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"Fully Fullwood Band"

Live At Sundance Reggae Festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands,
by Felix A. Wallrabenstein - Germany
originally written in English language

Salute to the Fully Fullwood Band:
The Peter Tosh Celebration Tour Live At Sundance Reggae Festival

Some of us are a little bothered by the inflationary use of all-time reggae hero’s names. `In Memory of Him and Her´, `Birthday Celebration bla bla bla´ - Those are the labels that often have this bad taste, and fast money seems to be the major motivation behind it. After all, we have learned, it is not all gold that’s glittering – but in this case it is, I must admit.

`Why?´, you may ask. Well, the Peter Tosh Celebration Tour is an original in its very own right. The players in this celebrity are original themselves. Led by bassist Fully Fullwood, a former member of Tosh’s legendary backing band Word, Sound & Power, the Fully Fullwood Band honoring late Peter Tosh is a gathering of first-call musicians.

We all know them for decades – you, too. Talk about guitarist Tony Chin. You remember Dennis Brown’s `Cassandra´ or Big Mountain’s cover `Baby I Love Your Way´ to pick a few? He is the man playing solid rhythm textures not just on those tunes. Get one of your Soul Syndicate-vinyls, and you know about the format I am talking about.

The show that I was happy to see and listen to took place at the Sundance Reggae Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2003. The players of the Fully Fullwood Band know the fine craft of reggae music from the very beginning of the genre and did not hide it at the Sundance. With former Wailers Band-member Andrew McIntyre on lead vocals, Fully’s band played a string of Tosh-originals taking the audience on a sensational ride into a gallery of some of the best written and arranged roots reggae tunes ever.
Also, drummer Odell Johnson of St. Ann, Jamaica, did a serious job picking Sly Dunbar’s revolutionary drum grooves perfectly as we know them from the Peter Tosh-albums.

This is what I truly like about the celebration tour. The Fully Fullwood Band – yet, I haven’t mentioned veteran-keyboardist Jawge Hughes having supplied his thrilling voicings to the music – did the job with great love & respect. The players and singers have been honoring the Honest Man, indeed, and brought in their musical excellency as well as inner emotions. The audience took it gratefully and saluted the Fully Fullwood Band for doing so.

Most capable musicians, plus timeless compositions in honor of one of the most remarkable reggae heroes, late Peter Tosh. These ingredients should do. After lunch, I can say: `Must have been a good chef de cuisine. It did! Want some dessert!´

Hannover, Germany
© by Felix A. Wallrabenstein
- Felix Wallrabenstein

"Live in Fiji!"

How were the vibez in Fiji due to the political unrest with the coup, as you were just there for the Monday night?
You know what, we were there for two shows & to be honest those people are the nicest people that I’ve ever met. From when we reach at the airport they greeted us there & we had security, some of their soldiers they brought us thru, they take care of us they treat us like we were royalties. I had not seen one uproar or anything. When I was watching television, I saw all things on TV about the coup. I have not seen any problem, just a few little road blocks that’s it. We were up & down from the Hotels on the street, right thru the country part, it was wonderful, I’ve not seen nothing as what the news was saying. Those people are very nice people & I would love, love to go back there again sometimes, at least spend even a month. It was nice & I enjoyed myself & I just want to say ‘Hi’ to all the fans in Fiji- ‘We love you,’ & they treat us great & good, we were well treated real nice.

Sad to hear the big reggae concert in Bali was cancelled due to financial problems. There was such a great line up, almost too good to be true!
That was upsetting because Mark work on that pretty hard & we were there just a couple of months before & it was great. Mark & I are partners in the business & so when we went before it was a great, fantastic show & when they contacted Mark to come back, we talk about it, we thought, but some of these people aren’t being upfront, I guess. Mark tried very hard & is upset about that, that’s Mark.

