’s time for me to let it flow
Delete my number, my number from your cell phone
Don’t call no more cuz I don’t want to talk to you
Boy I’m thru - don’t want nothing to do with you

You’re just no good
You’re just no good for me
Thought you were everything I wanted
All I’d ever need
You’re just no good
It’s time for me to let you be
Be on your own
Cuz this ain’t where you want to be

Verse 2:
Guess you thought it was all about you
You had your way
Did what you wanted to
Now you’re looking, looking like a fool
Cuz now I’m leaving
Yeah that’s right - see you later boo
Don’t try to explain cuz I know her name
And we’re too old to play these games


It’s funny how the tables have turned
You want me back but now I’ve learned
The truth ain’t in ya
I’m gonna give ya the space you need
Cuz now it’s all about me
And ladies if your man ain’t treatin you right
Tell him to be gone – you’d be better on your own
Cuz he’s no good for ya
Find yourself a new lover
Someone who understands what it takes to be a man



Debut Album "Afterwords"

Track Listing for “AfterWords”

01. Damn tha DJ
02. Take Me
03. Sit Down & Relax
04. My Invitation
05. Condoms in the Backseat
06. No Good 4 Me
07. Do Better Than U
08. Instead
09. Back with U
10. Therapy and

Set List

Every show is unique to the audience and the venue. Sets typically range from 30 to 45 minutes

Toshiba’s Set List:

Take Me - Toshiba
Damn tha DJ - Toshiba
My Invitation - Toshiba
Sit Down & Relax - Toshiba
No Good 4 Me - Toshiba
Condoms in the Backseat - Toshiba
Do Better Than U - Toshiba
Back with U - Toshiba
Therapy - Toshiba

Iced with a few cover songs from today’s top R&B artists and classics from years past

I Choose - India Arie
T.O.N.Y - Solange
Ex Factor - Lauryn Hill
It Kills Me - Melanie Fiona
What Happened - Algebra Blessett
Rude Boy - Rhianna
Knocks You Down - Keri Hilson
Next Lifetime - Erykah Budu
The Impossible - Mariah Carey
Still Standing - Monica