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Honeymoon In The Enchanted Zone

Written By: Tosin Otitoju

Let’s fly! Let’s fly to the moon
Let’s fly over the mountains
Into a town nestled in the crack.
Let’s dine on exotic fare
From vines of olive and grape.
Who’ll wear the dress printed with
Tiny begonias and who’ll loaf
In shorts made first for surfers?
As we walk on cobblestone streets
In the center of the town
We launch, in tradition, love.

Let’s swim! Let’s feel what’s beneath
The stream – translucent and blue
And calm, secluded – it’s just right.
Let’s swim. Take my hand we’ll wade
In and watch the fish glide by.
It’s said only fools rush in
The singing stream rings as we loaf
In a cove made for lovers.
Verily, high on the scents – grass
And we – as the bright, feeding
Butterflies flutter. Yes. Love.

Let’s ride! Let’s ride in that cart.
Let’s ride and watch the locals
Immersed in their world as you fill mine.
Let’s ride; who knows what we’ll find
Nearby? Let’s have so much fun.
Life’s fine when down by the bridge
It’s raining flowers as we loaf,
Hide, and play cops and robbers.
As I hold on to what is mine
Divine, as we launch, I plead:
Never leave me. Never leave.

Let’s fly! Let’s soar high in joy.
Let’s swim through each other’s eyes
And dream up what forever might mean.
Let’s ride on nature’s humped back
And glide among monuments.
We find the stories of those
Who romanticized while we loaf
In ruins of ancient villas.
Showering flowers and advice
Sage, who loved with might and died –
They who know this game called love.