How was the gig in Cairns last night?
The gig in Cairns last night was wonderful & was just like here a little bit more crowded more. The people to me, the audience was a little bit more hyper than this audience.
The audience was just real energetic & everyt’ing was just nice. It’s a beautiful place we missed that part of going to the reef & rainforests, so I said, ‘maybe next time.’

How was it to be part of a legendary band with a legendary artist- Peter Tosh?
For me being part of the ‘Word Sound & Power Band’, Peter Tosh & Donald Kingsley & Sante Davis & Keith Stirling & all those guys, I’m telling you it was something I will never forget in my life; because of that line up. That group of guys was fantastic, Peter was just a wonderful person that I met & get to know very well as a friend & as I get to know him more than just being on stage with him, because I sit with him & talk & learn a lot about life & he was really genuine in his heart about things. It’s something I will never, never, never forget about & I will always cherish those memories & cherish all these trips & very bit about playing & being around all the guys including Peter for the rest of my life.

What was your highlight?
Well, there was so many memorable t’ings it wouldn’t be fair to just talk about one because over the amount of years that I travelled & worked with him, there was always excitement, always a lot of love, energy on the stage. The highlight was when we’d finish a great show with Peter & he was just energetic & telling us how great it was, so many beautiful things.

Have you heard any updates about the royalties issue between Rita Marley & Family Man from the Wailers?
I just heard what everybody else hear’s about all those things. That’s a fine line, there’s a lot more to those things that he knows & probably Rita knows about what’s going on in the context of the whole Wailers thing & it’s a sad thing it had to come to that stage in life. It’s just a tragedy for everybody, all I can say somewhere out there, there is a truth about what’s happ’ning & hopefully this will be able to heal & both Rita & Family Man can both move on with their individual lives. Bob is gone & his word is still out there & I’m sure that he wouldn’t be too happy to see all these fights & problem, somewhere out there is the truth. I wish them all the best. I wish Family Man all the best in his life, he’s a fantastic player. I’ve known Family Man for many years. I know him before he even start playing Bass, until he really became a fantastic player with Bob, my respect go to him.

How did you get into playing Bass & the music scene?
I started from a young age, at about 5, I started loving music & then started playing guitar when I was about 7 or 8 years old, fooling around with guitar & start singing. So going to school & going home & involving in playing. My father was my biggest inspiration; he saw that I had something of that interest in music, so he actually helped me. He was determined to make me happy with what I wanted in the music, I love him very much, it’s very emotional for me to talk about him more time because he’s the one responsible for me being who I am & I owe him too much.

Was he a musician?
Him never was a musician but him just was one of the greatest father I could ever have. He’s passed away now & I think about him all the time, every time I’m on stage or involved in music, my fathers face is right there in front of me.

Was he still alive when you were playing/touring the world?
Yeh, my father was alive, my father passed away about 10 years ago.

So, he saw how happy you were?
Oh yeh, he was so happy to see that I become who I am, travelling the world & touring, because he felt all the effort & perseverance, it works. I became comfortable in what I liked & he was a happy, wonderful, wonderful human being & I’m sure he’s somewhere in heaven, believe me I know that for a fact.

When your not touring, where are you based?
Still in Jamaica?
No, I leave Jamaica long enough, but I always go down & do work, but I live in California. I have a studio there & I do a lot of work. I have a new album out right now it named ‘For all time’. I’m working now on a next one & I’m signed to a small distribution label & it’s been doing good & I’m working on the next one coming up it’s going to be called “Fully Loaded’ it will be out on the 15’th of Feb.

It seems like a thing in Jamaica that really good artists are targeted, like Garnet Silk. Do you know who shot Peter?
Yes, we know.
I wouldn’t say targeted, it’s more like just something happened. There’s a lot of things happening in Jamaica, some of the young youth are getting frustrated because there’s no work & there’s a lot of drugs going on & that’s what’s happening. So, I wouldn’t say it’s an individual targeting, it’s not good & I’m not too happy about it.

Anything you’d like to add?
For the young generation of reggae fans who are still keeping reggae music & movements alive, don’t stop; be honest with yourself be truthful about life. Think about something very important about life which is love, because love is a thing that can conquer everyt’ing in this world & we lack a lot of compassion & love right now. In this world there’s so many disasters & so many problems & things happn’ing & reggae music is a music that bring people together -we talk about- the authentic reggae music- talks about oneness together, love & problems in this world. So we just hoping that people would seriously open them eyes & just look within themselves & try to get this world a better place for us & the new generation coming up that we can set an example for them. Keep the reggae music going & just keep the faith.

- Fiji Times

"Tosh Marley Live in Bolivia"

tosh meets marley tour 2006
Gestern haben wir uns noch kurzfristig überlegt auf ein Raggae-Konzert ins Teatro al Aire Libre zu gehen. Junior Marvin, ehemaliges Mitglied der Bob Marley Band war mit einer Vorgruppe da, die Peter Tosh Lieder nachspielte. 20.30 Uhr waren wir vor dem Teatro und es war kein Problem noch Karten zu bekommen. Laut Karte sollte es um 20.00 Uhr losgehen aber die Verkäuferin sagte uns schon vor 22.00 Uhr beginnt hier nichts. Da nicht einmal der Einlass gestartet hatte und es mittlerweile doch nachts schon unter 0° wird sind wir noch zu einem nage gelegenen Kubaner gegangen, um uns dort die Zeit zu vertreiben.

Als wir so gegen 22.00 Uhr zurückkamen, war wohl kurz vorher erst der Eingang geöffnet worden. Wir stellten uns einfach ziemlich weit vorne in der Schlange an, aber es dauerte trotzdem noch knapp eine halbe Stunde bis wir drin waren. Die hatten dummerweise uach nur einen Eingang geöffnet, der aus einer 80 cm breiten Tür bestand und die Abfertigung ging dementsprechend so langsam voran, dass nur ca. 5 Leute pro Minute hereingelassen wurden.

Hinterher stellte sich heraus, dass sie sich auch Zeit lassen konnten, denn das Konzert startete erst 23.15 Uhr. Das Teatro war vielleicht zu 25% voll, was nicht gerade zur Stimmung beitrug. Die Gruppe allerdings auch nicht, sie standen stocksteif auf der Bühne, was für eine Raggae-Band absolut untypisch ist. Sie spielten ihr Repertoire runter und nach 50 Minuten sagten sie Ciao. Anstatt, dass jetzt aber eine neue Band auf die Bühne kam, wurde nur der Sänger ausgetauscht und Junior Marvin tauchte auf. Auch hier kam die Stimmung nicht wirklich rüber, obwohl er schon wesentlich besser singen konnte als der erste Sänger. Es wurden dann tatsächlich nur Bob Marley Stücke nachgespielt nicht ein einzig eigenes Lied. Fand ich ein bisschen schade und wir sind dann auch schon kurz vor Ende gefahren.
- La Paz Times

"Press Release"

Press Release:

It has been an amazing twenty-five years since Bob Marley passed away and also some twenty-three years since Peter Tosh was shot and killed, and not one moment in time has the music of "Bob Marley & the Wailers" or “Peter Tosh” diminished in popularity.

And for the first time in history since Marley and Tosh’s untimely passing, the legendary FULLY FULLWOOD (former Peter Tosh bassist/vocalist) and former Bob Marley & the Wailers stage manager/former Wailers manager MARK MILLER presents a fantastic new show “TOSH meets MARLEY” in 2007/2008.

This new 'live' show is an exciting and eclectic mix of the original reggae that continues to amaze the world and having the distinction as being the only show presenting many of Bob Marley & the Wailers and Peter Tosh’s greatest compositions in one show. The show brings many of the most loved “Bob Marley” and "Peter Tosh" songs like "I Shot the Sheriff”, “No Woman No Cry”, “Stir It Up” “Get Up Stand Up", “Don't Look Back" and the great “Never Gonna Give it Up” among countless other great tracks to the same stage, and how they were intended to played when written by Marley and Tosh. Also part of this section of the show will be recently released new original tracks from the new Fully Fullwood "For All Times" CD.

With a who's who of legendary reggae musicians onstage, featuring FULLY FULLWOOD, the legendary Tosh bassist who has worked with Marley, Peter Tosh, Mighty Diamonds, U-Roy, and almost every other well-known reggae artist anyone can think of, plus TONY CHIN, who has played guitar for everyone from Bob Marley downwards and was lead guitarist in “Big Mountain”, massive vocalist DONOVAN CARLESS, plus from Brazil CLAUDIO PEPPE former "Wailers Band” member on percussion, JAWGE HUGHES on keyboards (top reggae session keyboardist) and GEORGES KOUAU from the Wailers and Alpha Blondy also on keyboards along with celebrated guitarist VINCE BLACK (formerly with Black Uhuru and countless others!) the ‘TOSH meets MARLEY” show is fresh, alive, exciting, fantastic, and in one instance we even heard ‘brilliant’. Don’t miss it !!!!!

For further information please contact:
Mr. Mark Miller
MmGood Records, The International World Music Festival & The Mark Miller Company
Office Email: / Tour Mail:
Tel/Fax: +41 79 481 2483

- 2007

"Tosh Meets Marley Argentina"

18:00 Legendarios del Reggae en Vivo "Tosh meets Marley". SUSPENDIDA GIRA POR AMÉRICA LATINAConcurso : Festival : Recital
cuando: Domingo, 23/04 (18:00) dónde: Estadio Víctor Jara (Pasaje Arturo Godoy 2750, Santiago Centro) precio: Por confirmar links: Fully Fullwood Ticketmaster
Atención fanáticos y fanáticas del reggae en Chile. Llega el mejor concierto de los últimos tiempos en que se presentarán los más grandes exponentes mundiales del ritmo de Marley. Con el fin de conmemorar los 25 años de la muerte de Bob Marley, vienen a nuestro país varios de los músicos que lo acompañaron en sus giras y recitales. La mayoría pertenecen a la Soul Syndicate Band (principal asociación de músicos de Jamaica. De partida estará George "Fully" Fullwood, compositor y productor, líder del Peter Tosh Celebration Tour y uno de los bajistas mas destacados de Jamaica que ha trabajando con exitosos artistas del reggae además de ser fundador de Soul Syndicate. Tony Chin con una carrera musical de mas de 30 años este guitarrista y miembro original de Soul Syndicate es la definición del roots reggae del los 70's es difícil imaginar un hit sin contar con la presencia de Chin. Junior Marvin guitarrista afamado de Bob Marley vuelve después de mas de 20 años de autoexilio. Karl Wright uno de los baterista mas talentosos del reggae music, miembro de Maxi Priest Band y que ha trabajado en giras con artistas como Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Culture entre otros, miembro del Peter Tosh Celebration Tour. Jawge Hughes tecladista de larga trayectoria en el reggae. Donovan Carless cantante líder de Soul Syndicate con más de 30 años de carrera musical miembro original de Peter Tosh Word Sound And Power Band. Andrew McIntyre guitarrista y cantante miembro de Peter Tosh Celebration Tour además de haber trabajado con artistas como Big Mountain, Coco Tea, Britney Spears y Sean Paul. Claudio Peppe originario de Brasil este percusionista ha participado de muchas giras con importantes músicos tales como Jimmy Cliff, The Wailers, Damian Jr Gong Marley y Julian Marley entre otros. fundador de Soul Syndicate.


-- Raimundo Encina - Raimundo Encina

"Hands that Giveth"

Bob Marley and Peter Tosh
Copyright © 2007, Fiji Times Limited. All Rights Reserved.
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Hands that giveth
Gabriel Singh (Sunday, December 03, 2006)
MAKE no mistake. The Tosh Meets Marley Tour
entourage arriving tonight brings some of the
greatest reggae musicians to our shores for the
first time.
These are the guys who not so quietly engineered
the sound that Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny
Wailer and the pioneers of reggae fronted for.
They helped break shackles of the Third World
and pave the road that today's second-rate
crooners are cashing in on.
These are the guys who gave inspiration to South
Africa's gift to the reggae world, Lucky Dube, the
closest spirtual reggae act to wow us in recent
Today, they are giving joy, hope and inspiration to
millions around the world and tomorrow and
Tuesday, they give their hearts to the people of Fiji.
The entourage includes Claudio Peppe, the Brazilian-born percussionist who grew up, like me, listening to
every Bob Marley tune he could find.
He saved every cent that came his way so he could buy the tools of his trade, eventually playing with JImmy
Cliff, the Wailers, and the prophet's sons Damien and Julian Marley.
Joe or Jawge Hughes is no relation to Andrew, our police chief who has fled to Australia.
Jawge is a veteran whose prowess has enabled him to tour with practically every act coming out of Jamaica.
His one-drop roots rock style is deadly, winning him countless gigs with Bunny Wailer, Judy Mowatt, the late
Joe Higgs, The Mighty Diamonds, Leroy Sibbles, Stranger Cole, Freddie McGregor, The Itals, Pato Banton,
Dennis Brown and the Wailing Souls, among others. He is from the island of Saint Thomas.
Another keyboard king is Georges Kouakou, the Ivorian who is best known for his workd with Alpha Blondy,
the first real reggae star to come out of Africa.
Anything who has heard albums like Apartheid is Nazism needs no introduction to this multi-skilled musician
and producer.
Karl Wright is a stickman extraordinaire. Today he is not only regarded among the world's best drummers but
he has a voice to remember. You have to hear it to believe it.
He has played with Maxi Priest Band, Dennis Brown, Culture, Marcia Griffiths, Gregory Isaacs, Freddie
McGregor, Sugar Minot, Eek A Mouse, Nahki, Shabba Ranks, Junior Reid, Shaggy, and Super Cat.
He is now as an integral member of the Peter Tosh Celebration Tour, featuring Andrew, Peter's son.
Tony Chin is Trenchtown-born guitarist who went through the rock steady era only to find himself with
reggae outfit Soul Syndicate Band in the early 1970s.
That solid grounding has allowed his fingers to talk for Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Big Youth Burning Spear,
Don Carlos, Gregory Isaacs, the Mighty Diamonds and Jody Mowatt.
With them come the incomparable Fully Fullwood and Junior Marvin, who step into the spotlight for this tour,
organised by Mark Miller, who was Bob Marley's stage manager.
They jet in tonight courtesy of Radio Fiji and its the sponsors who understood the importance of backing a
tour like this at a time our nation is crying for someone to heal it.
Tickst for the shows, tomorrow night at FMF Dome and Tuesday night at Churchill Park, are moving for $20
from SPR outlets.
Remember, coup or no coup, the show will go on.
Copyright © 2007, Fiji Times Limited. All Rights Reserved. - Fiji Times

"Live ! In Tenerife"

Reggae: Crónica del espectáculo ''Tosh Meets Marley'' en Candelaria, Tenerife
Enviado el Lunes, 18 septiembre a las 13:24:02
Tema: Reseñas de Conciertos

A finales del pasado mes de Junio se anunciaba por parte del Área de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Candelaria, la visita de The Tosh Meets Marley para el 14 de Julio. La cita se suspendió, ese día The Tosh Meets Marley estaban contratados para actuar en Palma de Mallorca. El respetable se desorienta. Al final la fecha se pospone para el 1 de Septiembre, dándole de nombre a la criatura: Tosh meets Marley.

¿Wailers Tosh meets Marley? pero si The Tosh Meets Marley actúan esa misma noche en Texas ( EEUU ), ¿como es posible que estén a la vez actuando en Candelaria?, pues porque sencillamente no se trataba.

Se trataba de la Fully Fullwood Band, o lo que es lo mismo de la banda liderada por el bajista Fully Fullwood que giraba allá por los años 80 con Peter Tosh, y acompañado en la actualidad por algún que otro Ex –Wailer, y ofreciendo un espectáculo llamado Tributo a Peter Tosh.


Accede a la totalidad de la crónica pulsando en Leer más...

La segunda parte del título tampoco se queda atrás: Tosh meets Marley. Es conocido por cualquier amante de la música jamaicana que el término meets se emplea cuando dos músicos se “encuentran artísticamente” ya sea en un concierto, o en un estudio para editar un álbum conjuntamente, es decir , cuando se produce un encuentro físico y artístico con intención de ofrecer algo. Marley hace 25 años que murió y a Peter Tosh hace 19 que le llenaron la cabeza de plomo en su propia casa, ¿como es posible que se produzca un meets entre ambos? Inaudito. Ni la Patrona nos podría ayudar en eso.

A estas alturas, había gente que no sabía muy bien a quien iban a ver actuar. De hecho, es casi seguro que haya gente que piense que quienes actuaron en la Plaza de la Patrona éste pasado 1 de Septiembre fueron The Wailers, en lugar de la Fully Fullwood Band.

Con todo esto no es que se quiera desmerecer el trabajo de nadie, ni tampoco se quiere decir que la oferta no estuviese a las alturas. Ninguna de las dos cosas. De hecho ese público fiel a la música jamaicana celebra por todo lo alto la decisión por parte de la organización de traer algo de Reggae internacional, tan desatendido por estas latitudes, y que por una vez hayan dejado a un lado ciertos ideas equivocadas y prejuicios que existen sobre ésta música para ofrecernos un espectáculo de calidad. El único reproche que se le puede hacer es la desinformación que ha habido las fechas previas al evento. Eso, y el no llamar las cosas ( o a las bandas ) por su nombre.

En cuanto al concierto, pues vino a romper una sequía de oferta de música jamaicana de nivel internacional de casi 10 años en la isla de Tenerife (recordemos a una insufrible Rita Marley en la Plaza de Toros de Santa Cruz). Hizo las delicias del público generalista, dejando con ganas de más a los acérrimos, que buscaban lo bueno entre un repertorio que tenía una vez más como base el Legend de Bob Marley & The Wailers, aderezado con alguna que otra pieza fuera de ese Lp y, como guindas, temas de Peter Tosh: su versión del Get Up Stand Up, Downpressor Man, etc…Todo ello ejecutado en lo musical por grandes músicos y en lo vocal por Jawge Hughes-teclista, Tony Chin –guitarra, e incluso por Kart Wright-batería. Y teniendo, como no, como líder orquestal a un Fully Fullwood.

Como colofón se subió al escenario otra leyenda de la música jamaicana en su expresión UK, como es Brinsley Forde miembro fundador de una de las bandas más importantes de los 70: Aswad; interpretando Who the Cap Fit y I shot the Sheriff.

Esperemos que en la XII Edición del Festival de Candelaria, el Reggae Internacional siga teniendo un hueco dentro de la programación. Esperemos no esperar otros 10 años para disfrutar de un buen show de música Reggae. Esperemos igualarnos al resto del estado, donde sólo este mes de agosto ha habido más conciertos y festivales que en Canarias en casi 20 años. Esperemos que otros Ayuntamientos de la isla se contagien.

- Tenerife News


Fully Fullwood "For All Time"
New Jawge Hughes "UKB"




Starring the legendary FULLY FULLWOOD and the Fully Fullwood Band.

"Live on Tour 2012"



Bandleader Fully Fullwood is one of the most popular and well-known bass players in the world, has worked and recorded with almost every single major artist out of Jamaica. His ‘rap-sheet’ reads like a who’s who of the twentieth century’s most important musical artists.

Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Michael Rose, Mikey Dread, The Mighty Diamonds, Black Uhuru, Joe Higgs, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Frankie Paul, Big Youth, U-Roy, Sister Carol, John Holt, Judy Mowatt, Ken Booth, Andrew Tosh, Del Roy Wilson, and many more have utilized the outstanding talents of this absolutely amazing Composer, Producer and Musician.

The originator and leader of the ‘Soul Syndicate Band’, Fully has the distinction of also being an original member of reggae superstar Peter Tosh's famous band, ‘Word, Sound and Power” and whom he recorded with and toured with extensively until the singer’s untimely passing.

A true ‘original and never to be duplicated”, Fully Fullwood is the main engine that drives the music and band of the “TOSH meets MARLEY” Tour.

Tony Chin

With a music career spanning over thirty years, TONY CHIN is a true founding father of reggae music. Born in Kingston and raised in Trenchtown and Greenwich Farm, Tony's career started off in the Rocksteady era of the late 1960s and progressed into reggae in the 1970s as an original member of the legendary Soul Syndicate band.

It is hard to imagine a chart-topping song that Tony Chin didn't perform on . Artists that Tony has played with include Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Burning Spear, Johnny Clarke, Don Carlos, Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor, Judy Mowatt among countless others. Tony Chin was prominent in creating the 'flyers' rhythm guitar style that become such a craze in reggae with classic songs such as Johnny Clarke's "Move Out Of Babylon" and Dennis Brown's "Cassandra". 1996 found Tony reuniting with legendary Soul Syndicate founder/bass player George 'Fully' Fullwood in California and as "The Fully Fullwood Band" they continue to provide the rock solid rhythmic support required by today's top reggae singers.

And now presenting TONY CHIN, a leading light of the ‘ TOSH Meets MARLEY TOUR’

Jawge Hughes

Jawge Hughes is a native of the tropical isle of St. Thomas and his fantastic personality and prowess on keyboards allowed him to have toured extensively with many well-known reggae stars.
His talent is a long musical exploration, from Upfull Ska sounds, Dance hall rhythms, Fusion Reggae to the deadly one-drop Roots Reggae style. A level of talent that one would expect from the best who through the Fully Fullwood Band brings a wealth of experience to the Tosh meets Marley Tour. Jawge says, ‘ I always try to be adventurous with music. Keeping it simple, but there is always some challenging surprises in it."

Vince Black

Former Black Uhuru member and now lead guitarist with the Tosh meets Marley Tour, Vince has joined this new tour, which appear as ‘colors on a canvas’ that he compares to classical painting. The driving bass of Fully Fullwood and legendary rhythm guitarist Tony Chin are powerful and booming, carrying Vince’s distinctive guitar to a colorful mixture of cool vibes. Vince works his music, experiments with it, dissects it and expects a lot of himself. His warm and sensual guitar adds a touch of realism to the Tosh meets Marley material he warmly refers to as ‘a tribute to two of reggae’s all time greatest souls’.

Claudio “PEPPE”

An original ‘native’ from Brazil, Claudio “PEPPE” started his music career early, listening to all the Bob Marley music he could locate. “Peppe” has played with many world famous musicians such as Jimmy Cliff, the Wailers, Julian and Damian Marley among others. Now Peppe bring his talent to the Fully Fullwood Band and the amazing TOSH meets Marley Tour. Coming from a large loving, family, Peppe took on any kind of job he could find to support his family plus he saved every penny he could to obtain instruments for his growing interest in percussion to practice the Marley reggae music he had acquired. He feels the vibe that inspired him to play. One of the most proficient percussionists on the planet, ‘Peppe’ is a joy to watch in action and audiences love his music.

Karl Wright

One of the most talented and experienced drummers to have ever raised a stick against a drum skin and cymbals, Karl Wright began a lasting career at a very early age and is not only one of the most proficient stickmen in the world today but also has the God-given ability to sing like an Angel which he does faithfully during the Tosh meets Marley Tour set. “Sticking” to his craft and practicing faithfully has proved very successful for him, having led him to stints with many famous bands such as the Maxi Priest Band and has p